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Lose Weight and Rip Fats

Lose weight and strip down belly fat start burning more fat for energy metabolise your body and you will burn fat faster. If your metabolism is slow to lose weight just avoid refined processed carbohydrate foods which break down into sugar (glucose) very fast. Dont change how much you eat just change what you eat. The more sugar that is broken down in the blood stream the more insulin your pancreas produces adding more stored fat.  If your metabolic rate is slow to metabolise the energy you consume i.e food could be the cause and what food you eat?   .     

Burning Fat Improves Metabolism

The more fat and sugar that is delivered to the fat cells which will slow down metabolism making it harder to burn fat. Making it very slow to lose weight and to rid flabby stubborn fat from your waist and stomach.  Insulin is great for building muscle but not for fat loss insulin stops fat break-down once these fat stores are laid down it is hard to get rid of them leading to stored body fat and weight gain.

Will Your Middle End Up
A Wadge of Fat

Carbohydrate is the body’s primary fuel source if you consume less bread, pasta, potatoes and rice foods you will be streets ahead with your own accelerated fat burning mechanism to burn fat. Food break down into blood sugar (glucose) in the blood stream the rate of which it is released is determined whether it will end up as a wadge of fat around your middle.

Carbohydrate foods have hidden sugars that spike insulin this is the hormone that makes you fat. Insulin is the common denominator for many health problems that goes beyond how you lose belly fat and stops you from getting ripped fast.

To get into a ripped fat blocker diet eliminate stored fat to burn fat off quicker and start losing weight stay off refined starch white foods.  Such as white bread, white pasta, white rice and white potatoes.


White Foods Mean
The Fiber Has Gone

White foods mean that the fiber has gone out of the food and in the case of potatoes the fiber was never there in the first place.

Also refined sugars found in cakes, biscuits and fizzy drinks are high sugar carbohydrate foods with added sugars such as sucrose fructose and glucose.

These added sugars will foil any chance to burn fat accelerate metabolism and lose weight getting you into hardcore ripped fat weight loss. To measure fat loss and shrink belly fat is controlled by eating the right amount of sugar and carbohydrates to maximise weight loss. To keep your body burning fat is a case of using an alternative fuel source for energy other than than carbohydrates food sources.

Lose Weight 7 Day Detox

Simple carbohydrates are sugars naturally found in fruit, honey and maple syrup. Complex carbohydrates are starches naturally found in whole grain, vegetables and some fruit.


Quick Fixes Wont Lose Weight

Simple carbohydrates are simply converted in to energy more quickly than complex carbohydrates a bowl of porridge will keep you going for longer than a bowl of sugary cereal.  Sugars, white, refined and processed foods will give you a quick fix of energy by initiating a spike in blood sugar levels which will raise insulin but not lose weight. Raised insulin levels are great for building muscle but not if your goal is towards losing unwanted fat and flatten stomach .

lose weight improve metabolism


 Only Losing Sugar

Added sugars in food are baked goods, cookies and cereal, raw sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, fructose and sucrose and fruit juice concentrate.

These are fast-release carbohydrates which will stop you losing weight and never getting into a state of ketosis ripped fat mode.  Ketosis is a state of fat burning making ketones is an alternative fuel source giving your body way more energy than glucose. Athletes can way out perform on ketosis than on carbo loading. 


Rip The
Last Pinch
  Off Belly Fat

You could be eating less fat in food but still not lose weight this is because you are just losing sugar not fat because you are eating high sugar carbohydrate foods. When eating sugars in their refined state, they upset our blood sugar balance (glucose) and convert food into energy too quickly. By producing too much glucose too quickly the excess gets stored as stored body fat slowing metabolism down you will not lose weight.  Bottom line simple carbohydrates in food turn in to sugar fast making it difficult to burn fat lose weight and to get into hardcore ripped fat weight loss.


Putting Your Foot
On The Breaks

On the other hand complex carbohydrates are not just about brown rice and lentils they include dietary fiber this means they are slower to break down into sugar.

Keeping you sustained fuller longer throughout the day to control food cravings and better for burning fat lose weight and into ripped fat mode. Combine dietary fiber with food acts out as a natural fat blocker detox and sustained weight loss.

Dietary fiber in foods include (whole grains) oats, barley, bulgar wheat, bananas, leafy vegetables,root vegetables. These are unrefined carbohydrates this means they have not been processed and are anything that is whole, unprocessed, fiber-rich and slow to release sugar and better to burn fat and lose weight. 


Slow Release

Main source of dietary fiber are fruit and vegetables, nuts, beans and whole grain better to lose weight and vitamins for belly fat loss better for getting into ripped fat mode weight loss.

Grains are a different type of vegetable they are a complex carbohydrate unrefined starchy food that release sugar into the blood stream slower.

The difference being simple sugar carbohydrates break down into sugar very fast which increases insulin and stores of fat making it difficult to burn fat and lose weight. Stopping any chance of you getting into ripped fat mode and to lose the last inch of belly fat the place you really want to be.


Ripped Fat Mode Lose Weight Fast

Eating more whole food vegetable carbs in your diet will help burn body fat because they are very low in sugar and will not spike insulin. Eating vegetable carbs also mimic a natural fat blocker anti suppressant and accelerate metabolism rate driving up powerful fat burning ripped fat mode and lose weight fast. Eating a carbohydrate source (potatoes) with a high protein source of fats (e.g. nut, seeds, oily fish) will slow down metabolism because potatoes contain mostly starch which breaks-down into sugar very fast. This will put the breaks on slowing down burning fat and into ripped fat fast mode weight loss. 


                                       Get Into Ripped Fat Mode Today                                                                                 

         STOP FAT
In It’s track


To strip down body fat eat high protein sources of fish or a good quality animal protein source with it’s natural fat source to stay fuller longer.  Eat with a vegetable carbohydrate source this will get you in to some serious hardcore fat burning.

Getting into ripped fat mode hardcore fat burning and shedding pounds is just a case of eating the right food combinations of carbohydrates and fat through your diet with 3 oz to 6 oz of protein with your meal  to lose weight.


 accelerate THE FAT


To lose weight in half the time and get your body into ripped fat mode consume less sugar and starch carbohydrate foods. Even though vegetables are all carbohydrates they do not turn in to sugar if at all and will lead to instant rapid ripped fat loss in no time.

If you are really serious about weight loss find out about the relationship between carbohydrate foods and glycaemic food index table.

lose weight improve metabolism