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More Fiber Sugar Carb Foods 2021 


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Less Belly Fat Pooch


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Roller Coaster
Flabby Belly Fat

Sugar grows belly fat and ages you inside and out slows down metabolism and lays the foundation for three of the biggest killers: heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Belly fat is linked to having too much insulin in your blood stream and strongly linked to visceral fat. Hidden sugars are sneaky insulin stimulating carbohydrates which break down into sugar too fast causing stubborn fat storage and a flabby belly pooch. Insulin causes you to carry weight around your gut and love handles around your hips and thighs due to a life time roller coaster of out of control blood sugar levels and an over worked pancreas having to produce too much insulin. The pancreas is vital to blood sugar metabolism it’s principal function is for the secretion of insulin and the mobilization of glucose amino acids and triglycerides; insulin plays an central role in the regulation of energy metabolism and the efficiency of of insulin and the glucagon hormone.


On Track To 
Belly Out Fat
Ditch The Love Handles


The pancreatic hormone in conjunction with Insulin plays a key role in glucose haemostasis to regulating nutrient storage an adequate supply of glucose is required for optimal body growth and for the function of the central nervous system for which glucose is the major source of energy. Insulin is a hormone that regulates sugar in the blood your body is not designed to store more than two tblsp of sugar any more than two tblsp is going to be very toxic. So the average person will consume so much carbohydrates that the insulin will start to jack-up an insulin like whiplash response and get out of the blood fast straight to the fat cells. This response starts insulin to stick to the liver building up fat around the liver called fatty liver disease. Insulin is a combination of stored sugar and fat and is triggered by eating refined carbohydrate meals i.e. white bread cornflakes white rice white pasta fruit etc.


Go Green 
Wear And Tear Food Curse


With very few exceptions every natural occurring food contains either fat or carbohydrates but usually not both meat fish and poultry have no carbohydrates. Grains roots potatoes yams have no fat fruit that contain fat are avocados olives coconuts have minimal carbohydrates. Nuts are an exception but they are still low in carbohydrates and very high in fiber that is why they are brown milk is another exception to the rule. All these food are your green light fiber sugar carb foods 2021.


Wrath Eating


It wasn’t until we became gourmets eating fat and carbohydrates in the same meal that our cells felt the wrath of mitochondrial wear and tear. Eating fat and carbohydrates in the same food is the curse of processed food and one big item which has both fat and carbohydrate at the same time is sugar.



All carbohydrates food are starch and sugar and are further broken down into sugar in the blood stream as glucose (sugar) either to be used as energy immediately or stored in the muscle cells or fat cells. Insulin is intended to deliver glucose from the blood stream into the muscle cells or the fat cells to initiate metabolism. Or it can be converted into a form of glucose Insulin stored in the liver energy reserves making liver starch called glycogen if the glycogen stores are already full then the excess glucose is automatically stored fat stored as glycogen for later use. Stored fat is extra weight hanging around you belly hips and thighs it is not good to have fat sitting around in your  fat cells waiting to be burned off because it is not being used as energy immediately.  




Insulin – Dependendent
Sugar Fix
Glucose Transporter


Excess energy glucose is automatically stored up as fat into the fat cells this is very bad for your metabolism which will inhibit fat burning. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas that lowers blood sugars – essentially it is an insulin-dependant glucose transporter. For example 1) when blood sugars rise in response to a carbohydrate food the pancreas releases insulin and hooks up with insulin receptors on the cell’s surface whether it be muscle or fat 2) allows glucose to sit on the nucleus of the cells causing translocation of glucose.

So when insulin is raised and hooks up to these insulin receptors it allows glucose into the muscle cells but also allows glucose into the fat cells. This increases the rate of fat storage; people have the idea they never have any insulin because it causes you to gain fat. 





You need to understand when you increase insulin it has inhibiting effects lypolisis and fat oxidation. It also inhibits fat burning which is not the same as completely stopping high and low carbs is a 24 hour thing and hits on your daily macros (progenisis beta oxidation and lypolisis) processes of fat burning. All these are all going at the same time simultaneously losing fat gaining fat carbohydrates means lots of insulin this means more energy storage in fat tissues.


Fiber Sugar Carb Foods 2021

(But it is your relative rates of each which will determine your net body composition).
(Relative terms are = Faster Metabolism – Slower Metabolism)
(Lower carbs for you might be higher carbs for someone else in order to lose fat)
(You have to lose calories typically carbohydrates plus fats to establish a coherent deficit).



Relative Rates
Faster Or Slower


Fiber sugar carb foods 2021 eat more fat as long as carbohydrates and fiber intake is the same you can eat lower carbohydrates and still gain fat you do not have to require insulin to store body fat your body can do it without insulin. By the same token you can eat higher carbohydrates and lose fat it all depends on your overall minimum grade. You will lose fat on your levels of carbohydrates and your release of insulin because insulin does not shut down all fat burning completely it only inhibits the metabolism.

Sugary foods are high fast release glycaemic foods that causes a spike in insulin but goes back down faster whereas low glycaemic index foods cause a slower rise in insulin but a low peak.

The fiber sugar carb foods 2021 processes of fat burning should all be going on at the same time. Fat burning is not the same as fat loss when equating calories carbohydrate intake equating fiber which is not digestible. So having 100grams of low sugar carbohydrates which has 10 grams of fiber vs a 100 grams of high sugar carbohydrate is not a valid comparison. It is not because of the slow delay of insulin release it is because total calories and carbohydrates are driving insulin – insulin is not driving the other way round. 




