There are three main hormones that control blood sugar levels which work together for weight loss, muscle growth, shape and definition. Insulin is the common denominator to lower or raise glucose levels. Glucagon hormone does the opposite to insulin it converts glycogen stored fat back in to glucose so it can be used immediately for energy during and after exercise and power work outs paired up with intermittent fasting is an excellent strategy



 Ketones For Lean Muscle Mass
Best Ketone And Glucose Meter 



Running On Ketones For Lean Muscle Mass

Far Out Runs On Carbo Loading

The goal of a ketosis lifestyle is to avoid raising insulin this means more protein and fat foods in your diet meat fish butter eggs a variety animal food sources of protein fats and dairy. When your body is running on ketones you dont have to necessary worry about consuming fats from foods if you are wanting to lose weight. In nature very few things come in pure protein it is a combination of protein carbohydrates and fat.

Best Ketone and Glucose Meter
Intermittent Fasting

It is essentially you know that you are into an intermittent fasting lifestyle as quickly as possible a good way to confirm that you are in ketosis is by simply going to a drug store to purchase a ketone strip. It is typically used for diabetics and it will measure the ketones in your urine. It should not take very long to get into intermittent fasting it could be in a matter of a few days or a week or so if you have not actually depleted the glycogen stored sugars off the bat. 

Ketosis Goes After Your Own Fat
Ketones For Lean Muscle Mass

To get into the best ketone and glucose meter lifestyle you must first deplete the insulin hormone which has been released from the pancreas in response to a rise of blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels rise in the body the pancreas responds by producing the insulin hormone where it escorts glucose out of the blood cells and blood sugar levels start to drop. Once glucose is delivered to the cells it can do one of three things can happen:-

Insulin Escorts Blood Sugar
(Glucose) Roller Coaster
To The Liver 

The amount of glucose in your blood stream depends on when and what we eat as well as how much of it. Glucose is insulin dependent carbohydrates foods and insulin are also dependent of each other. Unhealthy people have unknowing created a set of circumstance that has led their body’s to lose this balancing act by eating in an unbalanced way.  Your body’s sensitive mechanism in keeping blood sugar balanced cannot cope with this daily onslaught of sugar fast – release  carbohydrates. When the stomach digests carbohydrate foods the sugar and starches in the food breaks down into glucose way to fast into the blood stream. This makes more sugar resulting in a imbalanced blood sugar roller coaster for more carb cravings setting the stage for sugar addiction and weight problems.

Insulin Is The Regulator
Of Sugar In Your Blood

Insulin is a combination of stored sugar and fat this is what insulin is. Insulin is triggered by eating refined carbohydrate meals i.e white bread cornflakes white rice white pasta fruit etc; all carbohydrates are broken down into sugar either to be used immediately for energy or in muscle cells for later use. Any excess will immediately produce the insulin hormone because your fat cells are already full it will become raised sugar levels stored as glycogen converted into stored sugar fat.

Insulin is the wrong hormone to trigger it is only produced from the pancreas after eating refined carbohydrate foods the more refined processed carbohydrate foods you eat the more it will be broken down and converted into glucose making more sugar stored as fat. This is the wrong type of response your body will never reach to the required level of where your body’s metabolism set point needs to be for the best blood glucose ketone meter lifestyle.

The Sugar Food Glut

As already mentioned for your body to be in the best blood glucose ketone health you have to deplete the insulin glycogen glucose blood sugar roller coaster. The premise of a ketone or intermittent fasting lifestyle is you have to eliminate the insulin hormone you cannot continue to run on sugar for your main source of energy. Your body needs to literally stop eating the sugar energy source of old it has to start utilizing the newer source of energy of ketones this is why sugars and refined carbs are really blood glucose ketone meter

This means your body is forced to use it’s own fat for it’s primary energy source  instead of sugar this is known as intermittent fasting.  By converting it’s own fat cells into ketones you are already utilizing ketones and the fat cells can then burn as fuel. 

Now it will be made easy to tap into your sugar reserves all you have to do is stay clear of sugar to get into hardcore fat burning. It could take two weeks a month up to five or six weeks.

