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Fast Metabolism Diet 4684074 Weight Loss Foods

Top Ripped Fat Weight Loss Foods
Drive Up A Fast Metabolism Diet 4684074


About fast metabolism diet 4684074 foods. When you rip burn and shred  all over body fats you need to know the simple facts about food and the science of how the body metabolises foods.  Dieting slows metabolism if you have dieted for many years your metabolism will be slownever dieting your metabolism will naturally be a lot faster.

  • Dieting also increases hunger and cravings 
  • Age slows your metabolism
  • Exercise increases hunger because you are burning up energy you will be wanting more energy 
  • it is unnatural to diet to lose weight – it is anti-survival going against it’s survival 



Insulin + Metabolism 
In Relation To
Losing Weight




Metabolism has a set point it is where your body likes to be the metabolism point is when your body is settled and has not dropped or become unstable up and down into fluctuations or starvation which can destroy the set point. In relation to losing weight the pancreas has to release the glucagon hormone it is not glucose it is made in the pancreas doing the opposite to insulin. In the pancreas there are 60% beta cells the other 40% are made up of other cells the beta cells make insulin the hormone that makes sugar.  Insulin is the main fat making hormone stored as glycogen but glucagon is the main fat burning hormone for top ripped fat weight loss. It is the best ketone and glucose meter the glucagon hormone unlocks stored fat cells from the glycogen hormone to use as energy and burn up fat but only when insulin has been depleted. Carbohydrate foods are the only food to be listed on the glycaemic index food table to calculate how much sugars are present or if the food has a fiber content to achieve higher metabolism slow burn boosting diet.



Glycogen is easier for your body to use as energy because insulin sugar is the main fat making hormone when blood sugars (glucose) have been raised too high after having eating a carbohydrate food. It sets off imbalanced blood sugars (glucose) breaking down into the blood stream too fast. This happens when fats cells stored as glycogen are already full setting off a chain reaction that spikes the fat making hormone insulin into metabolizing and to making more sugar and immediately stored as fat swimming around waiting to be used as your main energy source.  When there is too much stored energy (glucose) sugar in the fat cells stored as glycogen laying in the blood stream when trying to lose weight you are only burning off sugar. Too much blood sugars spikes insulin from the pancreas not only having a negative effect on your weight loss goals but also your health. 






When there is too much sugar (glucose) in the blood stream this makes you feel tired hunger and food cravings your metabolism and body are not the same. To stop this never ending vicious circle you need to get your body and metabolism to a set point where your body likes to be. Insulin is the hormone that regulates sugar in carbohydrate then processes carbohydrates into glucose.  To get to a set point fast metabolism diet 4684074 you first need to burn off the stored glycogen to stop using it as your main energy source for at least fourteen days to give your body a chance to control glucose levels. Most unhealthy people have unknowingly created a set of circumstances by eating in an imbalanced way their body’s sensitive mechanism in keeping blood sugars balanced  which cannot cope with this daily onslaught of sugar and fast release of carbohydrates.  The result is a roller coaster of blood sugar levels carb cravings setting the stage for sugar addiction and a lifetime of weight problems.

Once you succeed in doing this step of  depleting the stored fats (glucose) stored as glycogen to get back to better eating habits you will be able to get into a proper fast metabolism diet 4684074 diet.


You need to avoid fast sugar carbohydrates foods to reach a higher metabolism boosting diet. higher metabolism boosting diet so your body is burning off fats for your main energy source not just sugar.

Tapping into your fat cell’s energy reserves and depleting stored up insulin are the best fat burners when losing weight. Fat burning  is not the same as fat loss when equating calorie carbohydrates and fiber because fiber is not digestible. When consuming fiber carbohydrates it has a thermogenic effect and has an impact not because of a slow delay of insulin release but because total calories and carbohydrates are driving insulin – insulin is not driving the other way round.

Muscle and fat act very differently in the body muscle is far more metabolically active it requires a lot more calories than an equal amount to sustain it. Once you know you are burning off fat and not just sugar your body will respond to the fast metabolism diet 4684074 and top ripped fat weight loss.  If you are having a hard time losing weight it is because you are only burning off sugar (glucose) stored as glycogen because it is used before fats.



fast metabolism diet 4684074

Fat Fighting Destroyers
Not Fat that Plugs Arteries
It’s The SUGAR



From a ripped fat weight loss point of view insulin is the primary regulator for piling on the pounds it is a combination of stored sugar starches and fats but also has other functions in the body but not for weight loss :-


It retains sodium
It drives protein or amino acids into the cells blocks any chance to you losing the flab
It effects fats and protein metabolism
Converts sugar into cholesterol
Converts sugar into 
triglycerides (blood fats)
Increases tension in the arteries – increasing blood pressure






Makes Fat       
Fast Metabolism Diet 4684074
Make Insulin Sugar Zero


Top Ripped Fat Weight Loss Foods





Beta Cells Make Insulin
The Hormone that Makes Sugar

Insulin is a hormone produced from the pancreas when blood sugar levels from consuming fast release carbohydrate food in your meals it sets off blood sugar imbalances e.g. after eating a carbohydrate food in your diet raises (glucose) levels.  Glucose (sugar) molecules are already in your body’s blood stream about 2tblsp your body is not designed to store more than 2tblsp anymore than 2tbls is going to be very toxic. The rise and fall of blood sugars levels and insulin is a balancing act between fast release carbohydrate sugar + starches in food to maintain stable blood sugar levels and insulin; not too much not too little. Glycaemic index foods measurements table in relation to weight loss is a good indicator whether the food in your diet will raise blood sugars or stable blood sugars.

