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Tone Up With Exercise

Lose unwanted fat and losing body weight is normally used in light of fitness and workout routines i.e. Exercises to firm up and lose belly fat or exercises to reduce fat from thighs belly and buttocks  etc.  For effective rip fat loss methods and lose fat not muscle and to succeed keep your body’s metabolism in fat burning mode for optimum overall body weight and lean ripped muscle.


Eat Your Life Style 

Fat cutting foods means eat less carbs and adopt a more ketogenic life style of eating by adding  more fats in your diet replacing starch grain based and  sneaky stimulating added sugar in food. Replacing more good fat and wholemeal foods in your diet will help you feel fuller longer instead of quick fix tastier sugar carbohydrate foods that leave you wanting more.
Lose real weight  and tap into your glycogen stores start utilizing fat Ketones as a primary fuel source instead of sugar.  Increase metabolism to reach your weight loss goals adding a fat blocker appetite suppressant will also help those unwanted pounds disappear easier faster and towards getting a flat stomach. Fat metabolism accelerate metabolism rate.   



Ketogenic ∀⊥ More Fat Diet Lose Unwanted Fat



Curb Hunger Burn Fat Off
Lose Unwanted Pounds 


Struggling to lose unwanted fat and to shrink the last 10 lbs of body fat is generally a very hard thing to do. Losing weight loss means decreasing the quantity of excess body fat from bones and overall body parts of your body. Body composition is a key element defined as the amount of body fat a person carries relative to their lean tissue mass.

It is expressed as a percentage. To decrease body fat the level to lose unwanted fat off your entire body your aims should be healthy and balanced. It is generally considered for a man to have a body fat percentage of 10%-20% and 15%-25% for women.  In order to slim down it starts with eating foods that curb hunger and feeling fuller longer speed up metabolism losing unwanted fat loss and unlocking energy from core fat cells incredibly burning off your own fat without ever feeling hungry. 

Fast Lane Rip Burn
Unwanted Fat Not Muscle 



There are many different methods that people do to lose unwanted pounds to change their physical appearance either by exercising in the gym or counting calories. Just eating a comprehensive diet of food combinations of protein and vegetable carbohydrates and the right amounts fats will naturally accelerate a higher metabolism into the fast lane and losing all over body fat.  

Belly Fat Combination Foods
Flatten Stomach Diet


Just knowing the foods you eat in your daily diet will help burn fat and accelerate rapid fat loss. Eating more fat cutting foods such as protein foods in your diet will boost metabolism to keep your body in fat burning mode.  The most powerful triggers of the fat burning process is the absence of carbohydrates.  To gain lean weight and muscle strength at the optimal rate you need to be in a positive energy balance. i.e Not consuming more calories than you need for maintenance. Read more on lose weight improve metabolism.


lose unwanted fat flatten stomach diet
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Burning Fat

And To Lose Body Weight

The importance of a balanced diet are determined in three main nutrient groups:

Protein: 10-20%- at least 0.8g per kilo of body weight (around 55g per day for a 70kg athlete
Fat: aim for a starting point of 30% according to weight loss/weight gain goals.
Carbohydrates: around 5-7 g per kilo of body weight per day or 210-490g for a 70kg athlete.


Remember the most powerful trigger of the fat burning process is the absence of carbohydrates.  It only takes a tiny amount of carbs to obstruct the fat brain burning process it cannot be stressed enough.   This will trigger a metabolic slow down causing unwanted fat being stored slowing overall weight loss that inhibits you to lose body weight and a flatter stomach.

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