Animal Protein Eat More Fat
Match Up Fiber Food Carbs 

More fiber sugar carb foods 2021 means eating more fiber carb foods and less sugar fast release carbohydrate food. Unrefined unprocessed and whole food means more animal protein and eating more fat that have been either grass fed or organic varieties and have not been exposed to dangerous chemicals used in processed and refined food. These food have undergone a manufacturing process and are the worst of the carbohydrates which spike blood sugar levels (glucose).

Refined carbohydrates have a negative effect on your health because they do not contain the necessary nutrients and are the leading cause to diseases and disorders such a obesity diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Bottom line total calories and carbohydrates are driving insulin – insulin is not driving the other way round artificial sweeteners are added in abundance; i.e. white flour pastries pies cakes and packaged cereals and many others. 



Roller Coaster
Sugar Highs”

When eating the obvious sugary food like biscuit cake chocolate sweets and soft drinks blood sugar levels rise rapidly it is not just sugary foods it is also (simple carbohydrates) causing problems. Fast release carbohydrates are white food bread potatoes pasta rice all have a similar affect in that they too quickly convert into glucose. Glucose is insulin-dependent when glucose (blood sugars) levels are high and your stomach digests the food the carbohydrate (sugar + starches) in the food break down into more sugar (glucose) released into the blood stream. 

These high sugar carbohydrate food spikes blood glucose levels to become very high the knock on effect responds to the pancreas to produce large amounts of insulin in order to get the glucose out of your blood too quickly.  As a result leads to a “sugar high” or a “sugar crash” making you feel tired low or unable to concentrate.  This makes you feel wanting more sugar or carbohydrate food to perk yourself back up.   





Putting Your Foot
On The Breaks

Remember high sugar carbohydrate food means lot and lots of insulin and blood sugars are frequently raised because the more insulin produced by the pancreas means the more fat will be stored directly into the fat cells. Refined carbohydrates and food are broken too quickly down into sugar it is a vicious roller coaster circle of frequent increased blood sugar levels and raised insulin.  This is the wrong type response to insulin this is why eating too much of the wrong carbohydrates are really bad not just your health it will also make your really fat. 

You need to focus on the fiber sugar carb foods 21 what does this mean? This simply means eating high protein low carbohydrate foods these diets are so popular because they help you lose weight. But some diets stop you from eating fresh fruit or recommending large amounts of meat into your diet to stop you feeling hungry. Not all carbs are created equal simple carbohydrates are sugars either naturally occurring in their whole food such as fruit honey and maples syrup. These naturally occurring sugars are found in their whole state or whole food and not made from their derivatives such as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).


The Mighty Egg
Eat More Fat

High protein low carbohydrate foods are a natural source of quality protein B vitamins and vitamin the humble egg eaten with a low sugar carb is a firm flat tummy friend. Scrambled eggs and mushroom or weekend brunch omelettes and late night suppers will add more fats and protein into your diet and less cravings for carbohydrate high sugar food.






Fructose is a sugar found naturally in many fruits and vegetables it is added to various beverages such as soda and fruit flavoured drinks. However fructose is very different to other sugars because it has a different metabolic pathway and it is not the preferred energy source for your muscles or your brain. 

The natural occuring fructose is only metabolised in the liver and relys on fructonaise unlike glucose it does not cause insulin to be released or stimulate the production of leptin a key hormone for regulating energy intake and expenditure. These factors raise concerns about high intakes of dietary fructose because it appears to behave more like fat in the body as opposed to other carbohydrates.


Sugar Busting

When we want something sweet we often think of biscuits cakes and milk chocolate we think of a pear or a banana wont cut it. The key is to have delicious natural alternatives at your finger tips and to break the habit for always reaching for biscuits or chocolate. You can have them occasionally but dont need them for a fix whenever you can go for the least processed sugars. Focus on fiber sugar carb foods 2021 are carbohydrate foods but low in sugar more in fiber partnered up with 3 oz to 6 oz of animal fat protein this is the key to eating more healthy and better fat burning foods.  

  • Berries
  • Bananas
  • Peach
  • Pears
  • Cherries 
  • Dates 
  • Figs 
  • Melon 
  • Dark Chocolate
fiber sugar carb foods 2021
   Fiber Sugar Carb  Foods Eat More Fat








 Addictive Sugar Additive
Glucose + Fructose + Sucrose

Sugar bar non is the most successful food additive known to man some versions of sugar appears in vitually every processed food. Sugar specifically fructose is the Lex Luther of evil due to it’s synthetic nature and assumed effect on the obesity epidemic HFCS is technically no different. 

In nature glucose without fructose is called starch and are empty calories either for storage or fat burning. Fructose combined with sucrose is a sugar naturally found in many fruit and vegetables and are added as a sweetener in many beverages such as soda and fruit flavoured drinks.  In fruit it is the sweetness of the fruit ultimately it is the molecule we seek this sugar sweetness is made up of half molecule of sucrose and half molecule of fructose they are interchangeable also are empty calories called starch. It is the fructose that causes metabolic diseases so sugar despite ostensibly being a carbohydrate is also both a fat (because it is how it is metabolised in the liver) and carbohydrate all rolled into one. 




Fiber Sugar Carb Food 
Teams Up With Fats 2021


This means both pathways have to work overtime this is why sugar is the real omnivores dilemma. Our bodies have not adapted to our current environmental sugar glut and it is killing us slowly. Fructose is metabolised by the liver and in nature never found alone it is always partnered with it’s benign sister molecule glucose. It has the same chemical composition but fructose is much worse producing a chemical reaction causing every cell in the body to age more rapidly. Speeding up various degenerative processes such as premeture aging cancer and cognitive decline. 

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