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Top Best Protein Fat And Fiber Foods 
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Top Animal Protein Fats And Fiber Foods

Best Weight Loss Burn Off Fats Fast






Lose Weight Improve Metabolism Rate 
Stop The Sugar Glut

Top important best fiber protein and fats in your diet will burn off fat fast and use up more energy for quicker weight loss. Insulin is the hormone that controls your blood sugar too much blood sugars in your blood stream makes you feel tired lacking clarity of focus adding extra pounds on to your body slows metabolism creates hunger and food cravings. It can also cause diabetes you can also suffer from insulin resistance which effects fat metabolism.  From a weight loss point of view insulin is the primary sugar regulator of the sugar in carbohydrates foods.

When you see people with too much belly fat you can be sure that the person has too much insulin when insulin goes up a person gains weight when insulin goes down a person loses weight. Insulin slows metabolism and blocks any chance to burning off fat. If your metabolism is slow to losing weight avoid refined processed carbohydrate foods which break down into sugar (glucose) very fast.  Dont change how much you eat just change what you eat foods raise metabolism burn off body bulges quicker.

No More Overloading
On Glucose Fructose Sucrose



Sneaky Hidden Sugars
Grows Belly Fats Bulge

Fat Burning is not the same as fat loss burning fat is a process where your metabolism uses energy from the foods you eat. Insulin regulates sugar in carbohydrates foods eating these foods your body will respond to the insulin hormone to make more sugar When the carbohydrate has broken down into the blood stream it will be converted to glucose which is more sugar. This in turn slows down metabolism and the glucose will head straight to the fat cells to be stored as fat. The insulin hormone blocks any chance of losing weight because insulin is the hormone that makes you gain weight the fat storage hormone are converted sugars and starches to (glucose) making more sugar stored as fats.

This converted sugar (glucose) is stored in the fat and muscles cells as glycogen these fats stored as glycogen must be must be depleted out of the body first. Once the glycogen stored fats become nil then can your weight loss goal begin.  If you control your insulin by avoiding hidden sugars you will have your foot on the break pedal of your body’s fat storage mechanism. It is not possible to lose fourteen  fat in two weeks it is only possible to lose 2 lbs to 3 lbs of pure fat in the first weeks or so without resorting to starvation or dangerous exhaustive exercise.

Much of the weight comes off your body will be water retention this is from consuming many years of dietary foods of sugars and starches.  These are processed and refined foods in your diet adding pounds and inches to your belly so the strategy is to avoid hidden sugars in your diet for fourteen days to improve glucose control bring balance to your diet and improve metabolism rate. These are not diet foods they are just every day foods free form hidden sugars. 

To get into eating the top carb blocker foods you wont need to diet or even do any physical exercise because if you choose the right fats protein fiber foods it will naturally put you streets ahead and get the better of the sugar glut.  Sugar slows metabolism it is the Lex Luther of refined and processed foods and sugar addiction causes weight loss problems increase risk of heart disease cancer and diabetes. Sugar + insulin contributes to premature ageing it breaks down into your blood stream very fast and raises insulin produced from the pancreas heading straight to the fat cells storing more all round belly fat bulge. If your metabolism is slow to metabolize into the best energy source i.efood’ and what you eat is the common denominator to either burning off fats or not losing weight. 

Important best fiber protein in your diet are unprocessed unrefined and are the top food sources for losing weight. Carbohydrate foods are the main source of glucose (sugar) and is used for your body’s energy. Carbohydrates are broken down into three categories:- fibers starch and sugar. Carbohydrates control insulin and insulin controls fat storage insulin is a sugar and sugar grows all round belly bulges. Glucose metabolism is insulin-dependant the best way to burning off fats is by removing high sugar carbs from your diet to improve a slow metabolism you will begin to break down your body’s insulin dependency and into eating more rip fat low carb foods to ensure weight loss

Improve Metabolic Rate
Remove Carbohydrates From Your Diet

Torch The Fat Sugar Trap
Get Into Ripped Fat 

Fat carb blocker foods means adding more fats into your diet of the right type they are your friend it is the top best protein fat and fiber foods  to combat all over belly bulge and must come from animal grass fed and organic plant based food sources. The foods you eat must also be unprocessed unrefined and very low sugar vegetable carbohydrates which will provide the ideal source of dietary fiber carbohydrate food.  The goal is to avoid raising insulin introducing more fats in your diet means more fats and protein foods meat fish butter and eggs adding animal protein to your meals increases the amount of antioxidants and beta carotene and fat-soluble vitamin  A + E. To get into top rip fats weight loss and increase metabolism rate it must come from unsaturated and saturated fats found in their whole food natural state this means NOT from their processed  or refined derivatives’.

