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Flatten Belly Tummy  best fat burning foods after workout
Keep Belly Muscle

Rip Burn Fat

Tone Up With Exercise
best fat burning foods after workout

Rip Burn fats and losing body weight is normally used in light of fitness and workout routines i.e. Exercises to firm up and lose belly blub or exercises to reduce fat from thighs belly and buttocks  etc. For effective trigger burner weight loss methods to losing excess weight not muscle keeping your body’s metabolism in trigger burner mode for optimum overall body weight and a lean ripped muscle belly. 

Eat Your Life Style 

Fat cutting foods means eating more of the right fats with more of the right carbohydrates and adopting more of a ketogenic lifestyle. By replacing grain based starches and sneaky insulin hidden sugar in foods breaks down into the blood stream too fast makes more (glucose) = sugar. Replacing more of the right fats in your meals are protein and animal fats or plant based protein and fats with low fiber carbohydrate wholemeal foods. This will help you feel fuller for longer and more satisfied after each meal instead of a quick fix sugar high addictive to sugar tastier carbohydrate that leaves you wanting more.

A keto lifestyle and no glucose high sugar foods will help you lose real weight and tap into your own fats reserves. To be converted into ketones as your primary fuel source instead of sugar. Makes your metabolism become more efficient to trigger the fat burner glucagon hormone for your weight loss and a healthier eating lifestyle. Utilizing your own fat converted into ketones will help lose unwanted pounds easier and faster rip burn fat into a muscle belly stomach and an accelerated metabolism rate.  

Ketogenic ∀⊥ More Fat Diet 

Low Carb Journey Lifestyle
Trigger Burner Foods

We have been literally brain washed that when we consume fats in food in that it clogs your arteries and that not eating fats cholesterol will go down and your heart will be clean. It is not the fat that plugs the arteries it is the sugar that is dangerous for your heart. The thing to remember is refined carbohydrates means lots of insulin adding lots of storage in the fats cells. The gradual understanding that dietary fats from your food is not always the demon it is portrayed which led to the introduction of the ‘low carb diet’ weight loss foods and the work of Dr Robert Atkins. 

Low Carb Diet 
More Fats Diet

The low carb diet introduces the best fat burning foods after workout to kick start weight loss by simply remove grains and starches from your diet.  It is not about how much you eat it is about what you eat and the break-down of fat storage from the fats cells. Constantly snacking on sugary foods drinking tea and coffee eating fast foods and ready meals from the super market stores. The pancreas is under constant stress to continually release insulin to deal with the steady onslaught of sugar in the blood stream. Insulin is produced by the pancreas that polices the level of sugar in the blood stream once the insulin hormone is released it stops fats from breaking down it is very hard to get rid of because  your insulin levels remain to high.

The longer this goes on the slower your body’s metabolism response rate will become and stops regulating blood sugar which is known as insulin resistance. The carbohydrate restricted diet went head to head against the more fats diet for the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes from these controlled studies the following five lessons were learned:-

  1. Carbohydrate restrictions improves glucose control  the primary target of diabetes therapy
  2. Carbohydrate restricted diets are at least as effective for weight loss as fats in your diet
  3. Substituting fats for carbohydrates is generally beneficial for markers for heart disease
  4. Carbohydrate restriction improves metabolic syndrome
  5. Carbohydrate restriction are independent of weight loss 

Fats In The Body
Shape Around The Muscle 

Losing weight requires decreasing body fat levels the way to do this to build or maintain lean muscle mass. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does fat is also denser and as such takes up less space decreasing waist line and clothes size. Those who want to gain muscle mass that is building up more than they are breaking down so they can achieve their goal of increased muscle size. Those who are reducing stores of fat it is very important they must maintain enough muscle because muscle burns off more calories than fat does.

As already explained muscle and fat act very differently in the body.  Muscle is very fat more metabolically active it requires a lot of calories than an equal amount to sustain it. Two people both weighing 80kg could have very different calorific requirements if one had 10% body fat the other had 30% body fat . The leaner person could devour more calories without gaining weight their body would be more capable of burning them off.

Up until recent times it was believed all calories were equal and it was about how much you put inside that was the defining factor in weight loss and in weight gain. There is growing research into the effects of different nutrients have on the body and the idea of counting calories may not add up; in this case one plus one may not equal two. 

This could be because the body treats ‘natural foods’ very differently than it does of highly processed refined foods.  In nature foods dont contain high quantities of sugar and fats together so our caveman bodies never experienced high levels of sugars and fats in the blood stream because they are a man – made thing. This modern mixture can be very problematic essentially promoting fat storage; it does so because the burst of sugar raises insulin levels in response to the higher than normal levels. Insulin intern causes the body to store energy and in excess levels a whole load of fat swimming around ready to be stored. If you ate a piece of fish and some vegetables and while the body will store excess energy if short term energy stores are already full the same dramatic fat storing response will not occur.  This is because unlike carbohydrate foods which break down into more sugar in the blood stream fats and protein do not break down into sugar and will not effect insulin levels. 

