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Fat Cutting Foods Fat Loss Around Your Middle


Fat Cutting Foods Fat Loss 
Not Only About Weight Loss


It’s About Heart Disease Cancer and Diabetes
A Good Bite of the Apple



Untamed Blood Sugar Gets You Fat


Fuel Metabolism Make

Insulin Zero


Fat cutting foods have a thermogenic effect this means each time you consume food your metabolic rate increases. Metabolism is the term given to convert food into energy the metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns fat calories. Eating more food than we actually need will be converted into all over body fat and for women the fat tends to go on to their hips, thighs and butt.

Pear Shaped Is Better


Men store fat around their abdomen and belly and can lead to unhealthy visceral fat from eating too many calories and a drop in metabolic rate which can be a lethal combination.  Fat is much more than an extra inch of pounds on your waistline it spreads throughout your entire body. Too much of it ends up as a wadge of fat either looking pear shaped or apple shaped.

Fat Cutting Foods Burn More Fat

There are two specific hormones that hold down metabolism:-

1) Hormones that make you gain weight        
2) Hormones that make you lose weight


Protein Top Dog Tames Blood Sugar
Fat Off Metabolism


Protein has the capacity to trigger three main hormones. First is the growth hormone which comes from the pituitary gland and works through the liver and triggered by protein. Secondly is the IGF-1 it is an insulin like growth factor it works closely with the growth hormone.  Thirdly is the glucagon hormone from the pancreas it does the opposite to insulin which causes the body to store fat. Whereas glucagon causes you to release fat and is also triggered by protein and triggers the fat burning process for best fat cutting diet to seriously lose weight.

Fat Cuts Meal Time Foods


Fat cutting foods in your diet starts with abandoning foods associated with simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. These are slow metabolism foods and are loaded with hidden sugars high on the glycaemic index food scale that trigger insulin the hormone that makes you fat. 

Simple carbohydrates are sugar carbohydrates composed of sugars such as fructose and glucose which are easily broken down and raise blood sugar levels and  insulin secretion from the pancreas. This has a negative effect on a fat cutting diet for belly fat and body fat and also your health.

Sugar Highs
Wont Lose Weight

However complex carbohydrates contain fiber and minerals that take longer to break down into sugar therefore less likely to fat storage. Complex carbohydrate foods are fruits vegetables and whole grain and a more sustained energy source that breaks down into sugar slower. Having less impact of triggering blood sugar levels less likely to fat storage.

White bread, white potatoes, rice and pasta contain mostly starch and are high in sugar. Carbohydrates high in sugar will break down in to sugar faster leading to a rise in blood sugar which will spike insulin secretion from the pancreas.

Abandon Sugar
Fat Drop

fat cutting foods
Ebay Deals

Abandoning sugar, grains and starches will transport you instantly into burning fat. Eating more fat cutting foods and believing you can survive without processed and refined foods from the supermarket  will accelerate weight loss. Not only will you thrive on the results from eating fat cutting foods you will also break free from a life time habit of sugar addiction and “sugar highs“.

Slows Metabolism
Makes You Fat

Metabolism is a process which your body converts food and drink into energy.  This means eating food such as meat and potatoes, burgers and bun with ketchup, meat and rice, burger and fries, fish and chips slows metabolism.

These foods are protein and starch foods combined and ultimately carbohydrates which causes your insulin hormone to make glucose. Separating starch foods and protein in your diet will give you a leg up into a natural process ketone diet.

SLow Carb
Fat Blocker Food

Glucose is basically concentrated sugar and breaks down a little slower than added sugar from food you eat but still raises insulin. When you combine a protein food and a starch food you will get an exaggerated spike in insulin slowing down your metabolism more than if you ate these foods separately.

To continue to succeed in consuming fat cutting foods go for more low carb glycaemic fat blocker food you dont really want to consume animal protein with sugars and starches if you are already overweight.

Eating more fat cutting foods without starch and sugars during meal times has incredible results for losing weight and will also excel your body into using ketone a state of ketosis to burn fat



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