Lower Stomach Fat Lose The Love Handles

Lower Stomach Fat Lose The Love Handles

Pump It Up Stomach Muscles
Pinch The Inch

 Drop The Love Handles Lower Stomach Fat

To lose lower stomach fat your body distributes fat and burns fat based on your body’s metabolism and daily lifestyle.  There is nothing really you can do to pin point excess fat in one particular area of your body pinch the inch fat is also known as stomach fat or belly fat. But unseen fat around your middle is accumulated fat called visceral fat that acts as a buffer between the organs around the abdominal cavity.  Too much of this fat build up around your abdominal cavity will cause problems and risk to your health.  Such as high blood pressure type 2 diabetes and in most extreme cases heart disease and cancer.  Visceral fat also creates an impact on your fat hormones because it regulates your metabolism.  A slow metabolism inhibits the fat hormone to burn fat and your body is more likely to store fat.

How To Get A Flat Stomach

Statistics tell us during a fat loss  diet you can lose up to 30% of body weight on every 10% of weight lost.    The abdominal cavity around the abdomen is one of the first areas to lose lower stomach fat and to achieving a flat stomach. Losing lower stomach fat to get a flat stomach is not controlled by how many calories you burn off through exercise. We now know by combining fat cutting foods combinations and controlling the right amount of sugar and carbohydrates we eat will control insulin fat making hormone to rid lower belly pooch fast. Lower Stomach Fat

Lose Belly Fat In 10 Days Lower Stomach Fat

To maximise fat loss and get the right balance to trigger hardcore fat burning mode from your waistline you need to eat foods in combination.  Eating more green vegetables that do not turn in to sugar and three to four ounces of meat protein or sea food because it is O% carbohydrates and only 7% fat.  Animal protein will also help put you in hardcore fat burning mode because it has O% carbohydrates but it still has 41% fat. Eating more vegetables in your diet and adding the right amounts of good fats will counteract the fat to losing lower stomach fat.


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