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A higher metabolism is the process of getting your metabolism where you want it to be and not into starvation. Metabolism can be described as the breakdown of organisms to obtain energy and synthesis of all compounds needed by the cells. Nutrients in food are essential to metabolism metabolic pathways throughout your body producing energy and synthesising new protein, nucleic acids (DNA etc,).

Eating higher metabolism foods to speed up your metabolism is a balancing act between the rise and fall of blood sugar (glucose) and insulin and having a slow metabolism being potbellied having sagging body fat jelly belly tummy hips and thighs or staying skinny. By having a higher metabolism gives you energy and makes your feel better. 

The amount of glucose in the bloodstream depends on when and what foods we eat as well as how much we eat to keep blood sugar levels stable. This is the foundation to eating combination foods to speed up metabolism rate or slow down metabolism rate and burning off fat on a fat loss diet and not just burning off sugar. Everyone is different but learning how to speed up a slow metabolism will get you into  rip burning fat from your body hips thighs and losing belly fat.

Higher Metabolism Foods
The Rise And Fall

To keep your body burning fat eat foods that higher metabolism rate metabolizing regularly throughout the day i.e protein, vegetable less carb foods combined with small amounts of fat in your diet this will maintain a higher metabolism rate.

Making sure your body doesn’t stop metabolising will actually preserve food in your body to maintain a higher metabolic rate acting out as a natural fat blocker. Dont walk around hungry all day and then eat a huge meal for dinner this will slow down your metabolism and make you gain weight. 

If you dont eat regularly throughout the day your body will think it is in starvation it will not be balanced this will raise insulin levels. Insulin is the main fat making hormone that will make you fat. 

Cut Away Jelly Belly Fat 

White bread, white rice and potatoes and a pint of beer are great if you are a fit and energetic throughout the day.

Basically starch is glucose which breaks down into sugar (blood sugar) in your bloodstream in white foods these are refined carbohydrates this means lots of insulin 

The premise to boosting up metabolism is keeping insulin levels way way down close to zero to drive fat burning and lose weight.  

Combine Foods Raise
A Higher Metabolism

Foods that higher metabolism rate for a leaner flatter stomach is to keep insulin levels to zero this is the linchpin to success. Less insulin means less energy to fat cells and a natural fat blocker to suppressing appetite and more energy available to shape muscles and improve metabolic health. Foods that higher metabolism help produce the glucagon hormone and limit the exposure of glycogen the hormone that drives insulin up.  Glycogen is a series of glucose molecules a combination of stored sugar and starch anything in excess turns into stored fat.

In the body when glycogen levels are full your body does not burn fat. By eating foods that higher metabolism and removing sugar fast-release carbs (glucose) keeps insulin low limiting exposure to storing fat acting out as an appetite suppressant and fat blocker. The easiest way to a higher  metabolism rate is to remove sugared beverages, soda, juice, vitamin water and white foods, flour, pastries, cakes, packaged cereals from your diet and stick to natural water milk. Consume about 3oz to 4oz of protein with small amounts of unsaturated fat and plenty of vegetables with your meal.

Processed Foods Slows Down Metabolism

Trans fats, refined carbohydrates and processed foods slow metabolism, promotes fat storage and causes weight gain and the onset of diabetes 1, 2 and strongly linked to heart disease. Foods that have undergone a manufacturing process are the worse type of food to spike insulin slows down your metabolism. The main problem with carbohydrate foods are that artificial sugars such as fructose and glucose have been added in abundance.  Glucose without fructose is called starch which are empty calories for either storage or burning and in excess piles on extra pounds. Cutting back on refined carbohydrates (corn flakes, white toast, white pasta, white rice, pastry, sweets, biscuits will reduce insulin and will naturally raise a higher metabolism suppress appetite speed up metabolic process to losing weight.

Higher Your Metabolism
Foods With
More Fiber

Consume higher metabolism foods by eating more brown foods with fiber in your diet this will reduce flux to the liver. Anything that has not been refined or processed is a whole food. Even fruits and vegetables are higher metabolism foods and a more sustained dietary fiber energy source. Dietary fiber will maintain blood sugar levels keep insulin low, satisfy your hunger and stop piling on the pounds. Dietary fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, lentils and other legumes to higher your metabolism.

Fiber Only One Destination

Dietary fiber is part of the plant the human gut cannot digest so it cannot be used as energy therefore has only one destination: the toilet. Insoluble fiber consists of non-glucose carbohydrates such a cellulose the stringy stuff found in celery and cannot be digested because it cannot be dissolved in water. It has a laxative effect and speeds up the passage of food and waste through your gut. Soluble fiber dissolves in water slows digestion and absorption and is fermented by bacteria and socially unacceptable emissions. Fiber found in fruit is a natural fat blocker and mitigates most of the negative effects of fructose in fruit when fructose and fiber are both eaten together – rather than in their processed derivatives. 

Fiber has no effect on insulin and does not count towards our daily total so we can simply subtract the amount of fiber from the total carbs. So if a label says the food contains 12g carbohydrates and 7g fiber 12-7 =5g to find out how many carbohydrates you need to count (in this case 5g) net carbs.

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