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It is All About The Sugar
Best Keto And Glucose Meter
Glucose Sucrose And Fructose

Every successful diet in history restricts sugar, sugar is bar none the most successful food additive known to man. Some versions of sugar appears virtually in every processed food sugar specifically fructose (HFCS) is the LEX LUTHER of evil. In nature sugar (glucose) without fructose is called starch and categorized as empty calories either for storage or fat burning and interchangeable with calories from starch. Fructose combined with (sucrose) is sugar naturally found in many fruit and vegetables and added as a sweetener in many beverages such as soda and fruit flavoured drinks. Sugar (sucrose) is made up of half glucose and half fructose it is the fructose that makes it sweet, ultimately this is the molecule we seek and it is the fructose that causes metabolic diseases. 

Sugar Glut Addiction Is Killing Us

So sugar (sucrose) despite ostensibly being a carbohydrate it is really both a fat and a carbohydrate (because that is how glucose is metabolized in the liver) all rolled into one. Both pathways have to work overtime this is why sugar is the real dilemma our bodies have not adapted to our current environmental sugar glut, and it is killing us slowly.  High fructose corn syrup known as HFCS is evil due to it’s synthetic nature and assumed effect on the obesity epidemic.

Fructose is metabolized by the liver and in nature never found alone, it is always partnered up with it’s benign sister molecule glucose.  It has the same chemical composition but fructose is much worse producing a chemical reaction, causing every cell in the body to age more rapidly, driving various  degenerative processes, such as aging, cancers, and cognitive decline. 

Sucrose is commonly known as table sugar it is obtained from sugar cane or sugar beet fruit and vegetables also naturally contain sucrose. When sucrose is consumed, the enzyme bete – fructokinase separates sucrose into it’s individual units of glucose and fructose both sugars are then taken up by their specific mechanisms. The body responds to the glucose content in the meal in it’s usual manner however fructose uptake occurs at the same time the body will then use glucose as it’s main energy source. The excess energy from fructose if not needed will be poured into fat synthesis, which is stimulated by the insulin release in response to glucose.

HFCS is biochemically similar to ‘natural’ sucrose (made of glucose and fructose) taking corn syrup and (glucose) through an enzymatic process so that half the glucose becomes fructose in order to make it sweeter.  The question is not whether HFCS is worse or better than sugar the question is whether in any of it’s forms is toxic. 

Rocket Fuel Quick Sugar High Fixes
Comfort Foods And Sugar Rush

Glucose metabolism is insulin-dependent consuming glucose raises blood levels in the blood stream stimulating insulin release promotes energy storage into fat cells that causes weight gain. The health-conscious may opt for juice over soda you may skip a sunny delight in favour of ‘natural 100 per cent fruit juice’ because these manufacturing giants in the food industry tout their multiple health benefits. They claim these products are devoid of added sweeteners and in fact say they are good for you. ‘WRONG’.  The fruit is only good for you because it contains fiber and in fact calorie for calorie 100% of orange juice is worse for you than soda because the orange juice contains 1.8 grams of fructose while soda contains 1.7 grams of fructose per ounce. 

All calorific sweeteners contain fructose white sugar cane sugar beet sugar table sugar brown sugar and it’s cheaper cousin HFCS.  Add to this maple syrup honey agarv nectar are all the same bottom line sugar consumption is a problem 33 per cent of sugar consumption comes from beverages and the biggest abusers are the poor and undeserved. 

HFCS is a synthetic sweetener made from corn starch that has been processed into a refined carbohydrate. This means lots of insulin and lots of storage in fat tissues it is biochemically similar to natural sucrose. As a sweetener HFCS is often compared to granulated sugar and the manufacturing advantages over sugar are easier to handle and more cost effective. Over consumption of added sugar in any form including HFCS is a major health problem for onset obesity. 

Consuming added sugar particular as a sweetener in soft drinks is strongly linked to weight gain. Fructose does not cause insulin to be released the key hormone regulating energy intake and expenditure. High intakes of dietary fructose behaves more like a fat when it has entered into the body unlike other carbohydrates foods. Carbohydrates controls insulin and insulin controls fat storage insulin is sugar and sugar grows belly fat.

Sucrose glucose and fructose are important carbohydrates commonly referred to as simple sugars found naturally in whole food and often added to processed foods to sweeten and increase flavour.  Your tongue cannot quite distinguish between these sugars but your body can.  Glucose escorts insulin into the muscle cells the most important between the sugars is glucose the body’s preferred energy source.    

