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Improve metabolism strip down belly fat start burning more fat for energy metabolise your body and you will burn fat faster. If your metabolism is slow to lose weight just avoid refined processed carbohydrate foods which break down into sugar (glucose) very fast.  Dont change how much you eat just change what you eat this will burn fat off quicker raise metabolism.

The more sugar that is broken down in the blood stream the more insulin your pancreas produces adding more stored fat.  If your metabolic rate is slow to metabolise the energy you consume i.e food would be the cause and what food you eat? 

Carbohydrate low GI foods rank how quickly they are absorbed and digested but for example chocolate is low in carbohydrates on the GI scale but is very high in fat content.  Combining low GI foods low in saturated fat salt and sugar will higher metabolism rate flatten stomach


Improve Metabolism Torch The Fat Sugar GI Trap

The more fat and sugar that is delivered to the fat cells will slow down metabolism making it harder to burn fat. Fast absorbing sugar trap GI foods spreads on pound understand the ratings e.g chocolate low on the scale but high in fat. 

It becomes very slow to take off weight and rid flabby stubborn fat from your waist and stomach.  Insulin is great for building muscle but not for fat loss insulin stops fat break-down once these fat stores are laid down it is hard to get rid of them leading to stored body fat and weight gain.


Will Your Middle End Up
A Wadge of Fat

Carbohydrate is the body’s primary fuel source if you consume less bread, pasta, potatoes and rice foods you will be streets ahead with your own accelerated fat burning mechanism to burn fat to lose weight. Food break down into blood sugar (glucose) in the blood stream the rate of which it is released is determined whether it will end up as a wadge of fat around your middle.

Eating fat does not make you fat carbohydrate foods have hidden sugars that spike insulin this is the hormone that makes you fat. Insulin is the common denominator for many health problems that goes beyond how you lose weight lose belly fat and stops you from getting ripped fast.

To get into a ripped fat blocker diet eliminate stored fat to burn fat off quicker and start losing weight stay off refined starch white foods.  Such as white bread, white pasta, white rice and white potatoes.


White Foods Mean
The Fiber Has Gone

White foods mean that the fiber has gone out of the food and in the case of potatoes the fiber was never there in the first place.

Also refined sugars found in cakes, biscuits and fizzy drinks are high sugar carbohydrate foods lose weight improve metabolismwith added sugars such as sucrose fructose and glucose.

These added sugars will foil any chance to burn fat improve metabolism and lose weight getting you into hardcore ripped fat weight loss. To measure fat loss and shrink belly fat is controlled by eating the right amount of sugar and carbohydrates to maximise weight loss. To keep your body burning fat is a case of using an alternative fuel source for energy other than than carbohydrates food sources.











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