There are three main hormones that control blood sugar levels which work together for weight loss, muscle growth, shape and definition. Insulin is the common denominator to lower or raise glucose levels. Glucagon hormone does the opposite to insulin it converts glycogen stored fat back in to glucose so it can be used immediately for energy during and after exercise and power work outs paired up with intermittent fasting is an excellent strategy


belly by rachael

Belly By Rachael


Get Into
Pear Shape

Not Into
Apple Shape 

What Is Visceral Fat

Belly by Rachael is about is a surface fat called subcutaneous fat that can be seen outside your body. The extra fat that your body carries about has accumulated around the abdomen spreading to waist hips and thighs when you pinch an inch but moreso for men it becomes apple shaped belly fat in appearance

In contrast fat that has grown around your waist thighs and buttocks is known as subcutaneous fat  which in general is ok but too much of it can become visceral fat which accumulates between the organs of your abdomen it is necessary because it acts as a buffer between the organs of the abdomen. But too much visceral fat will start to build up in the abdominal cavity and look apple shaped for men and pear shape for women this is very dangerous fat it causes many health problems such as heart attack stroke arthritis type 2 diabetes sexual dysfunction weight gain and insulin resistance.

Visceral Fat And 
Fat Burning Jelly Flab

Belly stomach By Rachael is caused by consuming hidden sugars from the foods you eat visceral fat is not controlled by how many calories you eat or how many we burn off through exercise. Losing or gaining subcutaneous fat or visceral fats is controlled by eating the right amount of sugar and carbohydrates to maximise fat loss.  

Instead of measuring fat loss or gaining stomach fat using calories we now know it is better to single out sugar + carb foods linked to the natural occurring hormone called insulin. Sugar grows stomach visceral fat it ages you inside and out slows down metabolism and lays the foundation for three of the biggest killers: heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Pear Shape For Her
Apple Shape For Him

Visceral fat is a dangerous fat around your organs it is a spill over fat from your liver because your liver has developed fatty liver syndrome caused by too much insulin. The spill over fat into the abdominal cavity develops a visceral fat storage facility of excess energy that has been brought into the body that your body cannot do anything with. So it is dumped into some storage around the abdominal cavity which again is trying to protect you.

Too Much Insulin
Fatty Liver Syndrome
Whole Chain Of Damaging Effects

But visceral fat gives more off and creates inflammation this is why obesity is a big risk factor that can triggers off a whole chain of effects such as insulin resistance and fatty liver syndrome high blood pressure inflammation to brain fog. Carrying more unnecessary weight all around your body especially the middle causing a belly stomach by Rachael or in the case of men apple shaped stomach for him. Once visceral fat has built up around the abdominal organs when equating calories and carbohydrate intake consequently your body has to protect itself.

Your body has to protect itself from these damaging effects of high insulin frequent eating of dietary sugars in carbohydrates omega 6 fatty acids like corn oil soya oil. High insulin which is a sugar starts to develop a condition called insulin resistance. It is basically a protected mechanism to block the absorption of insulin to limit the amount of sugar and insulin going into the cells because it is harmful. carb protein fat rich foods

So when a person continues to consume too many of the high sugar carbs too frequently you will overload the blood with sugar and raise insulin levels (glucose) to promote stored fat formed as glycogen which is mainly stored around the liver and skeletal muscle.  To much stored fat hangs around the muscle and especially around your middle causing visceral fat this is different to subcutaneous fat which lies just below the skin. Because blood glucose levels have remained high in the blood stream this raises insulin levels encouraging your body to turn food into fat this inhibits the body’s breakdown of stored fat. Over time more and more insulin needs to be produced over working the pancreas. Visceral fat is more dangerous to health it surrounds vital organs including liver stomach and intestines diet and exercise is the best way to prevent the build up of visceral fat.  

carb protein fat rich foods

Carb Protein Fat Rich Foods  
Fat Loss And Glucogon 

Fat burning is not the same as fat loss fat burning is a glucagon hormone that is produced in the pancreas it plays a pivotal role to fat metabolism in response to food i.e protein and fats  avoiding high sugar carbohydrates. Glucagon is a fat burning hormone it’s job is to convert fat cells into glucose allowing stored fat (glycogen) to be used for fuel hence accelerate metabolism rate lose weight and build muscle. To achieve fat loss and for your body to become a fat burning machine you need to focus on keeping insulin and blood sugar levels low high carbs elevate insulin and blood sugar levels prioritizing sugar burning over fat burning. By understanding the interplay between hormones you can win the battle of the bulge and focus more on carb protein fat rich foods not just about calories but also hormones . 

