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We are a trusted source for the dietary weight loss lifestyle our aim is to introduce and empower our users to live a healthier lifestyle by eating the foods you want to eat if you have this knowledge and apply the knowledge you will feel the benefit about us and yourself. As a main component of food processing methods sugar has been corroding our diets and health for many years it is right up there with smoking and drugs. It is not only a drug that makes us fat but all those low fat products are riddled with sugar especially around the middle; it creates fat around our organs; increases risk of heart disease cancer and diabetes and contributes to premature ageing.  about us

About Us

Change Your Relationship 
With Processed Foods

E.g. Carbohydrates are the main body’s energy source and are broken down in to three categories fiber, starch and sugar. All carbohydrates foods are converted to sugar (glucose) into your blood stream depending how fast the sugar is broken down will determine if it ends up a wodge of fat around your middle. Understanding carbohydrates are not created equal for instance when a potato is eaten starch is converted into sugar and because their is no fiber or fat present it will break down into sugar very quickly spikes insulin heading straight for the fat storage cells. 


Fat Is Neutral Acts As A Buffer
Does Not Spike Insulin

About Us Go The Low Carb Journey


A potato is pretty high in sugar but because it is all starch which is effectively sugar and when eaten with animal  protein and fats or plant based source of protein or such as fat in creams, fiber in green vegetables the blood sugar levels slows down more slowly and dose not raise sugar in your blood stream.  So the meal with fats protein and fiber working together is going to keep blood sugar levels from spiking too high which result in less secretion of insulin. But if the potato was eaten on it’s own blood sugar will rise spiking an exaggerated spike of insulin this happens because fats and the fiber in the food are neutral does not spike insulin. Once you have understood this concept about fat burning in relation to animal protein + fats and carbs + insulin you will find that it really is taking the low carb journey about us

Dont be afraid to eat fats they act as a buffer against triggering insulin but you do have to remember fats have the highest calories out of the three food sources proteins fats and carbs so consume fats in your meal sparingly.  It is not fat that makes us have excess weight it is the sugar from processed and refined foods and having too much of it that make us fat. about 

This web site is for fat burners who wish to be part of about going the low carbs food journey. The foundation to eating the foods you want to eat is about us and the low carb journey.  If you see fried foods you can eat them even years later because your body’s response to food is not going to change (glycaemic index food table). about 

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