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Burn body fat blocker foods and stimulate metabolism: Firstly, it is important to know that the distribution of body fat is more important than the total amount of fat. Because this is a more accurate assessment of metabolic disorders for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and gall bladder diseases. Excess fat stored around the abdomen (visceral fat) has the appearance of an apple or barrel shape. Fat stored around the hips and thighs (peripheral or gynecoid obesity) has a pear shape appearance. A man with a ‘beer belly’ but slim limbs could be at greater risk to heart disease than a pear shaped person.

Turn Up The Heat
Burn Body Fat



Fat burning foods will burn body fat and help distribute visceral fat where excess fat is laid down and stored.

Visceral fat is dangerous fat  stored within the abdominal cavity it is harder to identify because it is mostly stored around your internal organs pancreas, liver and intestines.  


The way to distribute body fat is partly by our genetic make-up and our natural hormone balance.

Your body burns food to metabolise and produce energy in the form of heat and fat burner foods that help you lose weight. 

Foods that drive up your metabolism are foods high in protein low in carbohydrates and choosing essential fats found in whole foods which allows you to go fuller longer and burn fat quicker.

So you are not as hungry that will spike insulin and that you cannot make it to the next meal this means you are just burning sugar you will not be burning off your own fat.  

 eAT TO bE Thin Food Combinations


Excess (visceral) fat in the abdomen is a health risk. Foods can help burn body fat you dont have to spend hours a week  of exercise in a gym. Unless for a competition two to three hours a week is sufficient.  To lose body fat and reduce body fat naturally a combination of fat burner foods will help you lose body fat and gain muscle and not just burn off sugar. By eating more green vegetables with a protein source lowering your intake of carbohydrates will accelerate metabolism rate to trigger the Glucagon fat burning hormone to burn off your own fat.  Carbohydrates trigger insulin and is amazing when you are trying to build muscle but will not get you to lose weight but it only acts as a quick fix stimulant because of the nice taste it leaves in your mouth and wanting more of it (glycaemic index foods).

Foods Burn Body Fat Help You Lose Weight 



What Should You Eat

A higher metabolism and  base your food around protein inactive people need less protein.

Your nutrient requirements depend on many factors, your own body weight, body composition, and energy demands of your daily activity levels. Your eating habits to lose weight should comprise: 

burn body fat lose weight improve metabolism


Protein Rich Foods

Meat, poultry, fish, which have a naturally high-fat content of their own such as sirloin steak, lamb, oily fish, eggs and cheese. This will also give you a leg up into a ketones fat blocker state of ketosis.   


Carbohydrate Foods: 

Most important sources of carbohydrates are plant foods, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, spinach and some white vegetables which cause the lowest insulin response. Adding vegetable carbohydrates with each meal will raise metabolism burns fat off quicker.


Fat Is Good

Improve metabolism dont be affraid to consume whole things olive oil, butter, coconut oil, nut oils, avocado, nuts,and heavy cream, oily fish.

All fats saturated and unsaturated have an equally negligible effect on insulin release but have the highest amount of calories per gram.

Fats have no stimulation to trigger insulin and will burn body fat far better than low fat foods. Low fat yogurts, low fat cheeses are high on the insulin scale by removing the fat that acts as a buffer stimulates insulin. 

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