Building up too much visceral fat has an impact on fat hormones and will inhibit the fat hormone from burning fat from the cells which will increase weight around the middle creating a belly by Rachael and apple shape belly for him.

There is no way you can target just stomach fat every 10% of body weight you reduce visceral fat or belly fat to about 30%.  Your abdominal cavity is one of the first places to lose fat from your body this is why you can start noticing the first signs of losing weight around your belly waist and hips.

Not consuming massive amounts of high sugar foods but more of carb protein fat rich foods will trigger a faster metabolism rate eating daily healthy foods is vital to weight loss and mastering the knowledge that the insulin hormone controls not only your blood sugars but also your body’s ability to create and store fat. Especially the dangerous fat tissues that accumulates around the mid-section called visceral that creates a belly by Rachael and apple shape stomach for him. 

Carb Protein Fat Foods
Intermittent Fasting

Carb protein fat rich foods burns fat to accelerate metabolism going longer between eating before your next meal will lower insulin. If your metabolism is slow it does not matter what foods you eat you will always put on weight looking like a belly  by Rachael middle and an apple shape for him. 

If you have the right pattern to intermittent fasting you can tap into your visceral fat this is the dangerous fat accumulated around the abdominal organs. It is the spill over fat from your liver because of fatty liver syndrome from too much insulin and high blood sugar levels in your blood stream. The fat around the organs has to spill over into the abdominal cavity because it has no other place to go the excess energy is dumped into some visceral fat storage facility around the abdominal organs. Having too much stored fat is from consuming to many high sugar carbs only ends up with an oversized belly gut by Rachael and apple shape stomach for him.  

 An Apple Shaped Belly For Him

It has been indicated that when you do intermittent fasting  it can slow down your weight loss and create a resistance to lose weight.  Basically what it is saying intermittent fasting slows down your ability to lose belly stomach by Rachael. Contrary to studies on fasting and visceral fat around the abdomen and organs you can reduce around 47% fat around your waist stomach by eating only one meal a day.  

Both are conflicting facts but two facts opposing one another obviously one cannot be right a fact based on evidence therefore one has to be false. 

  1. Every other day fasting – this is where you fast one day go back to your regular eating plan the next day and then fast again the next day.

This methods sounds like going on and off keto and that you are mimicking the keto diet and just eating regular other foods every other day.

This is far different from the intermittent fasting from the Dr Eric Berg talks about where we fast for a period of hours on keto and fast on the other for another period of hours going back and forth the key is staying on keto.

So there are two types of fasting Dr Eric thinks would really slow losing weight loss down:-

  1. Every other day fasting 
  2. The other is the 5 + 2 Monday to Friday you eat what you want to eat and for the other two days you are fasting but you are not really fasting when you are eating 500 calories per day because we dont know if it is keto or not. Point is you are not combining keto with fasting. 

What will happen the more you go off keto you are adding carbs and then taking them away it is going to cause the body to protect it’s fuel source which is stored as body fat. It  is very similar when you go off and on a diet you start creating insulin resistance and your metabolism starts slowing down more and more.

If you really want to correct your metabolism and really target visceral fat the absolute best way to do this is to consume more carb protein fat rich foods with a combination of intermittent fasting and keto diet at the same time.

Are You Burning Fat
Are You Burning Sugar

The number one controller that tells you are you burning fat or are you burning sugar is called INSULIN. Even in small amounts insulin has the domination to prevent you from tapping into your fat reserves when we talk about insulin we are talking about sugar – sugar triggers insulin.

If blood sugars are high you will not lose weight because your body is running on sugar insulin  (hidden sugar) has to be zero even if you eat moderately and have half the amount of sugar it still wont work. Insulin has to be zero to tap into burning off fat it is called ketosis which is a glucagon blocking hormone to enable fat burning. To know when you are in ketosis there is a device you can purchase called a glucose ketone meter it measures the levels of glucose and ketones in your blood.

Ketosis Healthiest Way

A keto diet and consuming carb protein fat rich foods is the healthiest thing to do for your heart and brain blood sugars and high sugar carbohydrates of other chain properties have damaging effects of too much insulin. Ketosis is when you tap into your sugar reserves that you start running on ketones and not running on sugar. Running on ketones is not a thing you achieve over night to induce ketosis is a state the body enters into when it is severely restricted of carbohydrates from all sources.  Once you have achieved running on ketones it is then easy to tap into you sugar reserves and tap into your visceral fat which has accumulated in the abdomen cavity around the organs which is a very dangerous fat.

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