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high fiber low sugar low carb foods

Carbs And Insulin

High Fiber Low Sugar Low Carb Foods
Make Insulin Sugar Zero


Best Foods To Eat
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Choosing The Right Carbs
Burns Off Stomach Fat


Dietary fiber low sugar low carb food in your diet are the best types you should be aiming for not only are they healthier choices for nutritional value they also help maintain healthy body weight. This means by consuming these nutrition sources your body’s metabolism will charge up a faster metabolism to burn off more energy that improves metabolic rate. Having a slow metabolism is easier to add on weight high fiber low sugar low carb foods piles on pounds a faster running metabolism will metabolize and burn off energy more efficiently to gain a ripped fat weight loss.

Top Animal Protein Protein Fat And Fiber Foods 

 Super Charge Fiber Low Sugar Carb Foods


Either to keep your weight down or to lose weight having a healthier lifestyle choosing the right foodstuffs is the key to having your body metabolise more efficiently. To achieve a better running metabolism consume top fat and fiber food low carbs in your diet that will burn fat quicker not loaded with sugars and eaten together with protein fat and fiber sources will help slow the break down on sugars (glucose) in the body. Replacing carbohydrate foods with a higher percentage of fat and protein will not only help you keep your blood levels stable it will also give you a running metabolism. High in fiber low sugar low carb foods are filled with plenty of low carb nutrients that stop sugars breaking down into the blood stream too fast and are more healthy sustainable alternative source of energy rather than using carbohydrates for your only main energy source.

Traditionally we have been advised that sugars was the primary fuel source of energy and that fat was secondary we have since learned this is not true. We are now finding out that top animal protein fat and fiber foods in our diet can be healthier and more sustainable source of energy also to make you feel fuller longer. Carbohydrates have been the main catapult for many controlled weight loss diets and counting calories; and are the main cause of yo yo diets weight gain and a unhealthy lifestyle. Unless you are building up muscle or a very active person throughout your day and spending time at the gym or an athletic person it is better to avoid refined processed carbohydrates food. When your metabolism is slow to metabolize there is a fast breakdown of ‘glucose sugar’ entering your blood stream this spikes insulin this is the hormone that makes you fat.

Keto Plan To  Lose Weight 
Pinch The Inch
Low Carbohydrate Diet


Carbohydrates are broken down into three categories: fiber starch and sugar they are the main source of glucose and present many problems that not only reduce your ability to burn fat this is because it becomes stored sugars. Carbohydrates control insulin and insulin controls stored sugars they (glucose) are the Lex Luther of carbohydrates insulin also causes metabolism to slow down making it easier to gain weight. More about carbohydrates and high sugar carb Diet are the true cause of weight gain around your waist belly thighs and moreso in men that appears apple shaped around their waist you can be sure it is insulin. This can be dangerous because having too much insulin in your body causes a pot belly it is a sign they are carrying too much fat underneath their surrounding vital organs it is not visible from the outside it is dangerous and is called visceral fat.  

Visceral fat is dangerous it is associated with many diseases also has an impact on fat hormones that will trigger the fat hormone (glycogen) that does not burn off fat. You must understand that fat burning is not the same as fat loss burning fat when equating calories carbohydrate intake and equating fibre. Fat loss is where you body sheds off excess pounds this is jiggly wiggly fat visible just underneath the skin it is called subcutaneous fats.

If you can pinch an inch from around your waist this tells you your body is healthy in good shape and your metabolism is in cruise drive. Because fibre is not digestible it is thermogenic (inducing the production of heat). Together with top animal protein fat and fibre foods and as long as carbohydrate and fibre intake is the same will slow down the absorption of sugars triggering the glucagon hormone for your body to metabolize fat burning. 

No More Overloading On
Glucose Fructose And Sucrose 

Sucrose is commonly know as table sugar it is obtained from sugar cane or sugar beet. Fruit and vegetables also naturally contain sucrose when sucrose is consumed the enzyme bete-fructosidase which separates sucrose into it’s individual units of glucose and fructose. Both sugars are taken up by their specific transporter mechanisms. The body responds to the glucose content of the meal in it’s usual manner. 

However fructose uptake occurs at the same time so the body will use it as it’s main energy source. Any excess energy from fructose if not needed will be poured into fat synthesis which is stimulated by the insulin release in response to glucose. 

