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Carbohydrates And Blood Sugar Control
Fats For Fuel

How to Blood Sugar Control

Carbohydrates are the body’s primary fuel source if you consume less white bread, pasta, white potatoes white rice foods you will be streets ahead with your own accelerated metabolism fat burning mechanism stripping down rip fats to it’s core. Carbohydrate foods of the wrong type are known as simple carbohydrates are breakdown in the blood stream too quick this aggravates blood sugar levels (glucose) spikes insulin heading straight to the body’s fats cells to store fats.

Keeping An Eye Out 
For The Sugar Glut Trap

There are three categories to carbohydrate foods = sugars + starches + fiber. 

Refined carbohydrates means lots of insulin it is a never ending story of food cravings of the daily drip feeding habit of sugar addiction. When we eat sugars in their refined processed state they can often upset the blood sugar balance causing a quick high followed by a deeper low; When we convert carbohydrate food too quickly we produce too much sugars + starches in the food breaks down into glucose to be released into the blood stream. When blood sugars rise the pancreas responds to producing the insulin hormone it then escorts glucose out of the blood cells then blood sugar levels start to drop.

Carbohydrates And Blood Sugar Control:-

Once glucose has been delivered to the cells – three things can happen:-

  • It can be used immediately as energy
  • It can be converted into a form of glucose known as glycogen to be stored in the liver also muscles to be used for later use
  • Or it can be stored automatically as fat if the glycogen stores are already full 

Glucose is insulin-dependent the aim here is to understand how the carbohydrates (sugar + starches) in the food are broken down into glucose. 

Glucose Is Insulin-Dependent

The Insulin hormone is a transporter for glucose the amount of glucose and insulin in our blood stream depends on when or what we eat as well as how much of it. The rise and fall of blood – sugars is determined by how we maintain blood sugar balance with the rights amounts of insulin not too much not too little are the right carbohydrates and blood sugar control. 

Unhealthy people have unknowingly created a set of circumstances which has led your body to lose this balancing act by eating in an unbalanced way.  Your body’s sensitive mechanism in keeping blood sugars balanced cannot cope with this daily onslaught of sugar fast release carbohydrates.

‘Sugar Highs’ And Lows or ‘Sugar Crash’
Daily Drip Feed Sugar Onslaught

This daily sugar onslaught roller coaster of blood sugar levels leads to out of control sugar + carb cravings setting the stage for sugar addiction also weight loss problems. Sugar carbohydrates are also categorised as white foods (simple carbs) because after they are consumed they elevate blood sugar levels this means lots of insulin the hormone that really makes you a bigger fatter over size  surplus weight.


When you eat sugary foods like biscuits cakes chocolates sweets and soft drinks blood sugar levels rise very rapidly these are called sugar highs. It is not just sugary foods (simple carbohydrates) but also white bread refined cereals white pasta white rice have a similar effect in that the body quickly converts them into glucose too fast. 

As a result of high blood sugar levels makes over works the pancreas where the insulin hormone is produces large amounts of insulin in order to get the glucose out of the blood stream as quickly as possible. As a result leads to a sugar high or a sugar crash.  Making you feel tired low unable to concentrate crave more for sugar or carbohydrates to perk you up taking your foot off the break leads to carbohydrates and blood sugar control way out of control.

Furthermore high insulin levels are a contributing factor to a major health issue; every time you eat sugar or any fast release carbohydrate your blood sugar levels spikes consequently  more and more insulin needs to be produce to get the glucose out of your blood into it’s cells.  Requiring the pancreas to work extra hard to be able to handle all the sugar glut over time your cells may start to become resistant and stops opening up to let glucose in.  I response to this the pancreas overworks to produce more insulin resulting in a condition called insulin resistance.

Best Foods To Burn Fat Quicker
Carbohydrate And Blood Sugar Control

Foods containing starch and fiber are complex carbs better for blood sugar control because they are broken down into the blood stream at much slower degree converted the same way into sugar (glucose). But unlike simple carbohydrates these are better complex carbohydrates and blood sugar control foods because of the fiber in the food converts into sugar (glucose) allowing the break down at a much slower rate. These slower carbs are contained with fiber vegetable carbohydrates have very little sugar if any and are the best for fat burning metabolism. All foods consumed are going to be broken down into sugar (glucose) in the body eventually but white foods (simple carbohydrates) especially are the wrong carbohydrates you should look out for. 

