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Saggy Belly Fat
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Struggling With Saggy Belly Fat

Losing a flabby stomach is not an easy thing to do. Struggling with saggy belly fat and losing the last 10 lbs of body fat to flatten your flabby stomach is generally from a life time habit of consuming hidden sugars. A flabby stomach is stored stubborn fat known as belly fat (subcutaneous fat). This fat is stored directly below the skin where you can pinch more than an inch from your belly, thighs and arms.

Apple Shaped or Pear Shaped

Subcutaneous fat is easily noticed showing saggy belly fat or flabby stomach but in worse cases it can usually be spotted with something more unpleasant called visceral fat. More dangerous cases are ‘apple shaped’ persons that store more toxic fat around their organs producing dangerous hormones and by-products increasing the risk of heart disease.  Whereas a ‘pear shaped’ person can still have unhealthy levels of visceral fat around their abdomen but it is better distributed around their waist legs and thighs reducing the risk of heart disease.


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Beware – Creepy Insulinizing Fat Storage

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Visceral fat lies further underneath the skin within the abdominal cavity stored around important organs and known to be associated with insulin resistance. This leads to glucose intolerance, type 2 diabetes and other health conditions.

Losing saggy belly fat is controlled by eating the right amount of sugar carbohydrates for maximum fat loss. 

Unlock Your Relationship
with Sugars
and Starches

We have to understand what we have been told that if we cut out grains and starches from each meal the meal remains unbalanced. If you want to remove saggy belly fat flabby stomach you need to lose body fat. You can unlock the true nature of your relationship with sugars and starches to give your body the boost your body needs to lose weight and rip off the pounds. 


Get High On Your

To accelerate weight loss to remove saggy belly fat and lower stomach fat simply remove starches and grains for fourteen days from your diet. In order to accelerate you must first believe that you can survive without grains and starches for 14 days. The fact is that sugar starches and grains resemble drug-like opiods this means they mimic your body’s own endorphines. Making you feel happy similar to how the drug heroin and opium cause humans to feel better.

Lose An Unwanted Flabby Stomach
Stop The Drip Feed Sugar High Fixes

So if you are having a negative reaction to the idea of cutting grains and starches out of your meal because you “love” them too much. It is an indication of how your body has grown to these sneaky insulin stimulating sugar and comforting feeling of carbohydrate convenient foods delivered every few hours. Thus Increasing stored fat saggy belly fat around the waist and thighs and having an unwanted flabby stomach.


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Sugar Will Always
Impact Insulin

You know what hidden sugars do to your body adding to a flabby stomach. Sugar is a form of carbohydrate all carbohydrates are broken down by your body in to their simple sugary form and will always impact insulin. Carbohydrates controls insulin; insulin controls fat storage leading to a flabby stomach. We associate energy with grains and starches like pasta, bread and potatoes with disproportionate emphasis on these foods instead of vegetables and meat.

Insulin The Fat
Making Hormone

Glucogon is not glucose but one of the main fat burning hormones to trigger fat burning.  Insulin is one of the main fat making hormones which increases saggy belly fat and a flabby stomach around your abdomen. The temporary absence of grains will correct many shortcomings of those “low carb diets” and remove your saggy belly fat flabby stomach.

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