Roller Coaster Blood Sugar Levels
Leads to Out Of Control Sugar And Carb Cravings 

Glucose is called blood sugars as it circulates in the blood stream and relies on enzymes to initiate metabolism. Your body processes most carbohydrates you eat into glucose, either to be used immediately for energy or to be stored in the muscle cells or fat cells in the liver as glycogen for later use. Unlike fructose insulin is secreted primarily in response to elevated blood concentrations of glucose and insulin facilitates the entry of glucose into the cells. 

best keto and glucose meter Fructose is a sugar found naturally in many fruits and vegetables and added to various beverages such as soda and fruit flavoured drinks. However it is very different to other sugars glucose and sucrose because it has a different metabolic path way. It is not the preferred energy source for the muscles or the brain and is only metabolised in the liver and relies on fructokinase to initiate metabolism. Unlike glucose it does not cause insulin to be released or stimulate the production of leptin a key hormone for regulating energy intake and expenditure. These factors raise concerns about high intakes of fructose because it appears to behave more like fat in the body unlike other carbohydrates. 

Setting The Stage For Sugar Addiction 
And Weight Loss Problems
‘Sugar Highs’

When you eat sugary foods like biscuits cakes chocolates sweets or soft drinks blood sugar levels rise rapidly called ‘sugar highs’ it is not just (‘simple carbohydrates) cause many problems). Fast release carbohydrates like white bread refined cereals white pasta or white rice also have a similar affect in that the body quickly converts this food into glucose. 

So blood glucose levels are very high and respond by producing large amounts of insulin in order to get the glucose out of your blood quickly as possible. As a result leads to a ‘sugar high’ or a ‘sugar crash’ this makes you feel tired low or unable to concentrate this make you crave more sugar or carbohydrates to perk yourself back up. 

Mean while insulin levels remain high in the blood stream more frequent your blood sugars are raised more insulin is produced and the more fat you will store in the fat cells. Essentially having high blood sugar levels encourages your body to turn food into fat a diet high in sugar and fast release carb foods can lead to very serious weight problems.

The key to controlling weight and stopping cravings to feel good is to deplete the insulin hormone of it’s sugar.  Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that polices the level of sugar in the blood stream the more sugar consumed the more insulin your pancreas produces and the more fat you will store.  Constantly snacking of sugary foods drinking tea and coffee eating fast take away foods and ready meals your pancreas is under constant stress to continually release insulin to deal with this steady onslaught of sugar in the blood stream.  

The longer this goes on the slower your body response rate (metabolism) becomes. Eventually insulin stops regulating  and can lead to other health conditions blood sugar levels known as insulin resistance one of the major symptoms of high glyceride levels raised blood pressure high cholesterol (central to adiposity or saggy belly fat blubber).

Remember Refined Carbohydrates 
Means Lots And Lots Of Insulin

Insulin is the hormone that regulates sugar normally in your blood. In your body you only store two teaspoons of sugar (glucose). Our bodies were not designed to store the amounts of sugar or sweet we consume anymore than two tea spoons is going to be very toxic to the body. So on average a person will consume so much carbohydrates that it will start to jack-up insulin like a whip lash response getting out of the blood too fast sticking to the liver to start building fat around the liver. 

A flabby belly is stored stubborn fat known as belly fat (subcutaneous fat) this fat is stored directly below the skin where you can pinch more than an inch from your belly, thighs and arms. Subcutaneous fat is easily noticed showing saggy belly fat or flabby stomach it can usually be spotted but in worse case scenarios  an lead to something more unpleasant called visceral fat. Visceral fat lies further underneath the skin within the abdominal cavity stored around important organs and known to be associated with insulin resistance.

Insulin is the common denominator for many  diseases cardiovascular cancers and diabetes also weight problems. To get your body into a more healthy efficient metabolism set point consume high burn metabolism core power foods that does not convert to sugar too fast. Choose a combination of animal protein and fats with high fiber carbohydrates to get your metabolism where it needs to be to get into fat burning.

Apple Shaped or Pear Shaped

Losing saggy belly fat is controlled by eating the right amount of sugar carbohydrates for maximum fat loss. More dangerous cases are ‘apple shaped’ persons that store more toxic fat around their organs producing dangerous hormones and by-products increasing the risk of heart disease.  Whereas a ‘pear shaped’ person can still have unhealthy levels of visceral fat around their abdomen but it is better distributed around their waist legs and thighs reducing the risk of heart disease.