You must eat good quality fats from a variety of grass fed animal protein or organic sources of red meat fish chicken turkey containing both saturated and unsaturated fats to ensure you get a good mix of the two types; unlike meat and fish plant based proteins do not contain fats. Much  more of the proteins we eat are plant based proteins of grains beans and vegetables giving us a good balance of dietary fibers. Increasing dietary fibers with moderate amounts of fats and protein foods with fiber carbohydrate vegetables will improve metabolism rate into a low carb journey to losing weight for good. In relation to protein and fats in their whole state do not spike insulin the hormone that makes all over body fats instead responds to triggers of the glucagon fat burning hormone burning off fats fast and fast weight loss.    




Carb Foods And Weight Loss
Power Up With Protein Fats and Fiber

The mighty egg defeats belly fat bulge eggs are one of your waist’s best ripped fat weight loss foods low on the scale for carbohydrates and high in fat. Eating protein and fats in their whole state can actually help you with weight loss it is just a matter of choosing the right fats. Fats in protein are neutral and do not trigger insulin in the way carbohydrates spike insulin. In fact protein and fats in your diet responds to the top core fat burning hormone a better fuel energy source and for for weight loss.  Fat and protein foods allows you to feel fuller longer you are not as hungry to snack and eat between meals or trigger insulin. In relation to losing weight eating more fats and protein foods in their whole state with very low carb vegetables will break down the fats to use a healthier better energy source.

Your body get used to utilizing fats for fuel instead of sugar carbohydrates your body becomes very efficient and yield enough so your body utilizes the fat as it’s main energy source. Your body naturally adapts to having very low sugar levels improves metabolism and natural ripped fat weight loss. It is important to remember you must not consume sugar when you combine a protein + sugar or protein + starch which is basically sugar (starch is sugar in disguise hidden sugars) this will give you an exaggerated spike in insulin. This means you do not want to consume an animal protein with sugar and starches  e.g. Beef Burger in a bun or meat and potatoes.

 An Exaggerated Insulin Spike
Protein With Starch Wont Burn Off Fat

By increasing dietary fats and fiber and consuming moderate amounts of protein red meats burgers fish chicken turkey and other varieties of animal protein with unlimited amounts of very low carb vegetables sources burns off fat fast.  Having good quality fats in the protein food and dietary fiber  this food combination wont effect insulin. Carb fiber foods in their whole state rather than their processed refined derivatives eaten together as one unit triggers the fat burning metabolism. When losing weight you must have nil sugar carbohydrates these are plenty green vegetables containing plenty fiber eating unlimited low carb vegetables are the best ripped fat weight loss food combinations of protein fats and fiber.

Improve metabolic rate by eliminating the bad effects of insulin avoid eating starch and sugar carbohydrates with animal protein fats and protein plant based food sources this will give you a slow metabolism rate and you will not burn off fats :-

Life With More Bite

Protein is a combination of protein carbohydrates and fats protein triggers fat burning choosing good quality protein meats with good quality fats and low sugar vegetables of dietary fiber is not only healthier but sure to getting you into the top low carbs weight loss ladder.

Slows Metabolism Food List  

  • Meat and PotatoesPotatoes contain starches = starch is a high sugar carbohydrate and is basically concentrated sugar giving you an exaggerated spike in insulin.
  • Burger and bun with ketchup.
  • Meat and Rice.
  • Burger and Fries
  • Fish and Chips 



Will Your Middle End Up A Wodge Of Fat  

Carbohydrates are the body’s primary fuel source if you consume less white bread, pasta, white potatoes white rice foods you will be streets ahead with your own accelerated fat burning mechanism stripping down and rip fats to it’s core. Carbohydrate foods of the wrong type are known as fast carbohydrates which breakdown in the body too quick and will increase blood sugar levels (glucose) triggering the body to stores fats and create food cravings. Consuming protein fats and fiber together are the best ripped fat weight loss foods it counteracts the negative effect of raising insulin improved metabolism rate that is sure to burn off fat fast. Consuming protein fats and fiber as one unit are top food combinations because these three sources of foods in combination trigger fat burning that is sure to rip burn fats and lose weight.  

