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First is the Growth Hormone which is a small protein that is made by the pituitary gland. It’s main function is maintaining body structure and maintain a higher metabolism it works through the liver and is triggered through consuming protein. Protein has the capacity to trigger three main hormones:-  

IGF-1 Insulin Like Growth Factor it is a hormone made by the liver and works very close with the glucagon  hormone and is also triggered by protein consumption and secreted into the blood stream.  It does the opposite to Insulin is the hormone that makes you fat


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Glucagon-Like-Peptide 1 is a hormone produced in the gut and is released in response to food and from a special group of cells called alpha cells.  Made from the pancreas the alpha cells also produce the  hormone glucagon which does the opposite to insulin because it is the main fat burning hormone . Whereas insulin causes you to store fat glucagon causes you to release stored body fat and is also set off by protein. In response to carbohydrate based food glucagon levels fall to prevent glucose rising too high this stops fat burning – but in response to a high protein meal glucagon levels are stimulated and experiences a surge of adrenaline  triggering higher metabolism to burn fat. Intense workouts and moderate amounts of protein based meals trigger glucagon the main fat burning hormone when glucogon blood levels are low.


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Note: Glucagon and Glycogen are not the same both have two different functions i.e Glucagon triggers burning fat – Glycogen is glucose a stored fat that  triggers insulin a combination of stored sugar starch and fat which stops the fat burning process and not lose weight. People with type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes don’t produce the insulin needed to process glucose. So the glucose continues to circulate around the body and is eventually secreted in to sugary urine. 

How To Keep Your Body Burning Fat
Natural Fat Blocker Foods


Getting into body natural fat blocker  fat burning mode in relation to protein you should not consume excess amounts of just protein because too much is not good for the liver. Insulin is the key to weight loss because you have to bring insulin/sugar to zero before you can burn stored body fat off.  Only eat small amounts of protein with each meal approximately 3 0z to 4 0z and plenty of vegetables.



Ketone Up

The quality must be high usually grass fed not grain fed protein in any given day. To get stored fat into body burning fat mode make ketones and dont consume sugar with protein this means no high sugar carbohydrate food that will set off insulin. Keep off high sugar carbohydrates usually found in processed and refined foods. Consume more slow-release carbs containing fiber unlike fats and protein you cannot digest fiber. Although vegetables are all carbohydrates they are very low in sugar high in fiber and do not break-down in to sugar if at all.


Fat Hormones That Block Burning Fat


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A flatten stomach diet to keep body fat off around butt and thighs keep off simple carbohydrates that break down in to sugar very fast which will spike insulin.  Because insulin is the hormone which makes you fat and will block burning fat off.

To keep stored body fat burning lose belly fat cut out sugars, snacking, hidden sugars and do not consume sugar with protein which will lead to poor appetite control.  Get your best body ever detox natural weight loss consume good quality protein to keep your body burning fat this is based on what you eat and what your body does to trigger fat burning hormones .



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