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Fire Up Fat Burning Accelerate Metabolism Rate

Accelerate metabolism rate simply means all of the energy burning and cell building activities that the body goes through on a daily basis. To accelerate metabolism rate is not just about weight loss but also weight gain and to look either leaner broader or toned. Many people who lose weight in reality reduce stores of fat in a catabolic state; but also in an anabolic state where enough muscle is maintained


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– Metabolism is made up of two components:

Anabolism – meaning (“throw up”) this involves all of the cell building processes, muscle building, regrowth of tissues, hair and anything else that degenerates and rebuilds many time over the course of a lifetime.

Catabolism – meaning (“throw down”) this involves all of the processes that breaks down energy or tissues including the use of carbohydrates and fats for exercise. The breakdown of muscle protein to produce energy in times of need and all of the breakdown and clearing away of old or damaged cells over time.

accelerate metabolism rate
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  Basal Metabolism

The minimum amount of energy required to maintain vital functions in an organism at complete rest, measured by the basal metabolic rate in a fasting individual. 

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Resting Metabolism


The resting metabolic rate (RMR) is to measure how many calories the body requires per day to stay the same weight. Or lose weight which requires decreasing body fat levels to do this effectively is to build or maintain muscle mass.

i.e Weight (kg) x 25 = RMR (kcals) A person who sits completely still would have an RMR of 2,000 kcals per day. But in reality most people dont just sit all day.
A more accurate measure of someones daily requirements you would need to know how active the person is: Read more information on How To Higher Your Metabolism

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Activity Level Daily Calories Needed
Sedentary (mostly inactive) 1.2
Moderately Active (moderately intensity exercise 3-5  days per week                                         1.5
Very Active (physical job and  athlete training schedule 2.0
Alternatively to accelerate metabolism rate of a very active individual the calculation would be as follows: 80 (kg) x 25 = 2,000 x 2 = 4,000 The calorie daily requirements of a very active person are 4000. 


 Estimates Of Metabolism

These are only estimates of metabolism and the level of activity makes a substantial difference to how many calories a person needs on a daily basis to accelerate metabolism rate and maintain weight.

  1. Not all people who weigh the same have the same calorie requirements.

   2. Not all calories are equal


Not all Calories are Equal

Muscle and fat act very differently in the body muscle is far more metabolically active. Accelerate metabolism rate requires a lot more calories than an equal amount to sustain it.

Up until recently it was believed all calories were equal and it was about how much you put inside you that was the defining factor to reduce stores of fat for weight loss or increase stored fat for weight gain…….


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There is growing research into the effects of different nutrients have on the body and the idea of counting calories may not all add up; in this case one plus one may not equal to two. This may be because the body treats ‘natural foods’ very differently than it does with highly processed refined sugars and fats. In nature foods dont contain high quantities of sugar and fat together so our cavemen bodies never experienced high levels of sugar and fat in the blood stream at the same time. 

Untamed Blood Sugar Gets You Fat – Fight Fat Storage

accelerate metabolism rate
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This modern mixture can be problematic essentially promoting fat storage because of the burst of sugar. Which raises insulin in response to the raised sugar levels raised insulin is sugar and fat swimming around the blood stream any excess will be stored into the fat cells and muscle cells and weight gain. Foods raise your metabolism your body temperature also rises a little. Eating food combinations and the right ratio of fuels from the food you eat will increase metabolism and keep insulin levels way way down to zero which will accelerate metabolism rate and keep your body in fat burning mode.


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