There are three main hormones that control blood sugar levels which work together for weight loss, muscle growth, shape and definition. Insulin is the common denominator to lower or raise glucose levels. Glucagon hormone does the opposite to insulin it converts glycogen stored fat back in to glucose so it can be used immediately for energy during and after exercise and power work outs paired up with intermittent fasting is an excellent strategy


Make Insulin Sugar Zero
Top Best Protein Fat And Fiber Foods



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Best Fat Burning Foods For Breakfast
Lean Protein Foods 

All foods break down into sugar (glucose) in the blood stream at a rate of which is determined whether it will end up a wodge of fat around your middle eating fats does not necessarily make you add on the extra pounds. Sugar carbohydrate have hidden sugars that spike insulin this is the hormone that makes you add on the extras. Insulin is the common denominator for many health problems that goes beyond how weight is lost but what food you eat is far more important as to how much of it you eat. 

In relation to lose weight and into a ripped carb blocker diet means  to stay clear off sugar carbohydrate refined and processed white foods e.g white toast, white pasta, white rice white potatoes and constant snacking on high sugar food and sugar sweetened juices and beverages. You are better to bring on the bacon and eggs for the best fat burning foods for breakfast.  Carb blocker foods in your diet are the best way to trigger burn stomach bulges this means it is better to eat to use more energy to improve metabolic rate. If you having a hard time to lose weight avoid refined processed carbohydrate food which break down into sugar (glucose) very fast. Eating too much of these food slows down metabolism making it more difficult to lose weight piling on the pounds.  Dont change how much you eat just change what you eat the right food raise metabolism burns off tyer bulges quicker.

Power Up With Animal Protein And Fiber Carb Blockers
Best Fat Burning Foods For Breakfast

Bring On The Bacon And Eggs
Fat Burning In Relation To Protein

The more sugar delivered to the fats cells will slow down metabolic rate making it harder to burn off.   Fast absorbing sugar trap carb blocker food spreads on pounds understanding the ratings will help you mobilize this hormone e.g. Eggs are your waist’s best friend they are very high in protein but very low in carbs but very high in fat. Eating protein and fats in your diet are neutral and do not trigger insulin in the way carbohydrates spike insulin. Fats in your diet allows you to feel fuller longer so you are not as hungry to snack eat between meals to trigger insulin and food craving.

When basing your goals on a weight loss diet by counting the calories model you will only be looking at the fat calories and avoid looking at the protein part of it. Or if you are basing your goals on a protein diet you will ignore other food sources to lose weight in addition you will also ignore what too much protein can do to the liver. Especially as you get older your liver does not digest protein efficiently and if it is damaged the liver will become dysfunctional and it wont work properly to digest the protein. The liver also works with the thyroid which will also effect how the thyroid works with the live. 


Hardcore Fat Burning
What Is Protein

In nature very few things come in pure protein protein is a combination of protein carbohydrates and fats. Fats in animal protein is neutral to insulin and does not spike the hormone to respond to fats. 

So consuming the egg is only part of a better and healthier food source for breakfast. Eggs are not so high in protein only around 29% but are very high in fat at 69% but they are low in carbs at about 2%.  Because they only contain 2% in carbs will help you lose weight when  fat are in the the food you dont have to necessarily worry about this because fat is neutral  it does not spike insulin. But you do need to worry about fats in relation to what id does to the liver.  Too much fats can irritate and clog up the liver i.e when eating too many nuts they are high in fats and irritates the gall bladder. 

To counter eating too much fat we should eat more greens in the diet and you can get away with eating fat this includes bacon and fats and protein food. Animal protein will help you burn fats off it is 59% protein but it is still 41% in fats but zero carbs eating small amounts 3oz to 6oz of animal protein in each meal. Consume plenty carb fiber vegetables in the meal to counteract eating more fats in your diet also to clean out the fats. If you are burning fats you must consume lots of vegetables because all the fats that you are burning off gets stuck into the liver you will end up with a fatty liver because of too much protein. Eating small amounts of fish in your diet will be ok and it will not put stress on the liver or pancreas and also give you some hardcore best fat burning foods for breakfast. 

So we need to single out carbohydrates if you want to be burning off fats we need to keep carbohydrates on the low side NOT all carbs just the ones that turn into sugar too fast. Even though vegetables are almost carbohydrates they are also very high in fiber so are very low in sugar they dont turn into fat and they dont turn into sugar. On the other hand grains are a different type of vegetable and that they turn into sugar very fast making this foods very high in carbohydrates. Grains are 15% protein carbs are 75% and fats are 4% making this a very high carbohydrate food.

Muscle Belly Care 
Insulin Sugar And Glucose 

So having foods which are a bit higher in protein and particular carbohydrates which dont break down into sugar very easily will counter act the fats and flush things out of the liver keeping it healthy. 

The whole concept of high calories high fats because it does not effect insulin which is the real hormone to making you add on the pounds. If you cut your fats out you dont really seem to lose weight loss because if you are eating the wrong type of carbs that spikes insulin you will not trigger the fat burning hormone. Sugar grows belly fats stomachs it is a form of the simple carbohydrate even complex carbohydrates impact insulin but to a lessor degree. Nonetheless always will impact insulin but at a far slower pace – all carbohydrates are broken down into their simple sugary form. To accelerate weight loss you need to get rid of sneaky stimulating insulin carbohydrates (hidden) sugars. 

