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GI Foods Glycaemic Index Table

Glycaemic index foods are all carbohydrates either high sugar carbs or low sugar carbs in starchy foods which is basically sugar. In starch is concentrated sugar molecules stuck together and breaks down a little slower than  compared to sugar like “CANDY” but still it does raise insulin. 

Glycaemic Index
Is A Food System 

Glycaemic index foods that digest sugar in your blood (glucose) very fast will hurt any chance of losing weight. Glycaemic index foods is a system speed where the body breaks down very fast or very slow after consuming not only carbohydrates but also not enough fat in your food.

Understanding all carbohydrates are not created equal they do have one thing in common.  They all convert to glucose and converts to store the energy it needs or as stored fat cells triggering off insulin the hormone that makes you fat. 

Starch Is Sugar In Disguise
Hidden Sugars Spike Insulin 

In general starch foods which is basically sugar including potatoes white rice white bread soft drinks biscuits are high on the glycaemic index table because they break down into sugar very fast. These foods are known as simple and refined carbohydrates. A baked potatoes on the GI scale is given an number (85 to 95) and is classed as a high number. It is high in sugar on the glycaemic index scale turning into glucose in your bloodstream very fast signalling your body to store fat. 

Less unrefined starchy foods –  porridge beans lentils muesli are complex carbohydrates or slow carbs as well as fruit and vegetables. These foods better stabilize your blood sugar giving you a slower steadier increase in blood sugar levels. In addition are ranked low on the glycaemic index food table helping you lose weight and burn fat. 

Insulin Is The Hormone
Makes You FAT

People trying to lose weight will avoid the calories for butter they do not relize that the fat in butter acts as a buffer and is neutral it does not trigger insulin.

It is not counting calories that causes weight loss but the low insulin that creates weight loss.

Low On The Insulin Scale
Fatty Foods

The goal is to avoid triggering insulin. This goes against what we have been taught our whole lives that you have to consume low fat lean protein.  Such as low fat yogurts low fat cheese low fat milk.

What happens is on the insulin scale all the these relative foods influence insulin and are not necessary carbohydrates – The goal is to avoid raising insulin and the chances of getting FAT.

e.g. The most lean type of protein is WHEY protein but it is way up high on the Insulin Scale and will spike Insulin more than butter.

Fat Acts As Buffer

So when you consume protein dont go for the lean types such as skinless chicken or low fat chicken burgers  it is not the problems it is when you consume animal protein with starches and sugars and red ketchup sauce etc.

When you consume salad with a lean steak with no fat you get hungry very soon after and left starving. Which leads you to snack and eat more foods this spikes insulin because everytime you eat spikes insulin.

The natural fat in the food will make you go longer and feel fuller without feeling hungry very soon after.  

You only need to eat three times a day and no snacks in between. So adjusting your fats so you can go longer and are satisfied always go for the fattier proteins vs the leaner proteins. 

Low Glycaemic Index Carb Fat Blockers

Are You Burning Fat or Are You Burning Sugar ?     Food Sugar Trap Spreads On Pounds Glycaemic index slow carb blocker foods are low sugar carbohydrates. You will not find higher metabolism boosting foods such as fish, meats, cheese or eggs in the glycaemic index foods table.  Glycaemic index foods table looks at how fast carbohydrates break
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