Staying with this combinations of food sources animal protein fats and fiber in their whole state is the core to rip fat triggering fat burning process to go after it’s own fats mobilizing energy known as intermittent fasting. The body starts using ketones as it’s only energy source utilizing it’s primary fuel source instead of sugar this is why sugars and refined carbs are really bad. Converting fats into ketones is much more healthier and also a much more sustainable energy source losing weight as you eat. 



Best Breakfast For Slow Metabolism

Bring On The Bacon And Eggs

All foods break down into sugar (glucose) into the blood stream at a rate of which is determined whether it will end up a wodge of fat around your middle eating fat does not make you fat. Sugar carbohydrate have hidden sugars that spike insulin this is the hormone that makes you fat. Insulin is the common denominator for many health problems that goes beyond how weight is lost and to burn fat fast. To get into ripped fat carb blocker foods also to deplete insulin stored fat stay clear off  refined processed foods e.g. white bread, white pasta, white rice white potatoes and constant snacking on high sugar food and sugar sweetened beverages. It is better to bring on bacon and eggs.

White Foods Means The Fiber Has Gone
Case Of Potatoes No Fiber In The First Place

Stop The Daily Drip Feed of Sugar

White foods mean that the fiber has gone out of the food and in the case of potatoes the fiber was never there in the first place. Sugars and refined processed foods are found in cakes, biscuits and fizzy drinks these are high sugar carbohydrate foods with added sugars such as sucrose fructose and glucose.

Added sugars will foil any chance to burn off fat or improve your metabolic rate you will not lose weight. To measure fat loss and get the best way to burn fat off stomach can be controlled by eating the right amount of sugar carbohydrates to eat with protein animal fat and plant based protein sources. The combination of the foods will maximise weight loss these foods are known as low carbs food. To keep your body burning fat is a case of using an alternative fuel source for energy other than carbohydrate food sources for energy. This alternative energy source is called ketones it converts the body to utilize it’s own fat it’s goal is to avoid triggering insulin. By entering into the low carb journey diet drives up an efficient metabolsim to release the glucagon hormone after the body has depleted (glucose) sugar insulin fat stores. A healthier efficient metabolism can tap into the body’s fat reserves to convert running on ketones a healthier source of energy the best keto and glucose meter life style


 Improve Metabolism Rate
The Low
Carbs Journey

ripped fat weight loss

Simple carbohydrates are sugars fructose sucrose and glucose when added to processed food become refined sugars. These artificial sugars are added in processed foods which have undergone a manufacturing process and are the Lex  Luther worst of the carbohydrate food.  These food products are called white foods and also contain dangerous chemicals that spike blood sugar levels to trigger insulin such foods are white flour pastries pies cakes packaged cereals sweets table sugar syrups and soft drinks biscuits white toast and more.

Glucose is naturally present in our blood stream and consuming more glucose than we need stimulates insulin release triggering energy storage in the bloodstream and worse weight gain. In nature glucose without fructose is called starch once processed into food becomes a refined starch sweetener like table sugar and used as a high fructose syrup derived from corn syrup.


Starch Is Basically Sugar 

Complex carbohydrates are starches broken down into glucose naturally found in whole foods whole grain, vegetables and some fruit these are brown foods these are unrefined and unprocessed. Whole foods break down into sugar much slower than their processed derivatives and will improve metabolism rate.  Brown foods are beans lentils whole grain nuts legumes whole fruit and vegetables which are low in carbs.

Fruits are inherent of fiber which mitigates most of the negative effects of fructose in fruit slowing down the glucose absorption in the bloodstream importantly reducing the amount of insulin released. Fructose in fruit make up the solid part of the fruit when you consume both the fruit and fiber in it’s natural state together as nature intended. On the glycaemic index scale carbs with fiber content in fruit slows the absorption of sugar and from a calorie/insulin perspective leads to a smaller insulin spike keep fruit in your diet, however soda’s and fruit juices are high sugar derivatives spoiling any effort to improve metabolism rate and burn off fat.

Sugar High Fixes Wont Lose Weight
Break Free Of Carb Cravings Addiction  

Simple carbohydrates are simply converted in to energy more quickly than complex carbohydrates a bowl of porridge will keep you going for longer than a bowl of sugary cereal.  Sugars, white foods, refined and processed foods will give you a quick fix of energy initiating a spike in blood sugar levels which will raise insulin slowing metabolism rate you will not lose weight. Raised insulin levels are great for building muscle but not if your goal is to improve metabolism rate and ultimately lose weight lose unwanted pounds burn fats off stomach.


