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Glycaemic index food are carbohydrate foods  and will only appear in the glycaemic index table. You will not find foods such as fish, meats, cheese or eggs in the glycaemic index these foods are protein or animal protein.  The glycaemic index or (GI) was originally developed to measure low gi foods for diabetics to control their blood sugars.

This looked at how fast carbohydrates broke down into sugar after eating food. (GI) foods have different effects on blood sugars because all carbs are not created equal. Read more about foods to improve metabolism.


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The glycaemic Index Table is run from 0 to 100 it uses glucose because it is pure sugar. The glucose in amounts of 50 gr was  given a number of a 100 as a reference. All other carbohydrates foods were tested in equivalent amounts of 50g
















The Clever Low gi Diet Plan

Low gi Weight Loss Diet
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Baked Potato Pretty High In Sugar

For example a 250 g baked potato would contain the equivalent amount of 50 g of carbohydrates.  The (GI) value is given as a percentage to a person’s blood sugar response.  The value of the potato has been given a number of (85) in comparison to 100 the number given to glucose.

This means a baked potato is pretty high in sugar which will break down in to sugar very fast.   This is classed as a high (GI) food between (71-100). For diabetics this food is too high in sugar.   

 What Foods Are High In GI

In a nutshell glycaemic index food high on the GI scale have raised high blood sugar levels after eating that food.

The Glycaemic index food system is the speed at which the body breaks down sugar in carbohydrate foods very fast. Read more on fat blocker foods help burn body fat.

Understanding all carbohydrates are not created equal but they do have one thing in common.  They all convert to glucose and serve to make your body store the energy it needs. Read more on foods and burn fat quicker. 



















The Link Between GI Food
And Weight Loss

Medium (GI) foods are classed between (56-70) and low (GI) foods (0-55).The Link Between Glycaemic Index Food And Weight Loss. Foods that digest sugar in your blood break down very fast in your blood stream hurting any chance of you losing rapid weight loss. Read more on suppress food cravings and Raspberry Ketone supplements.

In general starchy foods, including potatoes, white rice and white bread, pastry, pasta, breakfast cereal, soft drinks, biscuits are simple carbohydrates and high on the glycaemic index food table.  A baked potato is given a number of (GI 85)95 also white rice (GI 87).


Slow Carbs
Low Carbs

These are high sugar carbohydrates and turn in to sugar very fast which becomes stored fat in a person with a slow metabolism.    Unrefined starchy foods – porridge, beans, lentils, muesli, rye, brown rice, oats, quinoa and barley  are complex carbohydrates or slow carbs as well as fruit and vegetables and legumes. Read more about Ketone Supplements and low carb foods to burn off your own fat not sugar.

Choosing The Right Carbs  

Choosing the right carbohydrate in your diet will better stabilise blood sugar and give a slower steadier increase in blood sugar levels. Unrefined sources of carbohydrates are ranked low glycaemic index food because they have not been stripped of their high fiber content of bran, germ during processing.  The slower complex carbohydrate will not spike insulin acting out a fat blocker food and help stop sugar cravings when you are on a fat burning diet. Read more on fat blocker foods and burn unwanted fat.