Best Ketone Meter Lifestyle 
Unleashes Fat Burning Hormone

Make Insulin Sugar Zero 
Before Burning Fat

After the body has depleted the insulin hormone from the bad effects of a lifetime of unhealthy diet eliminating the wrong carbohydrate food from your meals. Refined processed carbohydrates foods are very bad these foods produce insulin responsive elevated blood sugar (glucose) imbalances these imbalances will always store existing glycogen. The insulin hormone must be depleted so that you can now instead start to trigger the glucagon hormone. The glucagon hormone does the opposite to the insulin hormone glucagon hormone stops weight from forming insulin hormone to add on extras which gain weight.

Because you are now consuming the right carbohydrate foods and have increased your daily fats also having moderate amounts of 3oz to 6oz of protein foods in your daily meals this will trigger the fat burning hormone (glucagon) which goes after your fat.  Fat burning is not weight loss it is a fat burning hormone that will constantly burn off fats and be utilized as it’s only energy source because there is no glycogen from the bad effects of wrong carbohydrate blood glucose ketone meter

Light Heart Rate Exercise

Insulin is amazing when you are trying to build muscle because you can spike your insulin with a ton of carbohydrates which will deliver nutrients much quicker and build muscle faster by utilizing the glycogen diet. During any exercise you may do you will at first go flat where your muscles appear to look smaller this is because there is no glycogen essentially filling your muscles making them look fuller. You will also lose some strength because of this when you are doing cardio exercises you must do light heart rate exercises because you are wanting long periods of cardio to help you burn fat faster. Not only are ketones more energy efficient they are much better for cognitive function  as well.

Maintain Muscle Belly

Because high heart rate exercises use a lot of glycogen which is a great place to have stored energy such as in the muscle belly because it is needed immediately.  Whereas ketones will not provide you enough energy quick enough and you will end up burning a lot of muscle off very quickly.  Maintaining a best blood glucose ketone meter a like glycogenic low cardio under ketosis to help burn fat faster and not burn off muscle.


Sugar Grows Belly Fat
Protein And Fats Shape
Belly Muscle

Your are now well on the way to a ketone intermittent fasting lifestyle the healthy way for you heart brain blood sugars and other conditions ketone fasting does not happen overnight. Because your body has been living on sugar for it’s main energy source your whole life your system is so efficient to running on sugar and to convert to keto-adaptation this takes longer. Your body now has to run on your own body’s fat and adapt to burning fat by severely inducing the body restricting carbohydrates from all sources. This means no more blood sugar (glucose) imbalances no more out of control insulin sugar highs and lows preventing you from efficient fat burning.  Not producing the insulin hormone but keeping your body’s metabolism to respond to the glucagon hormone you are in the best blood glucose ketone meter lifestyle.

All foods break down into sugar (glucose) into the blood stream at a fast rate of which is determined whether it will end up a wodge of fat around your middle eating fat does not make you fat. Sugar carbohydrate have hidden sugars that spike insulin this is the hormone that makes you fat. Insulin is the common denominator for many health problems that goes beyond how weight is lost  and to  burn fat fast. To get into a ripped fat carb blocker state and burn away stored fat is to stay clear of refined and processed foods sugar starch carbohydrate foods e.g white bread, white pasta, white rice white potatoes and constant snacking on high sugar food and sugar sweetened beverages.

It’s All About Sugar

Best Blood Glucose Ketone Meter

There are three categories to carbohydrate foods sugars + starches + fiber 

Refined carbohydrates means lots of insulin it is a never ending story of food cravings of daily drip feed and a lifetime habit of sugar addiction. When we eat sugars in their refined processed state they can often upset the blood sugar balance causing a quick high followed by a deeper low; When the body breaks down carbohydrate food into the blood stream too quickly we produce too much sugars (glucose) released into the blood stream. This daily onslaught of sugars rises produces the insulin hormone from the pancreas in response to eating a carbohydrate food it then escorts glucose out of the blood cells and blood sugar levels start to drop.

Carbohydrates And Blood Sugar Control once glucose has been delivered to the cells – three things can happen:-

  • It can be used as energy through you muscle belly because here it will be used immediately  
  • It can be converted into a form of glucose known as glycogen to be stored in the liver also muscles to be used for later use
  • Or it can be stored automatically as fat if the glycogen stores are already full any excess glycogen is turned into fat a combination of stored sugar and fats.

Glucose is insulin-dependent the aim here is to understand how the carbohydrates (sugar + starches) in the food are broken down into glucose. 









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