In relation to a top ripped fat weight loss diet depends on what you eat and how much of it that can spike insulin any in excess will be stored fats. Insulin is a combination of stored sugar and starches a lot of people have fatty liver because of too much insulin in their body. If gone too far destroys protein muscle wasting which converts into sugar that leaves a carbon skeleton because everything eventually converts to sugar. They also become diabetic and can suffer from clogged arteries kidney failure and protein destruction disorders.

In diabetic situation normally before they eat their blood sugar should be around 80 or 90 over 100  but if your blood sugar starts to spike up to 140/100 or over this becomes a serious problem. Because when you become a diabetic the insulin is not there to keep blood sugar levels under control. Blood sugars after a person have eaten normally go back down to normal 80 or 90/100 after two to three hours but in a diabetic situation it raises too high and out of control. Even if you are not wanting to lose weight the fast metabolism diet 4684074 is a great indicator to measuring sugars using the glycaemic index foods scale.

When you become diabetic the insulin is not there to keep blood sugar levels under control they  develop a brain fog feeling too tired because their blood sugar is taking too long to go back to normal and reset 80+90/100. High stores of insulin over time become insulin resistant like anti-biotic resistance.  When you have too much of a hormone like insulin the receptors that is supposed to receive alters and down grades those receptors because there is too much insulin in their body causing blood sugar imbalances and Insulin Resistance.



Symptoms of Insulin Resistance Are:-


Fatty Liver 
Brain Fog
High Fasting Insulin – Even when you are not eating sugar
Sleep After Meals
High Blood Pressure – Tension in the arteries
Food Cravings and Hunger
Dark Pigmentation in folds of your body groin armpit and neck




Ripped Fat Weight Loss

Best Fat Burners 


In relation to the fast metabolism diet 4684074 insulin resistance is the biggest problem because insulin hormones tells your body whether you are burning fats or burning sugar and ultimately destroys your metabolism set-point and blocks any chance of weight loss. In the presence of even just a little bit of insulin you will not lose weight your fat cells stores are full and will only burn off sugar (glucose) stored as glycogen never triggering the fat burning hormone glucagon. Never reaching the set point of a fast metabolism diet of the glucagon hormone. The glucagon hormone does the opposite to insulin which causes the body to store fat but glucagon causes the production of the fat burning hormone best fat burner for metabolism to burn off fats.


Losing Only Sugar (Glucose)
Grows Belly Fat


When the glucagon hormone is produce and released in the blood stream they are the best fat burners for the fast metabolism diet 4684074. For your body to lose weight this metabolism diet does not require you to count calories it requires you to eat more protein and fats with plenty fiber carb low sugar foods vegetables in your daily meal so that the glucagon hormone continues to burns off stored fat to use as energy. When you are burning off stored fats it is because your blood sugar levels are low and the insulin hormone has been depleted out of the bloodstream down to zero. The glucagon hormone will go after your fat to use as energy because there is no insulin so your body can fast metabolise to burn off fats. Losing only sugar is not sustainable and you will only be going through a life time of yo yo diet weight loss.

However glucagon is a fat burning hormone that burns off stored fats for energy burning off fats is more difficult it has a  process because it is much harder to tap into you fat reserves to lose weight.  Before you can deplete the never ending vicious cycle of just burning off sugar you must first deplete sugars (glucose) insulin the hormone that really makes you over weight. Cutting out fast release sugar carbohydrates in food stop snacking on hidden sugars refined and processed foods to keep the fat burning hormone working to achieve the fast metabolism diet 4684074.



Glucagon hormone works closely with the insulin hormone and allows the body to regulate the utilization of blood sugar (glucose) in response to protein. In response to a carbohydrate based meal glycogen levels begin to rise tipping the blood sugar (glucose) levels to rise too high. Even though glucagon is a positive response to a high protein meal eating too much protein in excessive amounts can still imbalance blood sugar levels to produce insulin.  


Trigger On The Button
The Fast Metabolism Diet 


By eating small amounts 3 oz to 6 oz of protein and fats in your daily meals depending on your size  will deplete high blood sugar levels from making insulin. Make sure you eat organic grass fed animal protein and fats not the grain fed protein. This is the crux of the fast metabolism diet 4684074 avoid hidden sugars added sugars in refined and processed foods like sucrose fructose and glucose which will trigger insulin. Sugar grows belly fat and ages you inside and out it lays the foundation for three of the biggest killers: heart disease, cancer and diabetes.


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