Every successful diet in history restricts sugars sugars is bar none the most successful food additive known to man. Some versions of sugar appears virtually in every processed foods specifically fructose is the Lex Luther of evil. HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) is biochemically similar to natural sugar sucrose is made of glucose and fructose taking the corn syrup (glucose) through an enzymatic process.  So that half of the glucose becomes fructose in order to make it sweeter. 

The question is not whether HFCS is worse or better than sugar the question is whether sugar in any of it’s forms is toxic. 

Glycaemic Index Food

Glycaemic index food are carbohydrate foods that measures the amount of sugar in the food property which will only appear in the glycaemic index table. You will not find foods such as fish, meats, cheese or eggs in the glycaemic index table because these foods are protein or animal protein. The glycaemic index or (GI) was originally developed to measure low gi foods for diabetics to control their blood sugars.

Best Of High Fiber Low Sugar Low Carb Foods Lifestyle

The health conscious may opt for juice over soda and you skip the Sunny Delight in favour of (natural 100 percent fruit juices. Because these firms tout health benefits and claim that they are devoid of added sweeteners and they are in-fact good for you. (Wrong) the fruit is good for you because it contains fibre in-fact calorie for calorie 100 percent orange juice is worse for you than soda because the orange juice contains 1.8 grams of fructose per ounce while soda contains 1.7 grams of fructose per ounce. 

All calorific sweeteners contain fructose white sugars cane sugars beet table and brown sugars and it’s cheaper cousin HFCS adding to this maple syrup honey and agave are all the same. Refining and processing destroy some or all of any health benefits bottom line sugars consumption is a problem 33 per cent of sugars consumption comes from beverages and the biggest abusers are the poor and undeserved.

HFCS Synthetic Sweetener

HFCS is a synthetic sweetener made from corn starch that has been processed into a refined carbohydrate this means lots and lots of insulin which means lots of storage in fat tissue. HFCS is often compared to granulated and the manufacturing advantages over sugars are: it is easier to handle and more cost effective. Over consumption of sugars in any form including HFCS is a major health problem for onset obesity. 

Consuming added sugars particularly as a sweetener in soft drinks is strongly linked to weight gain. Fructose does not cause insulin to be released the key hormone regulating energy intake and expenditure. Higher intakes of dietary fructose behaves more like a fat in the body (neutral to insulin). Carbohydrates control insulin and insulin controls fat storage insulin is a sugar and sugar grows all over belly fat. 

Super Power Food
Fiber Carbohydrates 

Healthy sources of top animal protein fat and fiber foods do not trigger insulin unlike carbohydrates fibre is a fat burner food it isn’t digested or absorbed by the body it travels through and out of your stomach. Dietary fibre is found in fruits vegetables whole grains and legumes it is part of the plant where the human gut is unable to digest. This means you cannot use it for energy therefore it has one destination ‘the toilet’.

There are two types of fibre: Soluble which dissolves in water
and insoluble that does not soluble fibre slows digestion and absorption and is fermented by bacteria and social unacceptable omissions. 

Metabolically insoluble fiber forms a lattice work for the soluble fibre to sit on while the soluble fibre bridges the gaps in the lattice work. Insoluble fibre consists of non-glucose carbohydrate such as cellulous like the stringy stuff in celery these are not digested at all because they dont dissolve in water. They have a laxative effect and speed up the passage of foods and waste through your gut.

Soluble Fibre (absorbs water)  Insoluble Fibre does not absorb water

Oat meal oat cereal lentils
apples oranges pears oat bran
nuts flaxseeds beans dried peas
blueberries psyllium cucumber carrots

Whole wheat whole grains wheat bran
corn bran seeds nuts barley couscous
brown rice bulgar zucchini cabbage onions
tomatoes celery carrots cucumber green beans
dark leafy vegetables fruit root vegetable skins

Fiber is a belly fat cutting food source it is made up of natural bran gum and cellulous that are present in fruit vegetables and grain. It is a carbohydrate but it passes straight through the digestive system and does not raise insulin levels. It prevents sugars in the foodstuff from being digested too quickly and to ease the passage of food through the gut. 

Best of fiber low carb foods have no effect on insulin it is a true power foods it does not count towards our daily total we can simply subtract the amount of fiber from the total carbs. So if the label says the foods contain 12g of carbohydrates and 7g of fibre 12g – 7g = 5 to find out how many carbohydrates (calories) you need to count (5g in this case) are net carbs. 

