There are three main hormones that control blood sugar levels which work together for weight loss, muscle growth, shape and definition. Insulin is the common denominator to lower or raise glucose levels. Glucagon hormone does the opposite to insulin it converts glycogen stored fat back in to glucose so it can be used immediately for energy during and after exercise and power work outs paired up with intermittent fasting is an excellent strategy


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accelerate metabolic rate slow down


Accelerate metabolism rate is not just about weight loss but also weight gain either to look leaner broader or toned. Many people who lose weight in reality reduce stores of fat during a catabolic state. As well as in an anabolic state where enough muscle is maintained to build up more than they are breaking down. Eat fats to burn fat of the correct amount will increase muscle size also lose all over body fat.






Combine Power Foods

In Europe people are so much thinner than they are in America and the UK – e.g. Africa have perfect bone structure because their soil is so much richer. They dont have teeth problems dont get cavities not even joint problems in their bone structure in America and UK people visit the dentist regularly.  This is because of the richness of the african soil and to do with minerals which are necessary for vitamins to be made so the plant can pull the minerals to make certain vitamins. Their food is only healthy as the soil it grows on.

dont lose weight TO GET
HEALTHY get healthy to
lose weight

Weight is a symptom not the cause of unhealthy diets as we age it becomes more difficult to lose weight there are two sets of hormones specifically to hold down metabolic rate in relation to weight loss:-

1 Hormones that make you gain weight

2 Hormones that make you lose weigh

accelerate metabolism rate
It take two metabolism is made
up of two components 

Anabolism – meaning (“throw up”) this involves all of the cell building processes, muscle building, regrowth of tissues, hair and anything else that degenerates and rebuilds many time over the course of a lifetime.

Catabolism – meaning (“throw down”) this involves all of the processes that breaks down energy or tissues including the use of carbohydrates and to accelerate metabolism rate when foods burn body fats to use as energy for exercise. The breakdown of muscle protein to produce energy in times of need and all of the breakdown activities of clearing away old or damaged cells over time.

Anabolism +
Catabolism ⇐⇒ Equals Fat ⇐⇒
Metabolism Rate

Those who want to gain muscle mass need to be in an anabolic state this means building up more than they are breaking down so they can achieve the goal to pack up muscle and increase shape and size around the muscle. To build up muscle you would need to consume plenty carbohydrate foods because muscle and fat behave very differently in the body.

Muscle tissue is more metabolically active than fat, thus it demands more calories to maintain. When aiming to build muscle mass, carbohydrates, which are a source of calories, should not be viewed as the enemy. They provide the necessary energy to power through workouts and exercises that boost metabolic rate. Carbohydrates, also known as calories, are an excellent energy source of fuel for muscle building.

Muscle Building
Requires Plenty

they are not your enemy

On the other hand people who want to lose weight need to be in a catabolic state or in reality to reduce stores of fat they also need to be in a anabolic state so that enough muscle is maintained this is very important. Losing weight involves decreasing body fat the way to do this is to build and maintain lean 

muscle mass to burn off more calories than fat. Muscle is also more dense and as such takes up less space decreasing waistline and shrink belly fat also clothes size. People who gain weight is known as being in an anabolic state which increases sugar levels called glycogen stored fat.


However if your goal is to lose weight you need to  to be in a catabolic state so the body can efficiently metabolise and reduce fat stored as glycogen.

This process is achieved by keeping away from high sugar carbohydrates (simple carbs} and eat more animal protein and fats with plenty fiber low sugar carbohydrates (complex carbs) foods.

metabolic slow down
as we age hormones drop losing
lean muscle

Top best protein fat and fiber foods carbohydrates to keep and maintain daily efficient metabolic processes of energy burning and cell building activities daily throughout the day will be based on your metabolic pace. More importantly the foods you consume in your daily meals will be determined through your metabolism rate that will burn the fat off our body’s as our ability to metabolize fat slows down as we age.

Metabolic Slow Down
Waistline Spread

When your body has reached metabolic rate slow down as you age it is easier to put on weight the levels of several hormones begin to drop and we also start to lose lean muscle about 6½ 1bs during each decade of our adult life.  Less muscle means that our body burns off fewer calories this means we need less fuel.

NO TO Apple shape
belly fat yes to


Eating more food than we need the surplus food will be converted into fat and for women fat tends to be stored around their hips and thighs for men it is around their waist their surplus belly fat  appears apple shaped. Too many calories and a drop in metabolic rate can be a lethal combination.

Fat is more than an extra inch on our waistline it spreads throughout your entire body. Firstly you need to understand what excess fat on your body is and unless you are an athlete or a very active person through out your day consuming too many carbohydrate foods are not for you.


Your first stop is to understand the concept of glucose which is a blood sugar naturally found in the blood stream.  It is the body’s preferred energy source it circulates in the blood and relies on enzymes to initiate metabolism. Your body processes most carbohydrates you eat into glucose either to be used immediately for energy or to be stored in the muscle cells or the liver as glycogen for later use.

rippedfat foods
in protein fat
and carbohydrates
counting calories
does not
equal the
as we once

Until recently it was about how much calories you put inside you that was the defining factor in weight loss or weight gain. Now we know that the effect of different nutrients have on the body and the idea of counting calories may not all add up; in this case one add one may not equal two. The body treats ‘natural foods’ very different than it does with highly processed refined sugar and fats. In nature foods dont contain high quantities of sugar and fat together. So our cave man bodies never experienced high levels of sugar and fat in the blood stream at the same time. This man-made modern mixture can be problematic which essentially promotes fat storage; it does so because the burst of sugar raises insulin in response to the higher than normal levels.  Insulin in turn causes the body to store in excess a whole load of fat swimming around the blood stream ready to be stored.



