There are three main hormones that control blood sugar levels which work together for weight loss, muscle growth, shape and definition. Insulin is the common denominator to lower or raise glucose levels. Glucagon hormone does the opposite to insulin it converts glycogen stored fat back in to glucose so it can be used immediately for energy during and after exercise and power work outs paired up with intermittent fasting is an excellent strategy

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Belly fat cutting foods have a thermogenic effect this means each time you consume foods such as protein and fats in your meals with plenty fiber your metabolism also increases. Converting food into energy is to lose weight and improve metabolism. Eating more foods than we actually need and indulging in high sugar carbohydrates will only become stored energy waiting around to be converted into all over belly fat and for women the stored fats tends to go on to their hips, thighs and butt. In the case of an over weight man stored fat is commonly stored around their waste causing belly fat or visceral fat around their organs looking grossly round pot bellied and apple shaped liken to a flying saucer. 

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Men store fat around their abdomen and waist this is unsightly belly fat that can lead to unhealthy visceral fat around the organs from eating too many calories and a drop in metabolism rate. It can be a lethal combination around the organs fat is much more than just an extra inch of unwanted pounds around your stomach it spreads throughout your entire body too much of it ends up as a wodge of fat underneath your organs as visceral fat. Where on women excess fat spreads onto their hips thighs and butt looks pear shaped, this is better because it is distributed more evenly on your body not lying around  your abdomen organs as visceral fat .

There are two specific hormones that are triggered from protein foods which will determine how you body metabolises and to hold down fat burning metabolism:-

There are two specific hormones that are triggered from protein foods which will determine how you body metabolises to hold down fat metabolism rate:-

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When there is raised blood sugars (glucose) in the blood stream insulin shunters it to the fat cells which is converted to formed glycogen when energy is not used immediately. Glycogen is a series of glucose molecules stuck together anything in excess turns into fat a combination of stored sugar and fat.

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1) Insulin is a hormones that is produced by the pancreas it also is the main hormone that makes you gain weight. Saturated fats sugars starch and carbohydrate foods elevates blood sugar levels (glucose) if not uses immediately for energy will be stored as formed glycogen in the fat cells, liver and muscle cells.




2) Glucagon is a hormone that make you lose weight = it does the opposite to insulin. Insulin lowers glucose when travelling in the bloodstream shunting blood sugar to be stored as fat in the liver and skeletal muscle.


Glucagon is released in response to intermittent fasting paired with consuming protein fat and fiber foods, not consuming high carbohydrates. These belly fat cutting foods are a combination of protein and fat forces to deplete insulin once the insulin has been depleted it triggers your pancreas to produce the glucagon hormone to signal the liver and muscle cells to convert the stored glycogen back into glucose.

This means that it can be used as immediate energy during fitness work outs, daily expenditure and muscle building. More importantly this combination of food paired with fasting will get you into pro ripped fat burner weight loss.

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Carbohydrates are associated with muscle growth it releases glycogen when you exercise the body breaks down glycogen the stored form of glucose (a carbohydrate) a calorie when your body needs energy. 

When you dont get enough carbohydrates your body will pull back because your muscles dont have enough energy to perform Below It’s best Mimicking a pro ripped fat burning Supplement.

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When consuming foods high in carbohydrates, metabolism prioritizes to a lesser extent the ratio of pro ripped fat burner, due to the elevated blood sugar levels that insulin must regulate. Until the glucagon hormone activates the pro ripped fat burner metabolism, it operates less effectively, resembling a pro ripped fat burning supplement that only burns sugar, which is counterproductive. To truly tap into fat reserves for muscle building and fat burning, the glucagon hormone must be triggered to initiate fat burning.

To trigger the glucagon hormone the body has to first get into a blood sugar deficit to deplete insulin, this can be done by staying off carbohydrate foods for several days, and focus on the consumption of proteins and combined fats in your daily diet.  the glucagon hormone helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. This balance is achieved because a dietary intake of 3oz to 6oz of fats and protein, low carbohydrate foods is a perfect combination which does not stimulate insulin production.