Once fiber is consumed with a meal (soluble and insoluble) it forms a gelatinous barrier between food and the intestinal wall delaying the intestines ability to absorb glucose fructose and fat. By slowing glucose absorption which limits the peak of glucose and a lower rise in blood sugars (glucose). The pancreas in response reduces the amount of insulin released less insulin less shunting of energy to fat. 



Choosing The
Right Carbohydrate 

A keto diet plan to lose weight – Best high fiber low carb foods are the correct sources to eat in your meals knowing the right carbs and fat blocker foods to choose is your body’s saviour to a healthier alternative energy source.

The wrong carbohydrates to choose are refined and processed food this means lots and lots of insulin causing the body to store more energy and in excess are swimming around in the blood stream ready to be stored in the fat cells stored as glycogen. These processed foods are broken down into glucose making more sugars in the blood stream increasing blood sugars levels and raising more insulin. This has the wrong type of response to insulin and will really make you fat this is why too much insulin is really bad it grows all over belly bulges around waist hips and thighs and for men appearing to look apple shaped. 

Refined Processed Food
Have Undergone
A Manufacturing Process 

What we are mostly talking about are refined and processed foodstuff products that have undergone a manufacturing process these are the worst of the carbohydrates which also can contain dangerous chemicals that spike blood sugars levels (glucose). Glucose metabolism is insulin-dependant by reducing sugars consumption carbohydrates from your diet you will begin to steady glucose levels in the blood stream and improve from a slow metabolism. Sugars from eating refined processed foods are always fats and carbohydrates combined so by reducing your body’s sugar consumption will break down your body’s insulin-dependency getting into a more healthier and stimulated metabolism producing a more sustainable source of energy of high fiber low sugar low carb foods.

Will Your Middle
End Up A
Wodge Of Fat

Once you have mastered and broken down your body’s insulin-dependency by consuming the best fiber low carb foods your body will start to metabolise the right responses to produce the glucagon hormone instead of producing the insulin hormone.

All foods break down into sugars (glucose) in the bloodstream at a rate of which is determined whether it will end up a wodge of fat around your middle eating fat does not make you fat. Sugars in carbohydrate have hidden sugars that spike insulin this is the hormone that really makes you fat. Insulin is the common denominator for many health problems that goes beyond how weight is lost  or how fat or in other words sugars are lost from your body. 

To get into a healthy weight loss or a running metabolism high fiber low carb foods will burn away stored fat and consume around 10% of carbohydrate foods in your daily intake which in other words are refined starches and sugars. White foodstuff that have been processed and manufactured are for example white bread, white pasta, white rice white potatoes and constant snacking on high sugar carb foodstuff your body will never deplete the insulin hormone.


Stopping The Daily Sugar Drip Feed

White foodstuff means the fiber has gone out of these foods and in the case of white potatoes it was never there in the first place.  This happens when foods are processed and manufactured they become refined foodstuffs found in cakes, biscuits and fizzy drinks they are elevated carbohydrates with added sugars such as sucrose fructose and glucose.

Blood Sugars
Insulin Transporter

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas to lower blood sugar essentially it is insulin-dependant glucose transporter e.g. when blood sugars rise in response to carbohydrate food the pancreas releases insulin and hooks up with insulin receptors on the cells surface whether it be muscle or fat and allows the glucose to sit on the nucleolus of the cells. So when insulin is raised and hooks up to these insulin receptors it allow glucose into your muscle cells also allowing glucose into the fat cells which increases the rate of fat storage.

People have the notion never to have any insulin because it causes you to gain weight – you need to understand if you increase insulin it has inhibiting effects on lipolysis  and fat oxidation.  Also inhibits fat burning this is not the same as completely stopping high carbs or lower carbs is a 24 hour thing hitting on your daily macros a process of fat burning. Lipolysis beta oxidation fat storage losing fat gaining fat all these are going on simultaneously at the same time. It is the relative rate of reaction of each which will determine your net body composition. 

{ Relative terms are = a fast metabolism or slow metabolism = } lower carbs for you may be high carbs for someone else.  In order to lose fat you have to reduce calories typically carbohydrates and fat to establish a coherent deficit.


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