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Lose belly fat food combined weight loss and reach your goal get a flat stomach. Avoid hidden sugars added sugars in refined and processed foods such as sucrose fructose and glucose.     

Sugar grows belly fat and ages you inside and slows down metabolism and lays the foundation for three of the biggest killers: heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  


Belly fat is linked to having too much insulin in your blood stream and strongly linked to visceral fat. Hidden sugars are sneaky insulin stimulating carbohydrates which break down into sugar very fast causing stubborn fat storage and stomach fat belly pooch.

Insulin causes you to carry weight around your gut and love handles around your hips and thighs due to insulin resistance. 

Lose Belly Fat Burning Foods Drop The Pounds

Hack Attack Belly Fat Pooch

Ditch The Love Handles

To lose belly fat is to eat natural fat blocker foods in your diet you can remove upto and about  4 to 7 pounds a week to accelerate fat loss and shrink belly fat pooch.

Removing sugar grains and starch from your diet and lifestyle for fourteen days is the best fat burning food combination appetite suppressant to stop food cravings.

By staying off simple carbohydrates foods that fast-release sugars will lower blood sugar levels and improve metabolism rip fat and burn fat quicker and lose weight fast.

                       Lean Body Protein

Stay clear of starch based grains which is effectively sugar and  sugar carbohydrates: white bread, pastry, white pasta, white rice,  white potatoes,  refined grains, oats, breakfast cereals,etc for fourteen days. Sugar carbohydrates: table sugar, sweets, cakes, chocolate, alcohol, artificial sweeteners and diet drinks. High sugar fruits are: bananas,figs, grapes, mango, melon, pineapple, dried fruit like dates, figs, raisins, sultanas.

Staying away from carbohydrate foods will give you a leg up and get your body into a state of ketosis and uses an alternative energy fuel source called ketones. By eating only protein and fat food sources in your diet you make ketones your body is forced to using fats instead of sugar. Bringing insulin levels down to zero the hormone that makes you fat. 



Chop  Down
Belly  Fat Blubber
Cut Fat

Ketones Far Out Run On Carb Loading

Lose belly fat blocker foods aids as a appetite suppressant in your diet you can remove upto 4 to 7 pounds a week accelerate fat metabolism and shrink belly fat pooch.

Lose The
Love Handles
The Inch

Fats Are Neutral
Fat For Fuel

Fat forms the basis of every meal which will make up the main source of calories partnered with protein which will make up the next largest portion of your meal. This will lower insulin the hormone that regulates sugar or glucose  and what your body has been using for it’s fuel source your whole life time.  When it comes to weight loss and making ketones is a healthier option fuel source to keep your body burning fat. Ketones adapts your body to utilize it’s own fat like a car running on electricity rather than on deizal fuel which is more sugar. Not only are ketones a natural fat blocker and more efficient they are much better energy source for detox and natural cleanse

Losing belly fat and eating food combinations of fat and protein with plenty vegetable low carb fat blocker foods will gradually raise metabolism i.e: Oily fish, avocados, nuts, high fat dairy crème fraîche or cream cheese. Fat levels must be high enough to the point where your body uses maximum fat for fuel. This means three time more fat calories than protein calories per day.

Lose belly fat food combinations diet fat calories from food must contain over 70% of calories from fat and extremely low carbohydrate levels to keep your metabolism rate driving high.

Fat For Fat Does Not Get You Fat

Fat contains the most calories out of protein and carbohydrates but it is not fat that makes you fat because fat is neutral it does not spike insulin.  The hormone that really makes you fat is insulin if you are eating the wrong carbs it is their response to insulin that really makes you fat.  

Consuming protein with a natural high fat content such as animal protein and oily fish foods and having no carbohydrates so that your body uses maximum fat for fuel.  

Protein Firms Muscle Tone

You should never feel hungry between meals if you cannot make it between meals that means you are just burning sugar you are not burning your own fat. 

Protein is the only food group to break-down into amino acids helping you create firm tissue or muscle and improve metabolism. Leucine seems to be the substance that switches on the process of building muscle maximizing muscle growth prevent it’s loss whilst dieting. Leucine is found in foods like meat, poultry and fish. Type of protein you should consume  are naturally high-fat content of their own like sirloin steak, or lamb, oily fish, eggs and cheese.



 Belly Fat

Blocker Foods

Rip Down

The Pooch 






Cannot Spot Burn Belly Fat

Say good bye to your big fat belly pooch strip fat down from your belly butt and thighs. Help flatten and lower stomach fat you cannot spot burn belly fat.

Protein partners very well with fat in your diet which will accelerate metabolism weight loss. 

Into Hardcore Fat Burning

Getting rid of stubborn fat and tightening up saggy belly fat will also unlock the nature of your relationship with sugar and starches. This will give your body the hardcore foods to boost metabolism at an accelerated rate. For an ongoing lifestyle and amazing weight loss and to keep your body in hardcore fat burning mode. 


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