Avoiding sugary carbohydrates paired with exercise, work outs and intermittent fasting allows your body to exhaust glycogen stores until insulin levels decrease to zero. This leading you to an optimal fat-burning metabolic state pro ripped fat burner. This is when the set point has been reached and insulin is depleted to zero, halting sugar production, and signifies that your body has attained its preferred metabolic state, no longer into a counter productive pro ripped fat burning supplement.


When you are using fats as an alternative energy source it is a better and more healthier sustained choice than sugar (glucose). When the body starts using fats as its’ main energy source instead of loading up on fast release carbohydrates sugar (glucose) you never seem to losing actual weight this is because you are only losing sugar. While fats are not absorbed like carbohydrates they have a process it takes lots of energy and calories to burn off actual fat once your body reaches it’s metabolism set point your metabolism becomes more efficient to burning off fat and much harder to gain weight and achieve a pro ripped fat burner metabolism.


Muscle and fat act very differently in the body muscle is far more metabolically active than fats it requires a lot more than equal amounts to sustain it. Utilizing your own as the alternative energy source you are tapping into your fat reserves you are using real ketones weight loss belly fat cutting foods. When your body is in ketosis it fuels and shapes muscle at the same time as it utilizes your own fat not only more efficiently but also much better for cognitive function. When doing cardio exercises and utilizing cardio to help burn fat faster high heart rate exercises uses a lot of glycogen which is a great place to have stored energy like in the muscle belly because it is needed and used immediately.

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Consuming protein in your daily meals are fat and protein has the capacity to trigger three main hormones:-

  • First is the growth hormone (hGH) which is made by the pituitary gland it’s main function is to maintain body structure and metabolism it works through the liver triggered by protein.
  • Secondly is the IGF-1 is the insulin like growth factor hormone is produced by the liver it works causing you to store fats and is the main number one controller to producing insulin. Insulin has the domination to prevent you from tapping into your fat reserves when we talk about insulin we are talking about sugar it triggers the insulin hormone. Also too much protein in your diet can trigger insulin this is why you must measure your servings at each meal 3oz to 6oz of protein the rest of your meal can be unlimited amounts of green vegetables from fiber carbohydrates.




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  • Thirdly is the glucagon hormone made from the pancreas it does the opposite to insulin – insulin causes the body to store fats as glycogen. Whereas glucagon also triggered by protein also triggers the fat burning process it causes reduced appetite and released of insulin more you bring insulin levels down to zero the better the fat burning hormone can do it’s job.

Special group of cells called alpha cells are released by the glucagon hormone and released in the blood stream when sugar levels are low. This source of energy comes primarily from glucose stored as glycogen it is easier for the body to use as energy because it is used before fats so if your glycogen stores are full it will spike insulin your body will not burn off fats you will not lose weight.


This energy source is only burning sugar which is a non productive process and gives way to yo yo diets never losing weight. Your body first has to deplete glycogen stores due to insulin making too much glucose (sugar) which have been hanging around the fat cells too long. Once the glycogen fat stores have been depleted of sugar your body has no choice than to use stored fats for energy. Using your own fat for your main source of energy is a far better energy source because once you have depleted the insulin stored sugar your own fat will be used to burn off energy. So if you are having a hard time losing weight it is because you are only burning off sugar (glucose) dependent on insulin making more sugar stored as glycogen. This sugar glut roller coaster is triggered by refined and processed food fast release carbohydrates and a slow metabolic rate.

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If you want to start losing proper weight you first need to stop eating carbohydrate sugar high foods and make blood sugar (glucose) insulin zero. Sugar for energy is always used before fats so you need to include more fat cutting foods in your diet of high protein low carb foods. This means less starches and sugars and more fiber protein and fats in your daily meals remember fat is neutral it does not trigger insulin and fiber is not digested in the body these are real edge fat blocker foods to eat.

Weight loss and good animal protein or plant based protein joined
with fats and fiber are the edge of belly FAT cutting foods choices a better energy alternative source. The ripped fat cutting foods diet starts with abandoning food associated with simple carbohydrates white foods and high sugar carbs. These are slow metabolism foods loaded with hidden sugars high on the glycaemic index food scale

e and triggers insulin the hormone that really makes you fat.


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