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Fat Burning Ketogenic Diet
Keto Plan To Lose Weight

The goal of a keto high fat eating plan to lose weight is to understand ketones to adapt your body to utilize it’s own fat as it’s primary fuel source into ketosis so that you are make ketones. When you are burning fat this means your body is producing ketone ketones do not burn fat but indicate your body is in fat burning mode. The fat cell can then burn as fuel and raise metabolism which can be healthier more sustainable source of energy. Utilising fat is not absorbed super fast like carbohydrates they have a process t takes a lot of energy and calories to actually burn fat in the first place.

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A top Rated keto plan
To Lose Weight stop getting fat

Combine natural fat blocker foods to help you drop pounds and lose weight in no time at all. The rules are simple it is not fat that plugs up the arteries it’s the sugar and if you suffer from a slow metabolism you will pile on the fat. This means you dont have to be a body builder training workouts to get into burn fats foods ketone shape.



Athletes Can
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Goes After Your Fat

Ketones can give you a leg up when it comes to losing weight and removing saggy belly fat all you have to do is change what you eat not how much you eat. Ketosis is a natural process that you get into by lowering the intake of carbohydrates in your diet (see glycaemic index food go the slow burn).  It restricts insulin levels to then trigger Glucagon the fat burning hormone which does the opposite to insulin the hormone that makes you fat. Unless you are an athlete or pretty fit person that burns off fat throughout the day carbohydrates in your diet will only produce yo yo weight loss slow metabolic rate not ever getting into a top rated keto plan to lose weight for good.

Note: Having saggy belly fat around your abdomen is really visceral fat around your organs it is dangerous to your health it can increase the risk of other health problems as well as grossly apple shaped likened to a flying saucer.

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To trigger the rip burn fat burner hormone to achieve top ketogen diet weight loss your body must first remove the sugar in the blood stream. This means removing all glycogen from the fat cells so the insulin hormone has been depleted. The Glucagon hormone can tap into your fat reserves so your body has to turn to an alternative source of fuel. Insulin is amazing when you are trying to build muscle because you can spike your insulin with a ton of carbohydrates this delivers nutrients the glycogen packs into your muscle to look big. But to get in to ketosis the body has to stop eating so the fat burner hormone goes after your fat. While you are in ketosis your muscles will appear to go flat this is because there is no glycogen filling the muscle you will also lose some strength due to this. However you will be on your way to achieve the rip burn fat burner weight loss.

If you have a big ego this could be a problem but if your goal is to be healthy and to lose weight without really having to put that much work into it then ketosis could really be your best friend.

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Intermittent Fasting

To get into a top rated keto plan you first have to burn off the existing glycogen that has been stored in the fat cells. Doing high repetitive exercise high intensity training to get rid of the glycogen as fast as possible so that your body will have to turn to an alternative energy source called ketones. This way it wont take very long to get into ketosis a couple of days or a week in case you are not depleting the glycogen straight off the bat.


Fat  burner keto plan to lose weight when in ketosis your body uses ketones the energy source of fats because your body no longer has glycogen in the body. The best way of knowing your body is in ketosis is with a  ketone and glucose meter it is essential to know that you are in ketosis that the insulin hormone has been depleted. A good way to confirm that you are following a ketogenic diet is by simply going to a drug store and purchase a ketone strip which is typically used for diabetics this will measure your urine 

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Keto Plan To Lose Weight

When cutting back on carbs you add fat to make up for the lost calories particularly in a low carb diet because most of our protein does not contain fat unlike meat and fish. Fat of the right type is important as is protein but it is important it must be unrefined and preferably organic.

Take time to adapt your body to fat burning it is not the same as fat loss we need to limit the glucose to unleash the fat all the cells must change to adapt to the new fuel source. Having very low carbs this means any type of vegetables because they contain zero sugar this is the ketogenic diet to lose weight.

Keep carbohydrates within 5% to 10% in the entirety of calories in any given day in the ketogenic diet to lose weight. 25% to come from protein 60% to 80% should come from fat this is a very healthy thing to do and it should be from healthy fats free to roam and grass pasture fed.

what foods to eat to get
rip burn fat burner

A top rated keto plan diet

Dont consume lean protein you need the fat for energy your body needs 2000 mg of cholesterol every day so when you consume more cholesterol or fat your body just makes less. We need cholesterol to surround cells hormones even the brain this is the formula for a ketonic body fat burning state.

Fat Allows You to go longer
so wont be as hungry

How much fat do you need in a Top Rated keto Plan

The keto PLAN TO

Dont consume sugar with fat
because this will raise insulin

Eat These Separate


  • EGG
  • 5g BEEF (grass fed organic)
  • 1 Tblsp COCONUT
  • 3oz BRIE (has protein)
  • 1 Tblsp Almond Butter
  • 1 Tblsp OLIVE OIL
  • 10 PICAN
  • 6 tblsp per meal
  • 3 -4 Eggs
  • 3 – 6 oz
  • 2 tblsp per meal
  • 1 + 2 tblsp
  • 3oz
  • 3 tblsp
  • 15
  • 22g
top rated keto plan to lose weight

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