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Best Foods For Slow Metabolism | Carb Fat Sugar Blocker And Fiber

Stop Loading Up On Sugar
Wont Lose Real Weight


Make Insulin Sugar Zero
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Why Should We Eat
More Fats In Our Diet

Best Foods For Slow Metabolism and carb fat sugar blocker dietary fats are types of fats which are sources of energy that add flavour to food. Fats are needed in our diet because these foods burn body fat which is vital to the body.  There are two components to body fat, essential fat and storage fat.    Eating fats in food is dietary fats which the body uses for energy and are high energy nutrients. Dietary fats gram for gram have more than twice as much energy (calories) as protein and carbohydrates. Dietary fats are far more likely to make you fat and gain unwanted pounds slowing down metabolism. This because it is stored as adipose tissue if it is not required straight away.

On the other hand carb fat sugar blocker foods are quality fats from eating dietary fats from food they are not absorbed super fast like carbohydrates they have a process it takes lots of energy (calories) to burn fat off in the first place. The right kind of fats in your diet will actually trigger the fat burning hormone known as glucagon this is because fat is neutral in the body and it does not trigger insulin. This means you can lose weight and still eat fat this includes bacon and eggs fat protein the pro ripped max fat burner in foods are carb fat sugar blocker animal protein whole foods containing both saturated and unsaturated fats must be grass fed or and organic.

Consuming protein and fats which have not been refined or processed and preferably organic will trigger fat burning because the protein source in the food triggers the glucagon hormone and because fat is neutral will not trigger insulin (glucose) stored fat in fats cells as glycogen.     


Best Foods to Raise Slow Metabolism
Carb Fat And Fiber Blocker

All successful diets in history restricts sugar to any weight loss objectives. Such foods are called simple carbohydrates because they break down into sugar very fast and will be stored as flab if you have a unresponsive metabolic rate. On the other hand there are brown foods also named complex carbohydrates (starch) beans lentils whole grain nuts and other legumes which are slow at breaking down into sugar in the blood stream and because they also contain fiber they still will trigger insulin but at a very slow release. 

These are carb fat sugar blocker foods because they contain fiber in the food. When fiber forms part of the starch carbohydrate foods it slows the break down of sugar in the blood stream giving a slower insulin response eating this combination of foods together is a top ripped weight loss fast metabolism food source.  Whole foods are whole fruits whole vegetables eating the real stuff that have not been processed unlike their processed derivatives. Breaking down slow release sugar carbs eating more fats and protein together with plenty fiber vegetables will help you burn off flab fast these are best fat burner foods for  your weight loss goals no more slow metabolism.

Unrefined Foods  

  • Berries
  • Bananas
  • Peaches 
  • Pears
  • Cherries 
  • Dates 
  • Figs
  • Melon
  • Whole Grain Bread
  • Muesli or Porridge
  • Brown Basmati Rice

Pinch The Inch
Ripped Fats Burner –
Carb Fat Sugar Blocker


Slow Metabolism Foods
Refined Processed And Sugar

You could be eating less fats in food but still not take off weight this is because you are just losing sugar because you are eating more carbohydrate foods than you really need. When eating foods that slow metabolism (sugars) in their refined state, they upset our blood sugar balance (glucose) and convert food into energy too quickly. They are not the best foods for to get you our of a slow metabolism because they release too much sugar (glucose) to fast. Producing too much too quickly excess fats will be stored as in-waiting fats slowing down metabolism you will not lose weight.  Bottom line simple carbohydrates in food breaks down into sugar too fast making it difficult to take off weight because a slower metabolic rate is easier for converted sugar to be stored in the glycogen cells..


Refined Foods

White Toast
Chocolate Bar
White Pasta

Best Foods For
 Slow Metabolism

carb fat sugar blocker foods

A fat free body would not survive without a certain amount of fat which is vital to the body. The focus should be on eating more saturated and unsaturated fats found in animal protein grass fed or organic meats or plant based protein no sugar carbohydrates but unlimited amounts of fiber. These are best carb fat sugar blocker higher metabolism foods which comprise of saturated and unsaturated  fatty acids. Particular from the omega 3 family are absolutely the best sources of fats  oily fish sardines salmon and trout.

