Fat Burner Foods Weight Loss

Fat Burner Foods Weight Loss

                                                  fat burner foods thermogenesis

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Fat Burner Foods That Stimulate Thermogenesis

Fat Burner foods is mostly associated to promote weight loss.   It is true many foods have a higher thermogenic affect and trigger hormones to get rid of stubborn fat.  Every time you consume food your metabolic rate (MR) increases and your body temperature rises.  Your body will produce more heat by eating the right ratio of fuels and more calories you consume can be burned off .  Some nutrients have a higher thermic effect than others with protein exerting the strongest effect.  When you eat  100 kcal of fat only 3 kcal will be burned off. Eating  carbohydrates of 100 kcal  12 -15 kcal will be burned up.  And when you eat 100 kcal of protein approximately 20 kcal will be burned off. Filling up on the right fat  burning foods, fat burning fruits, fat burning drinks will raise your metabolism for rapid weight loss.

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Fat Burner Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Grapefruit has been found as a fat burning fruit and lower insulin levels keeping your insulin level to zero prevents your body from storing sugar and encourage your body to burn off calories.  Fat burner food nutritionists call foods from animal origins complete proteins – meat, fish poultry, eggs and dairy products.  These are high quality proteins which contain all the essential amino acids proteins that are absorbed more efficiently. Plants are incomplete proteins – grains, cereals,  legumes (beans), nuts, seeds and vegetables contain protein but not all of the essential amino acids .

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Before your body can burn fat and go into fat burning mode your insulin/sugar must be down to zero. Protein food sources have to be complete.  This is high quality protein which does not break down in to sugar easily and will not cause fat storage.  Protein when ingested stimulates thermogenesis so a significant proportion of protein calories are given off as heat and can also act as a strong fat burning appetite suppressant. When you eat protein approximately 20 kcal are burned of as heat. Adding more of these fat burner foods for weight loss to your diet will curb your hunger and feeling fuller longer on fewer calories.

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