Insulin Inhibits Fat Burning

Stop The Daily Drip Feed Addiction
Stay off Sugar Highs

Consuming protein fats and fiber together at each meal are the best top 50 fat burning rip fats foods burn fat quicker because they do not have a negative effect to spike insulin. Consuming protein fats with fiber as one unit are top food combinations because these three sources  triggers the fat burning hormone that is sure to lose weight.  Fat burning is not the same as losing weight fat burning is a process of two hormones working together to get your metabolism working more efficiently to actively metabolize throughout the day.

To get your metabolism to work more efficiently to burn off fats your metabolsim shunts sugars to the muscle as energy to burn off because muscle is more metabolically active throughout the day.  If you have a less metabolically active metabolism there is more of a chance adding on extra weight because too much insulin also shunts sugars to the stored fat cells piling on more fat to your body.  

White foods mean that the fiber has gone out of the food in the case of potatoes the fiber was never there in the first place. Sugars in refined processed foods are found in cakes, biscuits fizzy drinks these are high sugar carbohydrate foods with added sugars such as sucrose fructose + glucose.

Fats in protein foods are neutral they do not spike insulin: Fats do not fully dissolve in the body they can only emulsify into small pieces reforming into a useable fat so it can be used again to yield as energy on the body. Once they have been metabolised they are unleashed in the blood stream which can be used as energy or for storage. Combining more rip fats foods burn fat quicker with your meals raises a speedier metabolism to help you lose weight more efficiently.  For those wanting to shed those excess pounds off body weight eat a variable combination of fats with protein or plant based protein food sources with plenty fiber vegetable carbohydrates in your daily meals plan.  The combination of top ripped fat weight loss food sources will help kick start a healthy boosting metabolism to control food hunger cravings.  The rules are simple even if you suffer from a slow metabolism you can have both fats + muscle you dont have to be a top ripped belly muscle builder to get ripped around your muscle.

Power Foods Fat Burning
Fight Battle Of The Bulge Pooch
Fast Metabolism Tips

Boost Your Load
Fat Metabolism Food  

Taking supplements will only work in combination with more important weight loss strategies such as to include fat burner foods to help you get lean and ripped.  It’s good to gradually lose excess pounds all over weight through eating a combination of vegetable low sugar carbohydrates to rip your muscle belly.  Protein + fat with plenty fiber are very important food in your daily diet so that after you have eaten will break down into the blood stream without causing blood sugars to rise driving up a more efficient metabolic rate. The fats and fiber in the food will also keep you feeling fuller longer throughout the day suppressing food cravings.  These three super food sources in your diet will trigger fat burning glucagon hormone causing reduced appetite shed unwanted pounds and flatten stomach. 

carbohydrates and blood sugar control Adding more protein and fats to every meal saturated and unsaturated fats with plenty rip burn fat burner fiber carbohydrates is sure to burn fat quicker  because the protein in the food will produce the fat burning hormone glucagon. The glucagon hormone causes fat burning and reduced appetite releasing insulin out of the body;

Firstly the glucagon hormone is produced in the gut it responds to protein in the food which triggers fat burning it unlocks energy from fat cells stored as glycogen and depletes insulin. Secondly rip fats foods burn fat quicker are also saturated unsaturated fats in their whole foods sources fats are neutral and do not spike insulin so will not effect blood sugar imbalances.  The glucagon fat burning  hormone does the opposite to the insulin hormone it causes intermittent fasting a natural fat metabolism because of the protein and fats with fiber combination of three super food sources to drive up a fast metabolic rate a high in fiber diet can help kick start support many popular weight loss programs in the market place today.

Eat More Protein Burn More Fats
Rip Fats Burn Off Fat Quicker

Many put weight gain and not losing weight down to the fact that their metabolism is slow but this is not true. It is true that if you have a slow metabolism rate it is easier to gain weight. We now know measuring weight loss using calories is not controlled by how many calories we burn off through exercise. The real reason for weight gain and having a wodge of belly flab around the middle is from years and years of eating simple carbohydrate foods associated with hidden sugars, stored fat from refined and processed foods and eating too much of it.

Dont Have To Count Calories
Weight Loss On Protein And Fats

Traditionally mainstream advice taught us that sugar was the primary fuel source while fat is secondary fuel source. We are now finding out that fat can be a healthier and more sustainable alternative  food source of energy feeling fuller longer. You dont have to count calories when basing a weight loss diet on protein and fats and plenty vegetables fiber carbohydrates. It is the ideal source for rip burner foods with dietary fiber consume 3oz to 6oz of protein and fats of either fish chicken turkey or red meat at each meal. Or plant base protein and fat source of grain beans vegetable nuts this means you dont have to eat animal products to get protein.