Ketosis And Glucose Levels

Remember refined carbohydrates means lots of insulin which means lots of storage in fat tissues. The gradual understanding that dietary fats isn’t always the demon that was portrayed. This led to the introduction of the ‘low-carb diet’ and the work of Dr Robert Atkins. We are talking about the low carb diet not the low fat diet where it was the belief that it was fats plugged the arteries and sugar was the main energy source for an efficient driven metabolism.  Now we know this is not the case and that it is sugar that plugs the arteries  the Lex Luther of Evil.

Best Keto Glucose Meter Foods
Intermittent Fasting 

We have literally been brain washed that fats clog up our arteries instead of measuring fat loss or gain belly fat using calories or fat we now know it is better to single out sugar and carbohydrates which is linked to the science of the natural occurring hormone called INSULINThe massive amounts of hidden sugars from our daily health foods is vital in relations to health and weight loss. Mastering the knowledge that the insulin hormone not only controls your blood sugar but also your body’s ability to create and store fat tissues. This is dangerous fat that accumulates around the mid section of the organs inside your body called visceral fat.

Running on Sugar
Is The Primary Regulator
To Make You Fat 

So the answer to long term health and our body is running on sugar is NOT going to get us into the best keto and glucose meter life style your metabolism needs to be balanced at a set point where your metabolsim and body likes to be. From a weight loss point of view we first need to stop making insulin, to accomplish this goal is not to make insulin the best way is to reduce glucose levels and insulin release. This limits the exposure of the pancreas to the agent that drives insulin up which is glucose instead to utilize fat as the alternative healthier energy source. This will replace the breakdown of glucose (sugar) as the main body’s energy source by cutting back on refined processed carbohydrates i.e white toast white pasta white rice pastry sweets biscuits and fruits beverages etc.

Intermittent Fasting
Ketosis And Glucose Levels 

When we talk about the exposure of insulin we are really talking about sugar and refined and processed carbohydrate foods that breaks down into the blood stream as glucose that automatically converts to stored fats.  Therefore we need to stop this process and get into the best keto and glucose meter life style to adapt your body to utilize fat using your body’s  ketones as it’s main energy source and NOT SUGAR. Using ketones your body has already adapted to fat burning that has produced the glucagon fat burning hormone.

The glucagon hormone is not glucose it is hormone that goes after your own fat once the insulin hormone has been depleted bringing your insulin sugar way way down to zero. Fat burning is not fat loss it is a hormone that when glucose sugars in the body have been depleted it naturally produces ketones because it has to go somewhere targets your own fat this is fat burning. The glucagon hormone burns off fat it does the opposite to the insulin hormone in that it stores excess sugar/fats in the body’s fat cells.   

By converting your fat into ketones the fat cells can then burn as fuel which is more healthier and and more sustainable energy source. By lowering the intake of carbohydrates in your diet the glucagon fat burning hormone has been triggered it is doing its’ job which is the opposite to insulin the hormone that makes you fat. To get into this better healthier lifestyle the body has to stop eating refined carbohydrates this is why carbohydrates are really bad. For the glucagon fat burning hormone to stay mobilized for ‘intermittent fasting’. you must stay clear of sugar carbohydrates even small amounts will trigger and drive up insulin. 

How Do you Know
You Are Not Running On Sugar

It is essential that you know that your body has adopted to the alternative energy source and you are not running on sugar. A good way to confirm that your body has crossed over to the new ‘intermittent fasting’ is simply to go to a store and purchase a ketone strip. It is the best keto and glucose meter typically for diabetics it will measure the ketones in your urine.  

Of What To Eat
Pinch The Inch

From a health point of view it is not the fat that clogs arteries it is the sugar that is dangerous for your heart. By lowering the intake of carbohydrates to restrict insulin and make ketones is a much heathier fuel source and sticking to a low carb vegetarian diet 5112726 for the best keto and glucose food consumption.  Your daily foods should comprise of low fiber carbs animal protein or plant protein and fats  which will give you the right balance of protein fats and fiber. 

