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Carbohydrates and blood sugar control foods only appear in the GI table. You will not find foods such as fish, meats, cheese or eggs in the carbohydrate GI table because these foods are animal protein and plant based protein and fat sources. The glycaemic index food table was originally developed to measure low blood levels for diabetics and carbohydrates and blood sugar control.

This looked at how fast carbohydrates broke down into after eating foods. (GI) foods have different effects on blood sugars because all carbs are not created equal. 

Glycaemic index of all carbohydrates have one thing in common; they all convert to glucose. They serve to make your body store energy it needs and the difference being that some carbohydrates foods sugars are digested faster than other carbohydrate foods. In relation to losing weight these specific foods raise blood sugars and slow down metabolism.





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Carbohydrates And Blood Sugar Control is run from a score of 0 to 100 it uses glucose because glucose is naturally present in the blood stream. The glucose was measured in amounts of 50g and given a number of 100 as a reference as to the amount of sugars in different other carbohydrates foods were tested into equivalent amounts of 50g.









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Baked Potato Pretty High In Sugar


For example a 250g baked white potato would contain the equivalent amount of 50g of carbohydrates.  The (GI) value is given as a percentage to a person’s blood response.  The value of the potato has been given a number of (85) in comparison to 100 the number given to glucose.

This means a baked potato is pretty sugary breaking down into sugar very fast.   This is classed as high sugar glycaemic index foods between (71-100) for diabetics those foods are too high in sugar also it is showing that once insulin hormone is been triggered even a teaspoon will stop burning fat triggered by the glycogen hormone.



What Foods Are High In GI
Carbohydrates And Blood Sugar Control



In a nutshell the GI scale table high sugar carbohydrates will raise blood sugar levels after eating that food. The table system is the speed at which the body breaks down sugar into your blood stream after eating that specific carbohydrate foods. Foods that digest too fast into sugar will slow metabolism and block any chance of losing weight to burn body fat. The GI foods table scale is the science that supports many weight loss programs in the market place today.  

Understanding all carbohydrates are not created equal but they do have one thing in common.  They all convert to glucose and serve to make your body store the energy it needs. On the other hand slow carb foods mostly fruit vegetables fiber (complex carbohydrates) are better to stabilise blood sugar and help burn fat quicker.






The Link Between GI Foods
Wire To The Brain
Carbs & Insulin


(GI) foods are classed between (0-55) are low (GI) foods between (56-70) are medium and foods from (70-100) are very high sugar carbohydrates because they digest sugar in your blood stream breaking down very fast hurting any chance of you losing weight. Knowing what are glycaemic indexed fat cutting foods  are in your diet will give you a leg up to help you keep your blood sugar levels balanced will not spike insulin.  Knowing carbohydrates and blood sugar control  and what the measured break down of high sugars or low sugars in each glycaemic food load could determine restrictions of that glycaemic index food for glucose control the primary target for diabetes therapy.

In general starchy foods, including potatoes, white rice and white bread, pastry, pasta, breakfast cereal, soft drinks, biscuits are simple carbohydrates and high on the GI scale table.  A baked potato is given a number of (GI 85)95 also white rice (GI 87) insulin is hormone that regulates sugar in your blood. Your body is not designed to store more than 2 table spoons of sugar anymore than 2 table spoons is going to be very toxic. So the average person will consume so much carbohydrate that it will start to jack-up insulin like a whip lash response going out of the blood fast sticking to the liver which over time builds fat around the liver is very unhealthy especially for diabetics and obesity. 

Remember refined carbohydrates or fast break down of blood sugars digested in the blood stream means lots of insulin. The gradual understanding of dietary fats was always portrayed to be the demon, which led to the low-carb diet and the work of Dr Robert Atkins.  The restrictions of carbohydrates would improve glucose control and just as effective for weight loss as low fat diets hence glycaemic index table.




Glycaemic Index Food

Slow Carbs
Low Carbs

This is why people with diabetes should concern themselves with carbohydrates and blood sugar control. Sticking to a low glycaemic index list that are not high sugar carbs which break down into sugar very fast only to become stored fat  especially a person with a slow metabolism.   However, dietary fiber in unrefined starchy foods – porridge, beans, lentils, muesli, rye, brown rice, oats, quinoa and barley are complex carbohydrates are good glycaemic index food or slow carbs as well as fruit and vegetables and legumes.



glycaemic index food


Unlike fats and protein carbohydrate fiber cannot be digested or absorbed it travels out of your stomach into one destination. Dietary fiber in food acts as a super food fat blocker which will help your carbohydrates and blood sugar control because they have a laxative effect and slows down  digesting blood sugars that causes an insulin to spike.


Choosing The Right Carbs
Carb Fat Sugar Blocker Foods


For a low carb diet you would need to eat low ranked glycaemic index food. Choosing the right carbohydrate in your diet will better stabilise blood sugars and give a slower steadier increase in blood levels. Unrefined sources of carbohydrates are ranked low glycaemic in the index food table because they have not been stripped of their fiber content of bran, germ during processing. Their presence of fiber with the meal slows down the breaking down of sugar in the blood stream consuming a super ripped fat meal. Slow complex carbohydrate foods will not give an exaggerated spike of insulin acting out as a carb fat sugar blocker food stopping unhealthy food cravings. Helping you in your weight loss goal to shed 4-7 pounds and lose unwanted fat. 

Insulin delivers glucose to the blood stream it is used up immediately carbohydrates and insulin are dependent on each other and eating carbohydrates essentially breaks down into sugar (glucose). Insulin is intended to deliver (glucose) to the bloodstream into muscle cells or fat cells initiating fat metabolism stored as glucagon when there is excess glucose in the bloodstream is automatically stored as fat. Using the GI foods list will keep blood sugar levels stable satisfying hunger cravings to stop the pounds piling on.    




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