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Low Glycaemic Index Carb Weight Loss To Success

Low glycaemic index carbs are foods that contain low sugar carbohydrates. You will not find foods such as fish, meats, cheese or eggs in the glycaemic index foods table.  Glycaemic index foods table looks at how fast carbohydrates break down into blood sugar (glucose) after eating food. (GI) foods have different effects on blood sugars because all carbs are not created equal. High gi carbs are starches breads refined grains and sugar foods – cookies crackers and cereal etc; known as fast sugar carbohydrates after eating increase the levels of blood sugar (glucose) that triggers the body to store fat to create food cravings. Read more about curb food cravings and achieve higher metabolism boosting diet. 

 Not Low Glycaemic Index Carb
Blocker Foods

A 250 g baked potato would contain the equivalent amount of 50g of carbohydrates.  The glycaemic index foods value is given as a percentage to a person’s blood sugar response.  The value of the potato has been given a number of (85) in comparison to 100 the number given to glucose. This means a baked potato is pretty high in sugar which will break down in to sugar very fast and is not a natural carb blocker food.This is classed as a high (GI) food between (71-100) and for diabetic this food is too high in sugar but not for a person with a fast metabolism who has more muscle than fat. In a nutshell the higher the GI the higher the blood sugar levels after eating that food. Medium (GI) foods are classed between (56-70) and low (GI) foods (0-55). Read more about driving up metabolic rate and low glycaemic index carbs.

The Link With Weight Loss And Low Carb Fat Blocker Foods 

Understanding all carbohydrates are not created equal but they do have one thing in common they all convert to glucose and serve to make your body store the energy it needs. Picking out the low glycaemic index carb blocker foods and constant snacking on starch and sugar carbohydrate foods will never enter you into the fast track lane and into rip burn fat mode.  Carbohydrates are needed for energy and unless you have more muscle than fat carbohydrates will only become stored fat because muscle is more dense than fat. Remember carbohydrates means lots of insulin it is great for muscle not good for stored fat. Read more about foods that burn fat quicker.


Low Carb Slow Carb And Low Glycaemic Index Carbs

In general starchy foods, including potatoes, white rice and white bread, soft drinks, biscuits and are sugary foods high on the glycaemic index foods table. These are known as simple carbohydrates a baked potato is given a number of (GI 85)95 and white rice (GI 87). They are high sugar carbohydrates and turn in to sugar very fast and also send a signal to your body to store fat.  Unrefined starchy foods are porridge, beans, lentils, museli, wholegrain or wheat bread, brown pasta and brown rice and are complex carbohydrates or slow carbs as well as fruit and vegetables. These better stabilise your blood sugar releasing a slower steadier increase in blood sugar levels more importantly satisfying hunger and stopping the pounds piling on.  Unrefined unprocessed slow releasing carbs are ranked low glycaemic index carb blocker foods which will help you lose weight if you are on a fat burning diet. Read more about this site. 

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