Sugar Busters
Bananas Do Cut It

When we want something sweet we think of biscuits cakes and milk chocolate we think that a peach pear or banana wont cut it. The key is to have delicious alternatives and break the habit of the daily drip feed of sugar by always reaching for chocolate or biscuits. You can have them occasionally but not to need them for a temporary fix when you can go for the least processed sugars:-

Only Losing Sugar
Control The Sugar Glut Low Carb Food

All successful diets in history restricts sugar to any weight loss objectives. Such foods are called simple carbohydrates because they break down sugar very fast and can be stored as fat if you have a slow metabolic rate. On the other hand there are brown foods also named complex carbohydrates (starch) beans lentils whole grain nuts and other legumes which are slow at breaking down in the blood stream because they also contain fiber and dont trigger a spike in insulin.  These foods become part of the carb fat blocker foods because they contain fiber in the food. When fiber forms part of the starch carbohydrate food it slows the break down of sugar in the blood stream giving a slower insulin response putting this combination of foods as a top rip fat weight loss food fast metabolism food source.  These are whole foods whole fruits whole vegetables eating the real stuff  that have not been processed unlike their processed derivatives. Breaking down slow release sugar carbs eating fat and protein together will help you burn off fat fast in your weight loss goals   

  • Berries
  • Bananas
  • Peaches 
  • Pears
  • Cherries 
  • Dates 
  • Figs
  • Melon
  • Dark Chocolate
Best Keto Food Combinations
Get Into Ketogen Rip The Fat
Top Rip Fat Weight Loss Foods

Added sugars in food are baked goods, cookies and cereal, raw sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, fructose and sucrose soda’s and fruit juice concentrate. Consuming fast-release sugar carbohydrates together with animal protein and fat will stop you losing weight and will never get you into a state of ketosis a keto plan to weight loss.  Understanding Ketosis is a state of fat burning making ketones as an alternative fuel source to burn off fat fast giving your body way more energy than glucose. Athletes can way out perform in ketosis than on carbo loading.

Pinch The Inch Ripped Fat Burner
– Carb Fat Sugar Blocker

You could be eating less fat in food but still not take off weight this is because you are just losing sugar because you are eating high sugar carbohydrate foods. When eating foods that slow metabolism (sugars) in their refined state, they upset our blood sugar balance (glucose) and convert food into energy too quickly. By producing too much glucose too quickly the excess fat gets stored slowing down metabolism you will not burn off fat.  Bottom line simple carbohydrates in food turn into sugar fast making it difficult to take off weight and slows down metabolic rate.

Putting Your Foot On The Breaks
Slow Metabolism Foods

On the other hand complex carbohydrates are not just about brown rice and lentils they include dietary fiber this means they are slower to break down into sugar.

Keeping you sustained fuller longer throughout the day to control food cravings and better rip burn fat to burn off fat fast and losing weight. Combine dietary fiber with protein and fat food acts out as a natural weight loss carb fat blocker unlike carbohydrates protein and fats fiber is not digested. Dietary fiber prevents sugar being digested too quickly it eases the passage of food through the gut and does not raise insulin.

Dietary fiber in foods include (whole grains) oats, barley, bulgar wheat, bananas, leafy vegetables, root vegetables. Whole foods also known as brown foods are unrefined unprocessed low carbohydrate source eaten together with protein and fat have a slower sugar release and are top ripped fat carb blocker foods that speed metabolsim because they have not been processed.  Anything whole food, unrefined unprocessed, breaks down sugar slower when eaten with animal protein fat and fiber foods that improves a slow metabolism which is better to burn off fat fast .





Foods Improve Metabolism
Carbs And Insulin

Slow Release

Main source of dietary fiber are fruit and vegetables, nuts, beans and whole grain better to lose weight and vitamins for belly bulge better for getting into ripped weight loss.

Grains are a different type of vegetable they are a complex carbohydrate unrefined starchy food that release sugar into the blood stream slower.

The difference being simple sugar carbohydrates break down into sugar very fast which increases insulin and stores of fat making it difficult to burn fat and weight loss. Stopping any chance of you getting into a rip fat weight loss and lose the last inch of belly fat the place you really want to be.



