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Glucose Levels And Ketosis

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Adopting the glycaemic index food list keto lifestyle of how much sugar is measured in each carbohydrate food the lower the rating on the scale from 0 to 100 will inform you what each type of food is a high sugar carb or a low sugar carb. You will not find animal protein and fats such as fish, meats, cheese or eggs in the glycaemic index table.  Glycaemic index table looks at how fast carbohydrates break down into blood sugar glucose) after eating the food. (GI) Foods have different effects on blood sugars because all carbs are not created equal. Glycaemic index carbs are known as white processed foods starches breads refined grains and sugars – cookies crackers as well as cereal etc these are not natural fat cutting foods. After eating a high sugar carbohydrate in your meal the response to glucose will increase the levels of blood sugar (glucose) in the blood stream which triggers the hormone insulin to store fat further more create food cravings.

Glucose Levels And Ketosis
Low Glycaemic Food List Keto



Understanding all carbohydrates are not created equal but they do have one thing in common they all convert to sugar to only serve to make your body store the energy it needs.

low glycaemic index food list keto | glucose levels and ketosis
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Picking out high carbohydrate foods with constant snacking on starches sugar carbohydrate foods will never enter you into the fast track lane into ripped fat mode.  It will only become stored fat because muscle is more dense than fat remember carbohydrates means lots of insulin it is great for building muscle but not good for burning off fat.


Glucose Levels And Ketosis
Low Glycaemic Index Food List Keto
Carb Fat Sugar Blocker Foods


Unrefined unprocessed slow releasing carbohydrate foods are ranked low glycaemic index food list keto to help lose weight and improve metabolic rate. When it comes to losing weight it is a matter of a change in life style a natural process in lowering the intake of carbohydrates. This demands restricting carbohydrates in your diet substituting more fat for energy this improves sugar levels and ketone bodies.  A slower steadier increase in blood sugar levels more importantly satisfying hunger and stopping the pounds piling to help lose belly fat  also all over body fat.



glucose levels and ketosis
The Fat Fighters

Athletes can far Out Run And Perform On Ketones Than On Carbo Loading.



Improving glucose levels and a ketosis in the blood stream is the first level of restricting carbohydrates for your energy food source adapting a glycaemic index food list keto lifestyle helping you to monitor  your glucose levels and ketosis . The goal of ketones is to adapt the body to utilize it’s primary fuel source instead of sugar (blood sugars) because the body has been living on sugar our whole lives our system is so inefficient to adapting to burning off fat. The premise of ketones is lowering insulin or (sugars) refined carbohydrates way way down close to zero.



Ketone Bodies Breaks Down Fatty Acids

Remember refined carbohydrates means lots of insulin this is lots of storage in fat tissues. Glucose levels and ketosis is a state of fat burning when you are in a ketone state you are making ketones a type of fuel energy for the body an alternative fuel source for actual sugar (glucose). It is like a car riding on electricity and another riding on diesel which is more sugar. Electricity is a more cleaner fuel source which will give a person way more energy than (blood sugars) e.g. athletes can far out run and perform on ketones than on carbo loading. By converting fat into ketones the fat cells can then burn as fuel which is more healthier and sustainable source of energy.



Low Glycaemic Food List Keto
Ketogenic Forces Body To Burn Fats 


low glycaemic index food list keto

When glucose levels and ketosis start making ketones it will restrict insulin levels this will then trigger the glucagon fat burning hormone opposite to the insulin hormone by depleting insulin from the glycogen hormone.  Once insulin has been depleted by lowering the intake of carbohydrates the body has to stop eating so that the fat burning hormone can go after your fat to mobilize to energy to start using ketones known as intermittent fasting. This is why sugars refined carbs are really very bad they are the Lex Luther of sugars causing heart disease cancers also diabetes. Carb rich sugary foods cause a reduced ability to burn fat  adopting a more ketogenic lifestyle of eating can reverse the damage back to efficient fat burning machines that we were meant to be.  Eskimos consume blubber their body is always in a ketone state all the time having zero heart problems.





Getting your body into a healthier lifestyle when monitoring glucose levels and ketosis is not a thing that happens over night making ketones is to induce ketosis into a state the body enters into when it is severely restricted of carbohydrates from all sources. Insulin is a hormone that regulates sugar normally the blood in your body should only store two teaspoons our bodies were not designed to store more than two teaspoons of sugar anymore would be very toxic to the body. When people consume so much carbohydrates the body will start to jack up insulin like a whip-lash response to get out of the blood fast to stick to the liver that it starts building up fat around the liver.

People with fatty liver high cholesterol high blood fats is from the sugar it has not come from the fat in their diet our bodies make a lot of cholesterol about 2000mg per day. The good benefits of getting into monitoring glucose levels and ketosis is we are lowering carbohydrates increasing dietary fats with having a moderate amount of protein in each meal. This will lower bad cholesterol increase good cholesterol lower triglyceride’s improve blood sugars improve insulin resistance.

Health fats we need to eat are grass fed animal products preferably organic but not to consume the lean meats beef turkey chicken bacon without the skin or dont consume eggs without the yolks we need these healthy fats to get us into ketosis.

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