Snacking on The Wrong Carbs
Hidden Sugars

Too many carbs when trying to lose weight beans are always cooked this kills enzymes even though they have higher protein than nuts and very low in fat. But because the carbohydrate in beans are refined will turn into sugar very fast. These processed foods are not going to really help your weight loss if your metabolism is slow or low.  If you are young and your metabolism is high you can get away with it but all of these carbohydrates as you get older will effect you losing weight. A little of the wrong foods can nullify a lot of good things. Refined beans processed foods there are many metabolism variables and these refined foods are high in sugar carbohydrates and will slow your weight loss down.

Fish And Food
93% = Protein 
7% Fats
Carbohydrates 0%

Fish is very good for you health wise and has a huge ability to burning off fats there is 93% protein and 7% fats and 0% carbohydrates this means consuming this food will not spike blood sugars when broken down and wont produce insulin. Excess body weight becomes very slow to take off and rid flabby stubborn fat from your waist stomach butt and thighs becomes very difficult. Insulin is great for building muscle but not for fat loss insulin stops fat break-down once these fat stores are laid down it is hard to get rid of leading to stored body fat and rapid weight gain.

Consuming fish in your meals is a very good fat burner and raises metabolsim to lose weight making this food one of the best fat burning foods for breakfast. Fish protein sea food are good to lower stress on the liver but you cannot just live too much on just eating protein it will bog down the liver ending up with fatty liver disease. This is why you must consume plenty of vegetables to clean and flush things out too much fats and protein can harm the liver if you are not eating enough vegetable. 

Consuming Kale as one of your top fiber carbohydrate vegetables has 16% more protein than nuts humus and grains. It is a high carbohydrate food but does not turn into sugar very fast it is a low glycaemic index food because of the high fiber present.  It is also 15% in fats they are a health fat with omega 3 and omega 6 so very low in fat and extremely high in nutrients. Just breaking it down will take a lot of energy and you will also burn off fats this makes kale a perfect best fat burning foods for breakfast.

How Much Protein
The Mighty Egg Zaps Sugar Glut
best fat burning foods for breakfast

The goal of an animal protein fats and fiber lifestyle is to avoid raising insulin this means more protein and fats and fiber very low carbohydrate foods in your diet. Fats form the basis of every meal and can actually help you with weight loss it is just a matter of choosing the right fats. Essential fats include omega 3 and omega 6 found in oily fish sardines salmon trout herring or mackerel and can be eaten any time of the day breakfast lunch or diner. 

Best Fats Found In
Their Whole State

Sources of fats if you are eating high levels of animal fats it is better to choose organic meats which are exposed to lower levels of chemicals during their life cycle potentially have lower levels of toxins in their system. When choosing foods like bacon purchase brands that dont have nitrates the substance used in processed meats. Eat fats from a variety of sources containing both saturated and unsaturated fats on the meat dont have to choose the lean protein foods remember fats are neutral to insulin and makes you feel fuller longs after the meal.

The best fats are found in their whole state rather than being processed out of food. E.g olives are better than olive oil sesame seeds are better than sesame oil. And keeping to the natural ‘whole food’ theme is always preferred a small amount of butter to any amount of margarine.   

Protein And Starch
What Is Starch

So when you consume protein dont be afraid of having the whole food together as one unit or more fat in your burger meat. Also dont go for the lean protein foods such as skinless meats or chicken burgers because that is not the problem. The problem is when you combine starches with sugars. Starch is basically a bunch of molecules (glucose) stuck together which is basically concentrated sugar it breaks down into the bloodstream a little slower compared to sugar in candy but still raises insulin. 

When you combine a protein and a sugar or protein plus starch which is basically sugar it will give you an exaggerated spike in insulin (starch is sugar in disguise hidden sugar). More so if you ate those food separately this means you do not want to consume animal protein with sugar and starches. 

Example: Of Exaggerated Spikes In Insulin

Meat and potatoes 
Burger and bun with ketchup
Meat and rice
Burger and fries 
Fish and chip

It is not recommended but if you are going to consume starches dont add it with animal protein either consume it by itself because starches are hidden sugars. Your are trying to eliminate the bad effects of insulin to get healthy to lose weight you must avoid eating animal protein with high carbohydrates starches and sugars .

Always Go For Fattier Protein
The Set Point Is The Metabolism Point

Best fat burner foods to consuming animal protein fats fish butter eggs and dairy with vegetable fiber carbohydrates you will feel more satisfied having to go longer without having to eat because when you dont eat the insulin is not produced.  The blood sugars are better balanced your metabolism becomes more efficient and at a more settled set point. Consuming animal protein which has a little extra fat on will also help you better with weight loss instead of the lean protein foods which makes you feel hungry to soon after you have ate. 

So when you consume a salad and a lean protein food such as steak with no fats on it you get very hungry very soon after and you are left starving because you had no fats in your meal. This leads you to food cravings and more snacking eat more foods this spikes insulin. Every time you eat food the insulin hormone is produced so dont consume lean protein foods without the extra fats on the food.

Fattier Protein vs The Lean Protein  

It is not necessary to worry about fats if you want to burn off fats in your diet is neutral and it does not raise insulin. But you do need to worry about carbohydrates in your meals you must eat fiber carbohydrate not sugar carbohydrates when you are consuming animal protein fats and fiber weight loss diet.  When your body gets used to utilizing fat for fuel as an alternative fuel source  instead of carbs (sugars) and you have striked a balance with the fattier protein and not the lean protein foods sources your body becomes very efficient to emulsifying fat.  Fats are not absorbed fast unlike carbohydrates they have a process and it takes a lot of energy (calories) to actually burn off fat once fats are burned off the weight stays off.

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