Combination of fats and protein with plenty fiber carb vegetables will help your burn fats quicker in your weight loss goal. It is better to single out sugar starch carbohydrates and glycaemic index food the science of the naturally occurring hormone called “insulin”. Mastering this knowledge that the insulin hormone controls not only your blood sugar but also your body’s ability to metabolise efficiently fast or slow either to burn fats or make stored fat.


Rip More Drive Up Metabolism Rate
Take The Fast Lane
En Route To The Fat Metabolism

Metabolism is a process where your body converts food and drink into energy.  It is a process the body metabolises all of the cell burning cell building activities on a daily basis how fast the foods in your body is metabolised depends on the food that has been eaten at each meal. The glucagon hormone responds to protein the insulin hormone responds to sugar (glucose) this will determine what rate of speed your metabolism is going fast or slow of how the body ends up. Whether your metabolism will be a rip burn fat burner body or end up a wodge of surpless fatness and over weight.

Making the right burn fat quicker food choice combinations of animal protein and fats together with fiber carbohydrates you will be well on your way to losing weight. Consuming rip burn protein and fats in your daily meals will play an essential role to achieve the set metabolism point to rip fats foods burn fat quicker. 

Animal Protein Fats And Fiber
Power Foods Battle Of The Bulge

Fats Does Not Make Your Fatter
Fiber Zaps Fat

From a weight loss perspective unprocessed unrefined red meats are a good source of iron a rip burn fat burner alternative energy source.  White meats chicken has all the benefits of protein without all the less quality saturated fats of refined and processed meats.  Organic and grass fed animal protein unsaturated and saturated fats together with plenty fiber will help keep you fuller longer through out the day to rip fats foods burn fat quicker speeding up metabolism to lose weight improve metabolism rate.

Once you know how to choose the right fats in your diet it is not necessary to go after the leaner cuts of meats having 3oz to 6oz of animal protein and more fats in the food with dietary fiber carb vegetables triggers the fat burning hormone.  When consuming fats from animal protein which have not been refined or processed are neutral to insulin and wont effect raising blood sugars or insulin.  When choosing the fat burning foods must come from organic or grass fed animal protein sources in their whole food and not their processed derivatives which have undergone a process rendering many toxins.    rip fats foods burn fat quicker 

Food combinations of animal protein and plant based fats eaten with plenty fiber rich low sugar carb vegetables are the best rip burn fat food combinations.  Although fiber is a carbohydrate when fiber is part of the whole food and consumed with protein and fats from the food soluble or insoluble fiber forms a gelatinous barrier delays the ability to absorb glucose.

The fiber in the food slows down glucose absorption preventing the sugar in the food from being digested too quickly limiting the peak of glucose rises in blood sugar levels. The pancreas in response reduces the amount of insulin released this means less insulin less shunting of energy to fats.  It is not the fats that plugs the arteries or makes fatness it is the sugar that plugs the arteries and also responsible for weight gain an unhealthy diet heart disease cancers and diabetes.


Carb Sugar Blocker Foods
Protein Fat Burners

  • To counteract this deficit we need to eat more green vegetables in the diet even though vegetables are all carbohydrates they are also very high in fiber and very low in sugar so they dont turn into stored fat and they dont turn into sugar.
  • This combination of rip burner food sources eaten together will provide you with the ideal source of carbohydrates and dietary fiber in the meal to lose weight. With vegetables eaten in the same meal will keep your insulin levels balanced with 3oz to 6oz of protein and fats, fish, chicken turkey or red meat at each meal will also make up the bulk of your diet.
High Protein And Fats
Low Sugar Foods

Having combined foods high in animal protein and fats or plant based protein to your meal will increase the amount of antioxidants such as beta carotene and fat soluble vitamins A + E. Furthermore combined protein ripped fats foods with vegetables in the same meal will keep insulin levels down from spiking this is the hormone that makes all over fats. Eating more protein and fats with plenty fiber low carb vegetables will transport burning off fatness because there is very little sugar known as complex carbs

Also the fats in the protein food is neutral this means blood  sugars remain stable and does not effect insulin the hormone which makes fats and makes you over weight. However you must know having too much protein can still aggravate insulin which can also clog up the liver and will not digest the protein efficiently causing damage and the liver can become dysfunctional. It is recommended to eat protein and fats with plenty fiber vegetables to provide you with the ideal source of carbohydrate dietary fiber.  Having also the vegetable content with each of your meals will counteract and flush things out of the liver keeping it healthy. .