Dieting in ketosis or ‘intermittent fasting’ is more of a lifestyle one of the major factors why it is so effective calorie for calorie will always determine at the end if you lose weight or not this will always be the case. Because the insulin hormone when you eat carbohydrates essentially breaks down into sugar which causes different responses to insulin, insulin is like the neutral shuttling agent. It is intended to deliver glucose from the blood stream into the muscle cells or fat cells, insulin is amazing when you are trying to build muscle because you can spike your insulin with a ton of carbohydrates which will deliver nutrients more quickly and build up muscle faster by utilizing a glycogen diet. 

This is essentially a low carbohydrate diet also to maintain the best keto and glucose meter ‘intermittent fasting’ burning fat for energy eat lots of chicken always cook in olive oil essentially eating a decent amount of animal protein or plant based protein and fats. When adapting this alternative newer energy fuel is not to consume over in abundance protein because you need the majority of calories to come from healthy fats. There are many benefits adopting to this newer energy source not just fat loss but it is the primary one if you want to lose weight.

Instant Energy

First is the Growth Hormone which is a small protein that is made by the pituitary gland. It’s main function is maintaining body structure and maintain a higher metabolism boosting diet.  It works through the liver and is triggered through consuming protein. Protein has the capacity to trigger three main hormones:-  

IGF-1 Insulin Like Growth Factor it is a hormone made by the liver and works very close with the glucagon  hormone and is also triggered by protein consumption and secreted into the blood stream.  It does the opposite to Insulin is the hormone that makes you fat

Stimulate Fat Burning
Protein Are Fat Burners  

Glucagon-Like-Peptide 1 is a hormone produced in the gut and is released in response to food and from a special group of cells called alpha cells.  Made from the pancreas the alpha cells also produce the  hormone glucagon which does the opposite to insulin because it is the main fat burning hormone . Whereas insulin causes you to store fat glucagon causes you to release stored body fat and is also set off by protein. In response to carbohydrate based food glucagon levels fall to prevent glucose rising too high this stops fat burning – but in response to a high protein meal glucagon levels are stimulated and experiences a surge of adrenaline trigger higher metabolism to burn fat. Intense workouts and moderate amounts of protein based meals trigger glucagon the main fat burning hormone when glucagon blood levels are low.

Get Fat Burning Metabolism 
Speed Up On All Cylinders 

Note: Glucagon and Glycogen are not the same both have two different functions i.e Glucagon triggers burning fat – Glycogen is glucose a stored fat that  triggers insulin a combination of stored sugar starch and fat which stops the fat burning process and not lose weight. People with type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes don’t produce the insulin needed to process glucose. So the glucose continues to circulate around the body and is eventually secreted in to sugary urine. 

How To Keep Your Body Burning Fat
Natural Fat Blocker Foods

Getting your body into a low carbohydrate higher metabolism boosting diet in relation to weight loss only consume fat blocker foods of protein fats and fiber. Do not consume excess amounts of just protein because too much is not good for the liver. Insulin is the key to weight loss because you have to bring insulin/sugar to zero before you can burn stored body fat off. Only eat small amounts of protein with each meal approximately 3 oz to 6 oz with  plenty carb fiber vegetables to make up for the increased amounts of fats in your meals. The goal of a ketone diet is to adapt the body to utilize it’s own fats as it’s own primary fuel source instead of sugar.  By converting your fat into ketones the fat cells can then burn as fuel which can be healthier and a more sustainable energy source making you feel fuller longer 

Ketone Up

The quality must be high usually grass fed not grain fed protein in any given day. To get stored fat into body burning fat mode make ketones and dont consume sugar with protein this means no high sugar carbohydrate food that will set off insulin. Keep off high sugar carbohydrates usually found in processed and refined foods. Consume more slow-release carbs containing fiber unlike fats and protein you cannot digest fiber. Although vegetables are all carbohydrates they are very low in sugar high in fiber and do not break-down in to sugar if at all.

Fat Hormones That Block Burning Fat

best keto and glucose meter

A flatten stomach diet to keep body fat off around butt and thighs stay clear of simple carbohydrates that break down in to sugar very fast to spike insulin.  Because insulin is the hormone which makes you fat and will block the fat burning hormone you will not lose weight.

To get a belly muscle body cut out sugars snacking, hidden sugars and do not consume sugar with protein this will also lead to poor appetite control.  Get your best body ever burning fat for fuel detox natural weight loss consume good quality protein preferably grass fed or organic not corn fed keep your body burning this is based on what you eat and what your body does to trigger fat burning hormones .

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