There are three main hormones that control blood sugar levels which work together for weight loss, muscle growth, shape and definition. Insulin is the common denominator to lower or raise glucose levels. Glucagon hormone does the opposite to insulin it converts glycogen stored fat back in to glucose so it can be used immediately for energy during and after exercise and power work outs paired up with intermittent fasting is an excellent strategy

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Glycaemic Index Foods

Glycaemic index food are carbohydrate foods which will only appear in the glycaemic index table. You will not find foods such as fish, meats, cheese or eggs in the glycaemic index table these foods are protein or animal protein. The glycaemic index or (GI) was originally developed to measure low gi foods for diabetics to control their blood sugars.

This looked at how fast carbohydrates broke down into sugar after eating food. (GI) foods have different effects on blood sugars because all carbs are not created equal. 

All carbohydrates have one thing in common; they all convert to (sugar) glucose. They serve to make your body store energy it needs and the difference being that some carbohydrates digest faster than others. In relation to lose weight it raises blood sugar levels which slows metabolism.

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The glycaemic Index foods table is run from 0 to 100 it uses glucose because it is pure sugar. Glucose in amounts of 50 gr was  given a number of 100 as a reference. All other carbohydrates foods were tested in equivalent amounts of 50g.


The Clever Low gi Diet Plan

Glycaemic Index Food Diet




Not Only For Diabetics
Great For Losing Weight 

Baked Potato
Pretty High
In Sugar

For example a 250g baked white potato would contain about the equivalent amount of 50g of carbohydrates. The (GI) value is given as a percentage to a person’s blood sugar response.  The value of the potato has been given a number of (85) by measuring in comparison to 100 the number given to glucose. This means a baked potato is pretty high in sugar this means it will break down into sugar very fast.  This is classed as high sugar index food between (71-100). For diabetics this food is too high in sugar and from a weight loss perspective too high in empty calories. 



What Foods Are High In GI

In a nutshell the number (85) is out of (100) the glycaemic index foods the diabetic person has elevated blood sugar levels after eating this food because it has been ranked too high on the GI scale. 

The Glycaemic index food system is the speed at which the body breaks down sugar in carbohydrate foods are very fast these are called simple carbohydrates. From a weight loss perspective the glycaemic table is a very good measurement tool in counting energy calories in each foods that digest too fast into sugar slowing down metabolism blocking any chance of losing weight and burn body fat. Glycaemic index is the science that supports many weight loss programs in the market place today.  

Understanding all carbohydrates are not created equal but they do have one thing in common they all convert to sugar (glucose) and serve to make your body store the energy it needs. On the other hand slow carb foods mostly fruit vegetables fiber are complex carbohydrates are more sustainable better to stabilise blood sugars (glucose) to help burn fat quicker.

The Link Between GI Foods

Medium (GI) foods are classed between (56-70) and low (GI) foods classed (0-55).This is the link between glycaemic index foods and raised blood sugars for diabetics but also great for weight loss. Foods that digest sugar in your blood stream and break down too fast hurt any chance of you losing weight. Knowing what fat cutting foods to have in your diet will give you a leg up helping you to keep your blood sugar levels stable and secondly keeping any extra weight off by not spiking blood sugars (glucose) more importantly to trigger the fat making hormone insulin. 

glycaemic index foods
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In general all foods convert to sugar (glucose) eventually but some faster or slower in other foods knowing the link which foods are slow carbs or fast carbs will help you know the science behind these food. The glycaemic index foods table has two gateways one simple carbohydrates the other complex carbohydrates. Knowing this difference can mean what food contains a fast sugar breakdown and which food contains a slow sugar break down.

Glycaemic Index Food
Simple Or Complex
Slow Carbs Or Fast Carbs

Carbs are the body’s main source of energy broken down into three categories:-

Fiber Starch And In Relation To Sugar

Carbohydrates are the main source of (glucose) sugar which is used for the body’s energy. Simple carbohydrates simply means food which are digested too easily and converted into sugar too quickly which causes elevated sugar levels  Raised blood sugar levels are not healthy because this triggers the body to store fat also creates food cravings because of the speed in which the food converts into sugar creating empty calories. Simple carbohydrates are fast release sugar carbohydrates found in fruits dairy sweeteners like sugar honey syrup nectar fructose and unfortunately white potatoes refined and processed sources leading to weight gain and sugar imbalances.

Stimulants Come In Many Guises – Fast Release

Refined Grains
White Rice
White Pasta
White Bread
Sweet Treats
Caffeinated Drinks
White Toast
White Potatoes flesh only without skin
Cornflakes + Cereals
Cakes Brownies
Sugary Drinks Sodas and Juices

Starch Sugar and Fiber In Food Are Complex Carbohydrates 

Complex carbohydrates however are slow releasing this means their sugar breakdown is a lot slower process to turn into sugar too quickly. Food containing starch are slow carbs and will be broken down converted into sugar eventually but it will be a lot slower unlike simple carbohydrates. Slow carbs are mostly fruit and vegetable whole wheat flours brown breads brown pasta. On the other hand grains are high sugar carbohydrates they are different from vegetables they turn into sugar very fast therefore not a complex carbohydrate but a simple carbohydrate.

Complex carbohydrates containing starch and sugar most importantly contain fiber are a better sustainable food source because of the fiber in the food. Fiber in the food is not ingested making these brown foods to make you feel fuller longer and more satisfied after each meal. It is the fiber in the food makes it a better sustainable and healthier option slowing down the spike in blood sugars and a halt on insulin to make more stored sugar and unwanted body fats. 

Unrefined starch foods containing fiber are – porridge, beans, lentils, muesli, rye, brown rice, oats, quinoa barley  are complex carbohydrates or slow carbs as well as fruit and vegetables and legumes. It is the fiber slowing down the conversion of sugar which makes it the best fat burning foods after workout. Complex carbohydrates foods eaten with measured amounts of 3oz to 6oz of animal protein and fats at each meal drives up an efficient metabolism and a better more healthier alternative energy source. Sugar carbohydrates is a poor (glucose) choice for slowing down metabolism as well as a unhealthy diet.

Complex Carbohydrates And Fiber
Whole Wheat Breads
Whole Wheat Pastas
Chick Peas

Unlike fats protein fiber carbohydrates cannot be digested or absorbed it travels directly out of your stomach into one destination. Dietary fiber in food can act as a super food  fat blocker because they have a laxative effect and natural cleanse  to help raise metabolism and burn fat.

Choosing The Right Carbs  

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