There are three main hormones that control blood sugar levels which work together for weight loss, muscle growth, shape and definition. Insulin is the common denominator to lower or raise glucose levels. Glucagon hormone does the opposite to insulin it converts glycogen stored fat back in to glucose so it can be used immediately for energy during and after exercise and power work outs paired up with intermittent fasting is an excellent strategy



Are You Burning Fat

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ketones improve stamina during work outs

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Ketones Improve Stamina
During Work Outs

Insulin Is Great For Carbo Loading But Not For Weight Loss


If you’ve navigated to this page, you’re likely seeking to deepen your understanding of the low-carb journey and explore the misconceptions surrounding the consumption of fats and carbohydrates in your diet. Indeed, consuming carbohydrates can raise blood sugar levels, which in turn triggers insulin release, the primary hormone that influences whether you gain or lose weight, depending on your body’s goals

Ketones improve stamina during workouts, and adopting a ketogenic lifestyle requires an understanding of how carbohydrates affect blood sugar levels and insulin. Insulin can lead to weight gain, which is counterproductive when trying to lose weight. Carbohydrates serve as a primary energy source, utilizing glucose for energy. In contrast, using ketones is a fat-burning approach that draws on your body’s fat reserves, especially when blood sugar levels are low, leading to reduced insulin levels—the hormone that directs blood glucose into the liver and fat cells to be stored as fat.

Relying solely on carbohydrates as your primary energy source will not eliminate stored fat. To lose weight, you are merely losing sugar, which does not address the underlying causes of weight gain. Unless you are an athlete, engaged in fitness workouts, or a professional bodybuilder, consuming carbohydrate-rich foods throughout the day will only decelerate your metabolism and burn off sugar. 

Insulin  management plays a crucial role in muscle building and enhancing fitness endurance. By consuming a significant amount of carbohydrates, you can increase insulin levels, which helps deliver nutrients essential for muscle growth during energy expenditure. However, if you do not engage in regular physical exercise or workouts to expend energy, consuming carbohydrates alone will not limit insulin’s role in directing excess glucose to the liver or fat cells as stored glycogen.

Halting insulin production requires a reduction in dietary carbohydrate intake, which in turn triggers the hormone glucagon. This hormone, which acts in opposition to insulin, is activated when insulin levels decrease. As a result, the body turns to an alternative source of energy for fuel.

The body must enter a state of ketosis, where it ceases food consumption, allowing the glucagon hormone to target fat for energy mobilization—a process known as intermittent fasting. This shift enables the use of ketones. By utilizing its fat reserves, the body employs its own energy sources, which underscores the detrimental impact of refined carbs. Achieving ketosis allows fat cells to burn as fuel, offering a healthier and more sustainable energy source. Ketones improve stamina during work outs and aid in weight loss.


Glycemic Index Food List Keto Diet

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This table evaluates the rate at which carbohydrates are metabolized into sugar in the bloodstream and subsequently converted into glucose upon ingestion. Carbohydrates have varying GI values, which influence blood sugar levels differently, underscoring the fact that not all carbohydrates are alike. The glycemic index primarily lists carbohydrates, often dubbed ‘white foods,’ which encompass refined starches, grains, and sugars.”

  1. Carbohydrates are categorized into two types: fast-release and slow-release. Fast-release carbohydrates, typically white, refined, processed, sweet, or sugary, rapidly enter the bloodstream.

In contrast, slow-release carbohydrates are unprocessed and fiber-rich, digesting more gradually. Different foods metabolize at varying rates; fast-release carbs are akin to boy racers, speeding through your bloodstream and disrupting your blood sugar balance, which can lead to weight gain.

After eating a high sugar carbohydrate in your meal blood sugar levels will always be increased in the blood stream because sugar is glucose and glucose is insulin. The insulin hormone makes sugar and when there is too much sugar in the blood stream it has to be stored as glycogen when it  hangs around the fat storage cells until it can be used as energy further creating a vicious circle for food cravings. Carb foods release glycogen unless you are working out using up energy glycogen is great for muscle gain but will be stored as fat slowing down metabolic rate. 

When adhering to a keto diet, monitoring your carbohydrate intake is crucial. Aim for high-quality fats and a moderate protein intake to sustain ketosis and harness the dietary benefits, also ketones improve stamina during workouts.

Glycemic Index Food List Keto

It is important to understand the glycemic index food list keto, recognizing that not all carbohydrates are identical. However, they share a common trait: they all convert into sugar, which serves to provide the energy storage your body requires.”

Choosing foods that are high in carbohydrates and frequently indulging in starchy, sugary snacks will not set you on the quickest path to achieving a lean, muscular body. Instead, this will lead to increased fat storage because muscle tissue is denser than fat tissue. Keep in mind that ‘carbohydrates’ equate to ‘elevated insulin levels,’ which can be advantageous for muscle growth but counterproductive for fat loss.”

best blood glucose ketone meter

Ketones Improve Stamina During Work Outs


Foods that block carbohydrates in your diet are unprocessed, unrefined, and rich in high fiber; these are the best foods to consume for weight loss. Carbohydrate-rich foods are the primary source of glucose (sugar), which is utilized for your body’s energy needs. Carbohydrates can be categorized into three types: fiber, starch, and sugar.

High-sugar carbohydrate foods cause insulin spikes due to the rapid breakdown of sugar in the bloodstream following a carbohydrate-sugar rich meal. Regarding weight loss, the most effective method is to eliminate fast-sugar carbohydrate foods from your daily diet. Also if you are a diabetic you can use the glycemic index food list keto to measure the sugar content contained in food to keep your glucose levels low.

