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Breaking Down Fats
Taking A Bite



In Relation To Weight Loss
Top 50 Fat Burning Foods

Fats are made up of three Fatty Acids bound to a glycerol molecule (bound together) called a lipid you consume that lipid and the stomach breaks it down about 10%. It is carried out by gastric lypodes that takes it down from three fatty acid molecules bound by glycerol and removes two of them and left with one individual lipid.  The next step the two lipids moves onto the small intestines where the pancreatic lypode kicks in breaking down the two fatty acid molecules even more to individual lipid droplets almost unseeable. 


Breaking Down The Fats

Remember fats does not fully dissolve you can only emulsify it further and further small enough to be absorbed it never fully dissolves.  Pancreatic lypodes does it’s job breaking down fats even more but then it has a little helper called colipase to break down the fats even more but it helps the lypode to activate and access the fats inside the droplet.  Basically releasing the  power of the fats inside the droplet to yield energy on the body.  







All About Fats
Hop On Board

This is how and when your gall bladder secretes something called bile which breaks down everything we have here into really small form into a mycell; mycells are the route of fats metabolism.  These mycells stick to the cell wall of the intestines to absorb the fats which then hops on board a chylomicron.  This chylomicron carries fats proteins and cholesterol and the individual of everything else.


Remember that the fats which have now been broken down into very small pieces are now reformed into a reusable fats again into a bigger form. Clylomicron’s dont absorb into the bloods stream they are absorbed into the lymphatic system into the lymph fluid the express lane while everything else is sitting in traffic in the blood stream.

The fats and cholesterol the lymph the express lane to get where they need to go this is how important fats are to your overall metabolism. Once they have arrived to their destination it’s metabolism that is when they are unleashed into the blood stream and are actually utilized for fuel or for storage.  They all come back together to let your body thrive on them.





                                                              Utilize Fats For Fuel
                                          Eat Your Own Fats


When your body gets used to utilizing fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates your body becomes very efficient utilizing fats as your main source of energy this means your body becomes better to emulsify like an emulsifying cutting machine. Fats are not absorbed super fast like carbohydrates they have a process it takes a lot of energy (calories) to actually burn off fats in the first place.



Weight Loss In Relation 
To Protein

This means these animal protein and more fats with fiber food sources are high burn metabolism core power foods and do not break down into sugar (glucose) in your blood stream. Animal protein and fats foods dont have sugar molecules like carbohydrates so this triggers the fat burning hormone and are one of the top 50 fat burning foods. It takes time to adapt your body to the new fats energy source if you have been eating a life time of carbohydrates in your meals. Once you understand the science around each food you will understand that fats dont make you fat and are neutral to insulin but they do have the most calories.






The concept of higher calories high fats is they do not effect insulin which is the real thing that makes you add on the extra inches.  The impact of the wrong carb foods means  you will never lose weight loss because if you are eating high sugar simple carbs which break down into your blood stream too fast this is your problem.  They are wrong typed carbohydrate foods that responds to insulin which is the real cause of your fats problem. You must know the difference between the wrong type sugar carbohydrates and the right type fiber carbohydrates food sources are high burn metabolism core power foods and do not break down into sugar


      Sneaky Hidden Sugars
Sugar Grows Belly Fat 

Sugar grows belly fats it is a simple carbohydrate even complex carbohydrates impacts insulin but at a lessor degree. Nonetheless will always impact insulin – all carbohydrates are broken down by your body into their simple sugary form.  In relation to weight loss you need to get rid of these sneaking insulin stimulating carbohydrates (hidden sugars) from your meals. 




The Right Carbohydrate Foods

Eating the right carbohydrate foods we need to keep on the right side of this food source by eating fiber vegetable carbs with your animal protein and fats eating more greens in your diet that dont break down into sugar too fast.  So we need to keep carbohydrates relatively low not all carbs just the ones that turn into sugar too fast. You need to consume high fiber vegetable carbohydrates because they are very low in sugar if at all this means they dont break down into fat and they dont break down into sugar.  Most importantly they are one of your top 50 fat burning foods. 