Carbs and Insulin
Insulin Is Sugar

The whole conception of high protein and fats in food is that fats does not effect insulin good quality rip burning foods that have not been refined or processed and left as a whole food are neutral to insulin.  If you cut your fats out you never seem to lose weight because if you have been eating the wrong carbohydrate foods high in sugar is what triggers the response to insulin which is the real reason on gaining weight. Super rip fat burner power foods is your success to making insulin sugar zero insulin is the number one controller that tells you if you are burning fat or burning sugar.

The smallest amounts of sugar has the domination to prevent you from tapping into your fat reserves. When we talk about insulin we are talking about sugars, (glucose) sugar is the Lex Luther of Evil in all processed and refined foods with fructose syrup (HFCS) high up there in the list for heart disease cancer and diabetes. The whole premise of eating more protein and fats in your meals with low sugar high fiber vegetables at each meal is to eradicate and completely put an end and restrict  any signs of insulin.

Remember refined and processed food carbohydrates means lots of insulin which means lots of storage in fat tissues the gradual understanding of this and that dietary fats are more sustainable and  better healthier energy source than carbohydrates. Fats in the food is not always the demon that was portrayed this led to the introduction of the ‘low carb diet’ and the work of Dr Robert Atkins.  

Top Rip Fats Power Foods 
Fiber Zaps Fat

Rip Fat Burner

With fiber in your meals makes this a complex carbohydrate breaking down slower to convert to sugar and less likely to trigger insulin.  into a fat metabolism rip fats foods burn fat quicker it prevents sugar in the food from being digested to quickly. It is a carbohydrate but passes through the digestive system and does not raise insulin. By slowing down sugar it eases the passage of food through the gut which will reduce flux to the liver unlike fats, carbohydrates and protein – fiber isn’t digested.

Fiber makes you feel fuller longer and does not raise insulin level so you can  burn fat off quicker in a weight loss carb fat sugar blocker diet.  Dietary fiber can be found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, oatmeal, broccoli, all-bran and spinach it is part of the plant humans are unable to digest therefore it has one destination. Fiber plays an important role in the digestion and utilisation of protein fats when used as energy the metabolism burns fat quicker. Fiber has no effect on insulin and does not count towards our daily total we can simply subtract the amount of fiber from the total carbs. If a label says the food contains 12g carbohydrates (calories) and 7g fiber 12-7 = 5 to find out how many carbohydrates (calories) you need to count (5g in this case) net carbs.

Vitamins are organic compounds found within food while minerals are inorganic which are absorbed by plants from soil and water such as iron, calcium and magnesium.

There Are Two Types of Fiber:-
  • Soluble which dissolves in water
  • Insoluble which does not

Fiber is a carbohydrate made up of bran gum and cellulose that are present in fruit vegetables and grain that passes straight through the digestion system it is a rip burner food source. Even though fiber is a carbohydrate and contains sugar in the whole food fiber prevents the sugar being digested too quickly easing the passage of food to the gut.  By reducing the rate of flux will mitigate most of the negative effects of sugar keep insulin levels low to burning fat and accelerate  metabolism rate. 

Fruits are inherent of fiber which also contain fructose the amounts of fructose naturally found in most fruits is balanced nicely by the fruit’s fiber content and you should eat the whole fruits fructose has no effect on insulin it is digested in the body alike to protein. Opting for dietary fiber brown foods complex carbohydrates; beans, lentils, whole grain, barley, quinoa, nuts, legumes rather than their processed derivatives white foods. Bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, spaghetti means that the fiber has already gone (and in the case of white potatoes the fiber was never there in the first place). All foods digested in the body break down into sugar eventually but high fiber complex carbohydrate food break down more slowly than simple carbohydrate and is less likely to store adipose tissue around the organs.

Separating protein and fats and distinguishing the best fiber carbohydrate foods you should consume not to imbalance blood sugars (glucose) and insulin the hormone the makes surplus sagging body fatness. The rip fats food diet it’s aim is to eat more protein and animal fats with fiber carbohydrate vegetables towards a better healthier lifestyle and to metabolise food in the body more efficiently.

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