Glucose metabolism is insulin dependant consuming processed carbohydrate foods breaks down into the blood stream too fast and converts into sugar this IS  energy storage sitting waiting in the fat cells to be used in the meantime causing weight gain. Unless you are an athlete or use up energy throughout the day the best way to defeat this is to cut back on carbohydrate foods for your main energy source.  This means stop insulin spikes and cut back on refined carbohydrates, e.g cornflakes white toast white pasta white rice etc; pastry sweets biscuits and fruit cutting out sugars and  snacking on hidden sugars found in processed refined foods. You must reduce sugar consumption because this will always be fat and sugar combined the easiest means of accomplishing this fete is to also remove sugared beverages    soda juices and stick to water and milk. Eat a combination of the best protein fat and fiber of unrefined carbohydrates foods will help stop the sugar glut.  A piece of fish with plenty carbohydrate fiber vegetables will stop insulin in your body from making glucose because short term energy stores that are already full the same dramatic fat storing response will not occur.

accelerate metabolic rate slow down



By gradually depleting the glycogen stores the fat burning hormone has no choice but to go after another source of energy and to use stored fat giving the body a more efficient better fuel source of energy.   So if you have been having a hard time losing weight it is because you have only been burning off sugar (glucose) stored as glycogen which needs to be shed before burning off fat.

more muscle
metabolically is harder to
gain weight

This is the minimum number of calories a person needs to live for the amount of energy required to maintain vital functions in an organism at complete rest, measured by the basal metabolic rate in a fasting individual. The BMR is basically involuntary functions breathing and blood circulation the more muscle you have means more muscle mass and metabolically it takes more energy to to maintain muscle. It is also harder to put on surplus weight muscle is more dense than fat when you have a lot more muscle mass you will burn more calories lose weight and accelerate metabolism rate at rest.


night time fat burner resting metabolic rate

Activity Level     
Sedentary (mostly inactive).
Moderately Active (moderately
intensity exercise 3-5  days  per week.
Very Active (physical job and  athlete training schedule.

           Daily Calories Needed

Sedentary (mostly inactive)                                 1.2
Moderately Active (moderately
intensity exercise 3-5  days                                 1.5
per week
Very Active (physical job and                               2.0
athlete training schedule

Alternatively to accelerate metabolism of a very active individual the calculation would be as follows:-

80 (kg) x 25 = 2,000 x 2 = 4,000 The calorie daily requirements of a very active person are 4000.

not all calories are created equal

rippedfat foods


A calorie is a carbohydrate (energy) and the level of activity makes a substantial difference to how many calories a person needs on a daily basis to accelerate metabolic rate either to maintain weight or weight loss.

  1. Not all people who weigh the same have the same calorie requirements
  2. Not all calories are created equal

Muscle and fat act very differently in the body muscle is far more metabolically active. Having more muscle mass accelerates metabolic rate requiring a lot more calories than an equal amount to sustain it. Until recently it was believed all calories were equal and it was about how much food you put inside you that was the defining factor to burn stores of fat and a raised metabolism rate for weight loss or increase stored fat for weight gain.

 So what are we really talking about instead of measuring fat loss or gaining weight using calories we now know it is better to single out sugar and carbohydrates which is linked to the science of the naturally occurring hormone called insulin.  

accelerate metabolism rate

Excel Muscle Belly Fuel

Fats in protein foods are neutral and do not spike insulin: Fats do not fully dissolve in the body they can only emulsify into small pieces reforming into a re-useable fat so it can be used again to yield as energy on the body. Once the fat has been metabolised they are unleashed into the blood stream which can be used as energy or for storage. Combine more rippedfat protein and fiber foods in your meals will excel a more effective metabolism to help  burn fats more efficiently.

you dont have to be a top rippedfat belly muscle builder
to get ripped around
the muscle

For those wanting to shed those excess pounds of all over body weight combine fat and protein or plant based protein food sources with plenty fiber low vegetable carbohydrates in your daily meal plan.The combination of top ripped fat weight loss food sources will help kick start a healthy boosting metabolism to control food hunger cravings. The rules are simple less high sugar carbohydrates consume more rip fats foods burn fat quicker with animal protein fats and fiber foods in your daily meals.  You can have both fats and muscle you dont have to be a top ripped belly muscle builder to get ripped around your muscle..


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Note: Firstly it is not possible to lose 14 pounds of fat in fourteen days it is only safe to lose two to three pounds of pure fat in one week without resorting to starvation or dangerous exhaustive exercise. Much of the weight that comes off your
body will be water retention which has came from years of consuming dietary foods. Eating excessive amounts of carbohydrate
processed foods which is common of sugar and starches which adds pounds and inches to your belly.Avoid processed foods and hidden sugars eating the right carb foods with plenty fiber will banish hunger also detox your body and bring balance to your hormones. These are not diet foods these are just every day normal foods free from hidden sugars.

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