Counting Calories Model 
In Weight Loss

When basing a weight loss diet by counting calories model you will only be looking at the fat calories and avoiding those you will not be looking at the protein part of it. Or if you are only looking at the protein part of it you will ignore other foods sources to lose your weight. In addition you will also ignore what too much protein can do to your liver especially as you get older your liver does not digest protein efficiently.  If the liver is damaged the liver will become dysfunctional and it wont work properly to digest protein. The liver also works with the thyroid and it will also effect how the thyroid works with the liver. 



Fat Burning And Animal Fats

When consuming animal protein and fats you dont have to necessarily worry about fats when you want to burn fats.  But you do have to worry about fats in relation to what it does to the liver too much fats can irritate the liver. When eating too many nuts they are high in fats and can irritate the gall bladder. 


Dietary Fiber Is King Pin

To counter act eating too much fats you must eat more greens with your meals you can get away with eating fats this includes bacon and fat protein foods.  As part of the top 50 fat burning foods low carbohydrate vegetables provides you with the ideal source of dietary fiber carbs and 3oz to 6oz of protein fish, chicken turkey red meats at each meal makes up the bulk of your diet. top 50 fat burning foods (2)










Fat Burning In Relation To Protein
What Foods Trigger Fat Burning


Fat burning is not the same as weight loss losing weight is a matter of weight gain on your body showing excess pounds to your appearance belly thighs waist arms and all over extra weight apple shape appearance. This excess weight is from fat storage which has built up in glycogen cells because through your diet the fat storage has no other place to go and stored fat has not other place to go than the fat cells stored as glycogen.  

Fat storage has probably been sitting in your glycogen cells for many years because your unhealthy food diet has never provided you with the ideal source of eliminating the bad effects of insulin. The real hormone that makes you fat the carbohydrate foods you have been eating for so long and probably to much of it has only added to your weight loss problem. Therefore to get you healthy and lose weight you must avoid eating fast release sugar carbohydrates so you body has no other place to go than to go after the body’s own fat a better healthier alternative food energy source.  





This means stop producing the insulin hormone that makes you fat and get on board and produce the glucagon fat burning hormone that makes you lose weight. The glucagon hormone does the opposite to the insulin hormone combining the top 50 fat burning foods of animal protein and fats with plenty high fiber vegetable carbohydrates will elevate the fat burning process. 


Wire To The Brain

When cutting back on carbs you add fat to make up for the lost calories particular in a vegetarian low carb diet because most of the protein do not contain fat unlike meat and fish. Fat of the right type is essential to health as protein on this diet fat is your friend but it is important that it must be unrefined and preferably organic.

This means no margarine shortening hydrogenated or partly hydrogenated fats harmful trans fats (produced when oils are partially hardened), or products containing them. Butter is fine although it contains traces of trans fats these particular ones have been found to have beneficial effects.  Also the fats in eggs is also fine as is that of cheese and cream but try to use organic varieties where ever possible to avoid hormones antibiotics and pesticides which collect in the fat. 







Low Carb Journey
Protein And Fats High Fiber Low Carb Foods
Top 50 Best Fat Burning Foods

It takes time to adapt your body to fat burning because we are limiting the glucose and all your storage cells must change to adapt to the newer fuel energy source. Firstly you are going to be consuming very low carbs this means carbs high in fiber a moderate animal or plant based protein 3oz to 6oz at each meal with higher fat content in each whole food unit. The aim to this combination of foods is to get your insulin sugar zero starting with unlimited amount of vegetables it is important to make up the bulk of your meal with dietary fiber. 

Remember that on this low carb journey you must not consume sugar with fat it will raise insulin and stop any chance for your body to rev into fat burning process. Also it is not the fat that plugs arteries it is the sugar that is dangerous to health and your heart. Thirdly eat higher amounts of saturated unsaturated fats from the whole food unit not their derivatives this will allow you to go longer without food so you are not as hungry and you wont raise insulin. Also use plenty of unsaturated oils in your meals use olive oil for cooking extra virgin cold pressed or organic varieties for dressings:-





How Much Fat To Eat 
On the Low Carb Journey


How Much Fat Do Your Really Need ?     