Omega 6 are plant based dietary sources considered to be healthy include sesame seeds pumpkin seeds walnuts hazel nuts grains and vegetable oils etc. Liquid oils are considered to be healthy fats avocados olives nuts plants seeds and dark chocolate. Other saturated oils are solid at room temperature found in processed and refined foods these are types of solidified fats and heavily used in baked goods snacks pastries and margarines and fast food prepared meals. Omega 6 oils once they have been  processed from their whole food become refined foods saturated fats too much of these are detrimental to health.


How Much Body Flab
We Really Need

Best Food Eats
For Slow


There are four types of fats saturated and saturated classified into four different groups. These groups are are essential dietary fats which are obtained through our diet from foods:-

Trans Fats

In food, the proportion of each group is determined whether these fats are hard or liquid. How it is handled by the body and how it affects your health  eating more fats to burn fat and build muscle according to their chemical structure. Fats of the right type are essential to health as protein and can be helpful to your plan to rip burn flab lose weight it is just a matter of choosing the right fat. It is important to know that the fats you consume must be unrefined unprocessed and preferably organic varieties whenever possible avoiding hormones antibiotics pesticides residues and toxins. 

Fat forms the basis of every meal the best foods for slow metabolism to speed up metabolic rate are fats in their natural state rather than being processed derivatives out of foods. For instance olives are better than olive oil sesame seeds are better than sesame oil keeping to their natural ‘whole food’ theme. This is always preferred and are best carb fat blocker foods to fix a slow metabolism a small amount of butter to any amount of margarine that has been processed.  Combining animal protein good quality fats when basing a weight loss diet in relation to health it is not the fat that plugs the arteries it is the sugar that is dangerous for your heart. 

Carbs Fat Blocker 

Fat allows you to go longer so you are not as hungry and because it is neutral does not raise insulin the hormone that really makes you fat. Best foods to fix a slow metabolism is having carb sugar blocker foods top animal protein and fats in your diet to trigger fat burning.  Having this combination of foods and eating 3oz to 6oz of protein and fat in each meal adding more green vegetables to make for the extra proteins and fats in your diet to burn fat off fast. This is because fats in protein do not spike insulin the hormone that really piles on the pounds. By eating an unlimited amount of vegetables with every meal will guarantee burning fat off fast. The most lean type of protein is Whey Protein this is way up high on the insulin scale and will spike insulin more than butter.

People who are trying to burn fat will avoid butter because of the calories they dont realize fat does not trigger insulin. It is not the low calories that cause weight loss but the spike in insulin that creates weight gain. Selecting carb sugar blocker foods with vegetables are absolutely the best food combination.  Even though vegetables are carbohydrates their fiber content makes them a super food because there is very little sugar if any at all that can be broken down into the blood stream . Eating these combination food sources of protein fats and fiber are absolutely the best foods for all rates of metabolism you dont have to be losing weight it is also very healthy on your liver and pancreas in small amounts.



Best Breakfast
For Slow Metabolism
Bring On The
Bacon And Eggs

All foods break down into sugar (glucose) into the blood stream at a rate of which is determined whether it will end up a wodge of fat around your middle eating fat does not make you fat. Sugar carbohydrate have hidden sugars that spike insulin this is the hormone that really piles on weight. Insulin is the common denominator for many health problems that goes beyond how weight is lost and to burn fat fast. The best fat burner foods for a slow metabolism to deplete insulin stored fat and burn off fat fast is to stay off sugars and refined starch foods e.g. white bread, white pasta, white rice white potatoes and constant snacking on high sugar food and sugar sweetened beverages bring on bacon and eggs.


Insulin And Fats
Sugar Entrapment
Banana Middle
Of The Road

A banana is given a number 70/100 on  the GI table whereas glucose is given a number of 100/100 on the GI scale the banana is shown to be medium not too high not too low. A potato is a simple carbohydrates given a number GI 85/100 looking at the glucose level of the potato it is very high and will break-down into sugar very fast.  This will break-down in to sugar in your blood stream very fast and turn into stored fat in your body slowing down metabolism if you do not exercise or are not an active person.  When you eat a potato most of the time you do not eat it by itself you eat it with something if the same potato became processed into a chip it will give the GI number 55/100 when sugar becomes sugar in the blood. To keep your blood sugar levels low it is best to eat potato chips and not a boiled potato this is because the processed chip has fat inside the potato after frying a carb fat sugar blocker food with fat is neutral to insulin and less likely to go into fat storage mode. 

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