Best Ripped Fat Weight Loss Improve Metabolism 

Foods boost metabolism eating more whole food vegetable carbs in your diet will help burn body fat because they are very low in sugar and will not spike insulin. Eating vegetable carbs also mimic a natural fat blocker anti suppressant and will accelerate metabolism rate driving up a powerful fat burning hormone called glucagon to take off weight fast. A carbohydrate source (potatoes) with a high protein source of fats (e.g. nut, seeds, oily fish) will slow down metabolism because potatoes contain mostly starch which breaks-down into sugar very fast. This will put the breaks on to burning fat and to take off weight.

Get Into Ripped Fat Lose Weight Forever

STOP FAT In It’s track
Foods Boost Metabolism

Best Protein Fat And Fiber Foods Carbohydrates

  • Foods boost metabolism and take off weight strip down body fat eat high protein sources of fish and good quality animal protein saturated and unsaturated
  • Stay fuller longer include complex carbohydrates of fiber whole foods and low carb fruits and root vegetables brown rice and barley these foods boost metabolism. Because whole grain food take longer to burn and converts into energy slower excess fats does not get stored in the fat cells.  
  • Eating in combination vegetable low carbohydrate source animal protein and fats are top ripped fat carb blocker foods which will get you in to some serious hardcore fat burning.
  • Shedding pounds is just a case of eating the right food combinations of carbohydrates and fat through your diet with 3 oz to 6 oz of protein.
  • Consume less sugar and starch carbohydrate foods even though vegetables are also  a carb fat blocker food they do not break down into sugar if at all and are foods improving metabolism rate.
  • If you are really serious about weight loss find out about the relationship between carbohydrate foods protein and fat and glycaemic food index table.

ripped fat weight loss

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The GI In Potatoes

Starches in foods are also called complex carbohydrates naturally found in whole grains leafy vegetables  barley wheat brown rice oats sweet potatoes bananas. When our bodies convert food into energy breaking down sugar in our blood stream too quickly we produce too much and the excess gets stored. Complex carbs convert into energy much slower than their simple carbohydrate counterpart this is why a bowl of porridge oats will keep you going far longer than a bowl of sugary cereal. 

Potatoes Not So Sweet Starch Is Sugar In Disguise 

Starch is made up of long strings of glucose and glucose is associated with sweetness, although potatoes are not considered as sweet they are almost all starch. Therefore in the case of white potatoes the glucose response is very high on the glycaemic index scale. The starch in the potato is rapidly digested which has a high impact on blood sugars. In potatoes on the glycaemic index scale have a higher score than sucrose (general table sugar) this is because sucrose is a two sugar molecule.  Sucrose is made up of both glucose and fructose and processed differently in your body fructose does not affect your blood sugar.


Ketone Into Shape Burn Fat Fast
The Mighty Egg Defeats Belly Bulge

The goal of ketosis is to avoid raising insulin this means more protein foods in your diet meat fish butter eggs most animal sources of protein and fats top carb blocker foods. When your body is in ketosis you dont have to necessary worry about fats if you want to burn off.  Fat in your diet is neutral and it does not raise insulin. When your body gets used to utilizing fat for fuel instead of carbs your body becomes very efficient to emulsifying fat.  Fats are not absorbed fast unlike carbohydrates they have a process and it takes a lot of energy (calories) to actually burn off fat once fats are burned off the weight stays off. 

Running On Ketones
Is Much Healthier Weight Loss
Burn Off Fat Fast


To eliminate the bad effects of insulin and to burn off weight loss fast you must avoid eating animal protein foods with starches and sugar.  e.g  Exaggerated Spikes In Insulin Foods To Avoid:-

  • Meat and Potatoes
  • Burger and Bun with Ketchup
  • Meat and Rice
  • Burger and Fries
  • Fish and Chips

In ketosis when you consume protein foods dont go for the lean meats such as skinless chicken or burgers because this is not the problem.  The problem is when you combine animal protein with starches and sugars. Dont be afraid of having the whole food together as one unit or more fat in your burger meat.  When you consume a big salad and lean steak with no fat you get hungry very soon after because you had no fat in your meal fat makes you feel fuller longer.

All foods you eat raise insulin but eating very low carbs and moderate portions of protein with a higher fat content and unlimited vegetables to offset too much protein and fat will get you into a ketogenic state to start eating your own fat effectively losing weight as you eat.  When you combine a protein with starches which is basically sugar (hidden sugar) it will give you an exaggerated spike in INSULIN.  

  • Stop The Daily Drip Feed of Sugar
  • Top Ripped Fat Carb Blocker Foods
  • Eat Your Own Fat
  • Feel Fuller Longer
  • Lose Weight


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