    Fats                    Per Meal 

Heavy Cream                                                               5g                               6 tblsp
Eggs                                                                             5g                              3 to 4 eggs
Beef Grass Fed or Organic                                          3oz                             3 to 6oz
Coconut                                                                        1 tblsp                        2 tblsp
Brie already has protein                                                3 oz                           3 oz
Almond Butter                                                               1 tblsp                        3 tblsp
Olive Oil                                                                        1 tblsp                        2 tblsp
Pican                                                                             10                              15
Ice Cream no sugar                                                      1 cup                          225 g
Chicken Leg or thigh                                                     3 oz                             6 oz

You cannot live on just protein and fats alone because to much protein can damage the liver and eating too much protein will keep you awake at nights because protein stimulates. Also too much fat can irritate and clog up the liver this is why it is recommended you consume a variety of protein and fats high fiber low carb foods.  It cannot be stressed enough eat unlimited amounts of low carb vegetable high fiber foods this will flush out the fats and keep your liver healthy.


Unrefined Foods
Protein and Fats High Fiber
Low Carb 

Muesli or Porridge
Whole Grain or Wheaton Bread
Nut and Seed bar or a piece of fruit with
handful of nuts or seeds
Whole Wheat Pasta
Brown Basmati Rice
Chick Peas

Foods are also taken from the glycaemic index table list because you cannot live just on protein and fats it is not good for your liver you must balance this deficit. Eat a variety of plenty fiber in your foods will flush out the fats not to stick to your liver otherwise you can get fatty liver disease. 




Cannot Just Eat Protein And Fat Alone
Take Your Pick 



Glycaemic Index Table Scale

Peppers 15
Wild Rice  35
Cherries  20
Egg Plant  20
Onions  15
Apples 35
Tofu 15
Zuccini 15
Tomatoes  30
Soy Bean  15
Pumpkin Seed 35
Apricots (Fresh) 30

The glycaemic index table above is a guide to consuming real fat burning you dont need to count out calories it is not about how much you eat it is about what you eat.  Following the above guide for how much protein and fats to eat in your daily meals and a variety of  unrefined unprocessed low carb foods will help your body’s fat cells to significantly change and to adapt to the new energy fuel source. 

These foods recommended in the glycaemic index table above are based on ranking not on calories which are assigned to each carbohydrate when they are consumed alone in a fasted state. Almost generally you never consume carbohydrates alone in a fasted state you almost consume them with protein and fat; e.g a white baked potato which has a fairly high gi ranking of 80 to 85 on the scale and you combine it with a steak and some vegetables the entire glycaemic response is going to be lowered significantly.




Higher More Fiber

So there is no real way what the specific blood glucose response to the specific carbohydrate as part of a complete meal just by looking at the glycaemic index table alone.  The recommendation and focus is on getting the right type of carbohydrates in your diet. Consume protein and fats high fiber low carb foods the bulk being from high fiber unrefined sources about 70% 80% 90% should be coming from those types of carbohydrates. i.e oatmeal sweet potatoes whole grains fruit and vegetables these foods are high in fiber and more micro-nutrient (dense) 

As long as you are getting the bulk of your diet from these types of carbs there is no need to analyse further. It would be a total non issue low glycaemic index ranking or specific  absorption of your carbohydrates is a total non issue.


You Wont Need To Count Calories
Stick To Animal Protein 3oz to 6oz Daily With 
Very Low High Fiber Carb Vegetables


The overall combination of protein and fats high fiber low carb foods of the right type will produce the glucagon fat burning hormone to lose weight. Remember consuming these types of foods we are limiting the glucose from eating too much unhealthy high sugar carbohydrates. Animal Protein or plant based protein 3oz to 6oz in your daily meal with plenty very low carb vegetable dietary fiber is the key to lose weight. 



Lastly in your protein and fats high fiber low carb foods diet your goal is to eliminate the bad effects of insulin to lose weight and get healthy from a lifetime or sugar carbohydrates. It is recommended not to consume animal protein with starches and sugar it will exaggerate an insulin spike. Although we are relying on vegetables to give us the correct type of carbs and to break down sugar more slowly there are some vegetables that will turn into sugar very fast. Such as grains these are a different type of vegetable because they are also made up of starch which is basically sugar.  These are the sneaky insulin stimulating carbohydrates (hidden sugars) the smallest amount of sugar will foil any chance of you to produce the glucagon fat burning hormone because of their starches and sugar content. . 



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