Remember refined carbohydrates
Means Lots Of Insulin



Carb Cravings Addiction
From Comfort Food Sugar Glut

Struggling to lose weight to shrink the last 10 lbs is generally a very hard thing to do. Losing weight loss means decreasing the quantity of excess body fat from bones and overall body parts of your body. Body composition is a key element defined as the amount of body flab a person carries relative to their lean tissue mass It is expressed as a percentage.

To decrease the level of body flab off your entire body your aims should be healthy and balanced. It is generally considered for a man to have a body fat percentage of 10%-20% and 15%-25% for women.  In order to slim down it starts with eating foods that curb hunger cravings and feeling fuller longer driving up metabolism. Losing unwanted flab unlocking energy from core fat cells incredibly is eating your own fat without ever feeling hungry. 

Fast Lane Rip Burn Fat
Lose Belly Flab Not Muscle 

There are many different methods that people do to lose the pounds to change their physical appearance either by exercising in the gym or counting calories. Eating a comprehensive diet of animal protein fats and fiber are best fat burning foods after workout. The right carbohydrate food combinations will naturally accelerate a higher metabolism to get you into the fast lane of losing weight and reduce body flab giving an apple shape appearance. Processed starches and grain carbohydrate foods having them in every meal is not in alignment with your DNA. Eating processed sugars and grains in the amounts we eat our bodies are subject to many modern diseases. 


Belly Muscle Combination Foods
Flatten Stomach Diet

Just knowing the foods you eat in your daily diet will help the trigger burner accelerate rapid weight loss. Eating more fat cutting foods such as protein foods in your diet will boost metabolism to keep your body in fat burning mode.  The most powerful triggers of the trigger burner process is the absence of carbohydrates.  To gain lean weight and muscle strength at the optimal rate you need to be in a positive energy balance. i.e Not consuming more calories than you actually need for maintenance and staying clear of carbohydrate foods is vital to losing weight improving metabolism. 

  Sugar Foods Inhibits
Trigger Burner Food

To Lose Body Weight

The importance of a balanced diet are determined in three main nutrient groups:

Protein: 10-20%- at least 0.8g per kilo of body weight (around 55g per day for a 70kg athlete
Fat: aim for a starting point of 30% according to weight loss/weight gain goals.
Carbohydrates: around 5-7 g per kilo of body weight per day or 210-490g for a 70kg athlete.

Remember the most powerful in the trigger burner process is the absence of carbohydrates it only takes a tiny amount of the wrong carbohydrate foods to be broken down into glucose.(sugar).  This is adding more sugar to your all ready fat stores and will foil the trigger burner process it cannot be stressed enough.  Also trigger a metabolic slow down and overall nil weight loss to lose body weight makes it more difficult to achieve a belly muscle stomach.

Long Shelf  Life Foods

Food products made from grains are better for business their shelf life is much longer than other foods like meat veggies and eggs. Suddenly corn and wheat products become the smartest most economical choice for food the corn and wheat industries sell their product cheaply and high fructose corn syrup is helped in the prevalence towards subsidies which the majority go towards some lessor ideal foods corn wheat soya bean and rice.

Dietary Fiber Critical Element 
To Health Diet And Weight Loss

Dietary Fiber is the best fat burning foods after workout and most critical element to your health and weight loss.  However problems arise when food companies take advantage of our desire for more fiber to encourage the buyer to buy more unhealthy products. e.g Kellogs claimed fiber in frosted mini wheats increased children’s attentiveness by 20 per cent. Kellogs were trying to sell the consumers on the fiber but stuck them with a bill of 12 sugar grams 3 carb servings and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) just as when you realize that a fat free peach yogurt is actually fattening. 

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The main problem with refined carbohydrates are that artificial sugar products are added in abundance food containing packaged cereal white bread white rice pasta cakes and biscuits. Sweets candy pastry pies white flour beer white wine sherry with many others such as fructose and glucose which are easily broken down into sugar. These foods break down into sugar too fast in the blood stream leading to a rise in blood sugar and insulin secretion from the pancreas. Having undergone a manufacturing process they are the worse form of the carbohydrates and contain dangerous chemicals that spike blood sugar levels and trigger other health problems. Not only having a negative effect on health but also your weight loss goals.

In comparison unrefined carbohydrates contain fiber minerals and vitamins and break down into sugar much slower having a less impact on your blood sugars. Fiber carbohydrates are less likely to  store fats these are complex carbohydrates because of their fiber content. Unrefined fiber carbohydrates consumed with animal protein or plant based protein and fats are by far the best fat burning foods after workout.

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