This will lead to an increased metabolism rate, reduce your body’s insulin dependency, and encourage the consumption of more carb-blocking foods to ensure weight loss, more importantly less secretion of insulin the hormone that makes you fat.

By improving glucose levels and depleting the insulin hormone that is dependent on glucose, depending what your body is aiming for you could also achieve ketosis when restricting carbohydrates in your diet, and adopt a ketogenic lifestyle. 

Restricting carbohydrates as your primary energy source adopting a ketogenic lifestyle utilizes the best blood glucose ketones meter, a keto diet is when your body is in a state of ketosis using ketones as an alternative energy source instead of glucose. 

If you are diabetic or interested in adopting a ketogenic lifestyle, there are numerous well-suited best blood glucose ketone meter available on the market. These devices typically measure both blood glucose and ketones, which are distinct substances in the blood. They include test strips, and some models offer additional features such as memory storage to track and analyse data. In addition there is the glycemic index food list keto that measures the amount of sugar in foods which will keep your blood sugars low. 

The objective of producing ketones is to adopt the body to use fat as its main fuel source instead of sugar, as our systems have been reliant on sugar for our entire lives, making the transition to fat burning inefficient. The principle behind ketones involves drastically reducing insulin levels, or sugars, by cutting down refined carbohydrates to nearly zero.

However when you initially begin a ketone lifestyle the body has to stop eating and lower the intake of carbohydrates to restrict insulin.  Once insulin has been depleted to zero the  glucagon hormone is triggered which does the opposite to insulin, your body has to turn to an alternative energy source.

Insulin is amazing when you are building up muscle because your body has been utlizing glycogen from carbohydrate foods, but the goal of a ketone diet is to adapt the body to utilize it’s own fat as it’s primary fuel source not glucose.

During exercise while in ketosis your muscles will go flat this is because their is no glycogen essentially filling the muscles making them look fuller you will also lose some strength but once you are in ketosis improves stamina during workouts.

Ketones Improve Stamina During Work Outs

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Muscle Glycogen Food

Athletes Can Far Out Run
And Perform On Ketones
              Than On Carbo Loading


Best Blood Glucose Ketone Meter

best blood glucose ketone meter to measure in ketosisWhen glucose levels have been maintained you will then be in ketosis to start making ketones it will then restrict insulin hormone to trigger the glucagon fat burning hormone it does opposite to the insulin hormone by depleting insulin from the glycogen hormone.  Once insulin has been depleted by lowering the intake of carbohydrates the body has to stop eating so that the fat burning hormone can go after the glucose stored fat glycogen  to mobilize to energy to start using ketones you can also speed up the process by intermittent fasting best ketone and glucose meter.

Refined sugars and carbohydrates are extremely detrimental to health; they are akin to the Lex Luthor of sugars, contributing to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Foods rich in carbs and sugar diminish our ability to burn fat. Adopting a ketogenic lifestyle can restore our bodies to efficient fat-burning machines, as nature intended. Eskimos, who consume blubber, maintain a constant state of ketosis and exhibit virtually no heart problems.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle by monitoring glucose levels and entering ketosis doesn’t happen overnight. Ketosis is a state induced when the body is significantly deprived of carbohydrates from all sources. Insulin, a hormone that normally regulates blood sugar, should maintain glucose levels equivalent to only two teaspoons, as our bodies are not designed to store more, exceeding this amount could be highly toxic. If you are diabetic looking at the glycemic index food list keto can measure the glucose levels in your food to maintain a low carb diet.

When excessive carbohydrates are consumed, the body dramatically increases insulin production in a whip-lash response to rapidly clear the sugar from the blood, storing it in the liver and leading to fat accumulation around the organs.


This overloads the blood sugar causing accumulating into  under belly stomach visceral fat. Individuals with conditions such as fatty liver, high cholesterol, and elevated blood fats often experience these issues due to sugar intake, rather than dietary fat. Our bodies naturally produce a significant amount of cholesterol, approximately 2000mg daily.

The advantageous effects of monitoring glucose levels and achieving ketosis include reduced carbohydrate consumption, increased dietary fats, and a moderate protein intake in each meal. These dietary changes can lead to a decrease in harmful cholesterol, an increase in beneficial cholesterol, lower triglycerides, improved blood sugar levels, and enhanced insulin sensitivity.”

What Foods To Eat Into Ketosis
The Best Ketone Glucose Meter

The primary factor determining whether you’re burning fat or sugar is insulin. This hormone, even in minimal amounts, can inhibit access to your fat stores. Discussing insulin involves addressing the sugars that activate this hormone, leading to fat accumulation. You can address high sugar levels by keeping a glycemic index food list keto if you are diabetic. High sugar levels mean your body prioritizes burning sugar, preventing fat burn. To activate the fat-burning hormone glucagon, your sugar levels must be reduced to zero.

To utilize ketones as a sole and healthier energy source, one must first deplete the insulin hormone to halt sugar production, as sugars are prioritized over fats for energy consumption.

Employing ketones as an energy source is beneficial for health, particularly for the heart, brain, and other conditions. Eskimos, who regularly consume blubber, are in a constant state of ketosis and exhibit no heart issues.

‘To achieve ketosis, one must limit daily carbohydrate intake to 5-10%, focusing on low carbs plant-based sources such as vegetables. These provide minimal carbohydrates while offering an abundance of vitamins and minerals not found in proteins and fats. Consequently, the net sugar content remains exceedingly low, with only 25% derived from protein.

Healthy fats should comprise 65-80% of the diet, sourced from grass-fed animal proteins or organic plant-based proteins. Consuming fattier cuts of animal protein is essential, rather than leaner varieties, to supply the necessary healthy fats with healthy carbohydrates for caloric energy and to maintain muscle gain during workouts throughout the day.’

Are You Burning Fat
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